People React to President Obama's Farewell Address

LZ Granderson talks to attendees at McCormick Place about President Obama's farewell speech and what to expect in his final days in office
13:53 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for People React to President Obama's Farewell Address
It is no secret it's critical that plays after the personal problems program which rests. And it's too bad its energy here is incredibly high I have here now with the Protestant Clark Atlanta. Your name is Jordan Jack being. Now I was listening closely to the president's speech and he's been a lot of times are right young people. You're Clark you're a college student he was marked BU what did you hear. I heard that we need stand up and do what's right for the country and innovation is key and as an engineer major. That's my job. How are you originally from Chicago yes I am I moved out to Atlanta Georgia that like in any innovate. And had you heard the president speak right before. No this is actually my first time and I am blown away freaking out. Out over there with him and me I'm did there like uncle like wow. It grave being. Talked. It a bit about what he plans to do to. In the coming years still being involved they're trying to find ways to inspire. You heard it's addressed your rock you heard it caught acts of what are you planning to do next. I'm well right now on our campus are actually. Trying to figure out what Obama is doing and from what I can see that he was gonna be fitted Maine what I think it is working toward what's going on in our nation now and without becoming president I think we're planning you might. From morehouse and spelman and Clark which it all the eighty feet we're planning on trying to find a way for everyone's equal rights in. Especially because that I think historically black university we're trying to make sure that we happily. It's not that that's anything about his presidency that you're treasure most. Well basically I'm night scene now I'll buy. Became president when I was 111000 he basically all I know that I edited and I hear Brad that in the it's basically like. I don't know any other grad that it that's going to be different thing in new guy an -- they would. Now we're. We're hello sketchy about it back you know learn. Where hope we're hoping for the bat went out into the bat just as Obama ran on in no way we're hoping that. Fantastic thank you so much it's I really appreciate it. It's the front of a young person at Bradley interview skews their young man to an interview request. Our bravest its digital around here. Since president promised with a lot of time talking about young people and their impact in the country but figured let's talk about. Whether or not they heard what is that the young people. Everywhere today I am Jason Williams it's it's pretty. I'm eyewitness south loop was Chicago. You're not very far from record report nodded off. And are you high school college I'm a senior in high schools are protested plans for college. I went. Majored in film hopefully at NYU next year fantastic so what did you think tonight tonight it was amazing. Who is whether the greatest moments in my life ever and it made me feel so problem. Confident about being a young black man in America Wizner. Obama made a realistic. For people who don't follow their dreams and I feel like in America there are a lot of things that say you cannot succeed. Mostly based on you know race in night. Ageism and sexism in things like that it's a lot of bias in the world pushing people. To not follow their dreams and Obama is a perfect example of people who did follow their dreams against a lives. Or there's anything during his presidency. Are. Size matters dress obviously that you really gravitated sort of it's really treasures. During his presidency. I can't stop thinking about tonight though out at that it really think about violent act ignorant America grew rework your first rubio. I'm first movie would probably we have. Well afterwards and I hopefully someone who had an idea in this aspired to make it come true you know. Anything along those lines yes thank you. We thank you very rescuers a lot of what's your movies aren't about. With its efforts they are here joined now by two. Let's brother you can't you as well so what he had to say about tonight when it's great. I mean look I think governor doubts over the last year to happen it was pretty electric C President Obama tonight I mean. They have nothing in common you know when it comes to personality or politics but wasn't able that it comes at your incredible communicators. And the crowd here was hanging. On pres Obama's everywhere and that's usually the way it was at the stroke rallies that I covered. I think people here were so fired up on the anytime pres Obama mentioned any policies. That was in contrast to present like trump. I think you saw this that would get up on their feet it would start clapping whether it was like Tug of discrimination against Muslim Americans or been harsh on immigrants of the children of immigrants. Or that the the proliferation of fake news I mean this that was all over and of course those very poignant emotional moments we talked about his family and the president is get emotional like a very emotional talking about Michelle and his daughters it was an incredible speed to mean by all accounts and the crowd due the 20000 plus I mean. They love this speech in which here it's allowed. It's something Anderson a type a couple people here Paul hobby sealed Democrats and I asked was this kind of passion this kind of energy Naseem. For the Democrats in this last election and some acknowledged that it wise and it would be really interesting to see what would've happened in. Policies would never happen but at what would have happened if if the rates have been between. President Obama and president like from because they were just there's it's great communicators and others it's such fighters who have been incredible watch. But out my day. Q mention. Note the similarities depleted to. There was a passage in the president's speech that caught my high particular target sources say right here and that's when he mentioned that Baghdad. There are pleased that Brighton and feel it is society there's sometimes minorities and those in the Democratic Party nor. Those it is to replace the Donaldson was it would happen soon. But dallas' bread and butter and heat happened to that perfectly out one thing I will tell you mean having covered those trump rallies you know for. Months and months and months I mean this crowd. Is so much drastically diverse and different but the trump crowds which were predominately almost you know a 100% white. But those were the crowds as the people ever committee hears me. And those were the people that shouldn't to vote on Election Day especially those three key battleground states where the you know the electoral politics became down too but he's. Right I mean it's something the Democrats have to get into which. And the president said that. 8000001. He would've basically given the keys and said you know I've done but now that present like trump as one that he's gonna try to work with Democrats and try to rebuild the it. DNC see what happens. Seasonally adjusted to hear him talk about wanting to be built at PNC because the DNC under his leadership. Rudy was sort of eviscerate. He had no abyss the rated and it is I mean. He is that the head of the party. You know the president used the head of the party in and you're absolutely right but. But maybe he's acknowledged that right now and in that interview with George Stephanopoulos. Even acknowledged really not recognizing the truck phenomenon because he was in that bubble in the White House so yes. To get some of the blame as well. What you expect from the family going forward not just now. What was so as well I know you've heard it I've sort of heard and cigar smoke and where they really were heard around raucous eighty office. I doubt she does that loading your thoughts on it. I don't know me that there's been so much rumblings about that Michelle Obama herself as expressed no interest in you know running for office but. At least with Hillary Clinton I mean she was the star attraction which he was out there on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton he. People love to see here she headed Vieri effective message which was campaigning with Hillary Clinton. But she yourself so that an election night. As the results are to Cuddy she went to bed. On the scene really wanna deal with that she's not in the politics they're gonna little Washington so the younger starting graduate from high school but. We'll see I think a lot of people here would would probably vote for but just her her you know her her heart's got to be in it like Hillary Clinton's was like she clearly wanted to I'll roll in and a job upon. I know we're here at covering president Obama's farewell address where confirmation hearings also began today. Some critics has moments it was our sessions what are you hearing concerns how it's received and what are we gonna report to glory in the next day. Just some Republican sources I spoke to on Capitol Hill basically told me that. There's kind of like this process in this performance and asked to happen to these hearings. But many believe that Jeff Sessions will get confirmed he will be the next attorney general. Up tomorrow Rex Tillerson a lot of people going to be watching that as well not as many people know about gratuities and have as long record as some like Jeff Sessions been baltics Revver. So that's going to be easy to watch because right now the relationship would rush job. Reports out today on the all kinds of news happening. It'll be fascinating to watch what happens tomorrow when they question Rex Tillerson about his view of the world and specifically relationship Vladimir boot. There's a source close to your personal campaign accused of having difficulties finding be innate roosters. To be part of the inauguration ceremony I know what it is duties since awoke. Where is essential to inauguration is being quoted out there are personal respect. I mean like heavy heavy either way Donald's Robbins is the biggest star at a grown from event so I'm sure he'll deliver. I went to the Republican National Convention you were there there that there were awful lot of heat blisters there they were there a couple celebrities not really act that much but. We'll see what happens immediate get their bids that admittedly huge names. Book but we'll see what happens and you never liked it it could not last predicted that a big performance with Donald Trump. If anything about it he always puts on a great show you remember at the currency cannot Baghdad professional wrestling but with Baghdad applied you know lights. The whole volume pretty interesting but the Dixon the way it subtitle B did he show and I was wrapped. Do you think you righty so receiver star spangled banner all I can't I love you didn't get carried soon hop on the it is our policy noticing is that miracles and of the lives street. We won't put our audience an apparent. All right thanks Russ Richard you throw. There you have it a lot of thought to be owed a lot of sparked an aids about the new. With the speculative Boortz years but has a lot of joy it's not citizen regardless it's been very very sweet people are very happy people are extremely proud. This is to tackle this is home to perfect place you that's the first president. Two delivery farewell address in his hometown. On Sudan had help help add to subject that we do here tonight but. It felt it was a lot of cheers and gunpowder oh at DeWitt resident Barbara what would artery. Political literacy. There definitely got a video basic. Out of any others hold up I think it's obvious. Using this it's unclear Aaron York. There's ABC what do got a couple meters will be yeah. Thank you very less so how it's good about tonight. I thought it was I loved what was said about. I shaky democracy that is still the strongest we decided to make itself. And now so I was also there is supplied by the fact that these illegally started with a fabulous message of yes we can. As I know this weekend we're gonna do decide to make itself. When your contemporaries rose three really rattle some cages were decoded during a speech at 2000 I think you know. They're also Smart ladies who knows what she's doing. I it was about a marvelous blend of not really care it would look cages it was a rattled Chile was on her heart I think it though the all those moments impediment for stuff like that. I love that she did it dad might be a little. A little more hullabaloo that is necessary but. Illinois unique place in a woman like that I have a tendency to listen to someone who's as good as what you guys is Ellsbury. Thank you rumors or reports it's time. Not very often give talks in all markets on Oscar winner and the see who else is in the crowd here. You know we're pleased that. Tom talked about that I also witnessed the fact that if you look around right now this is an extremely diverse. Crowd and not to say that it would Republican Party. Does not respect entire rainbow but here you could begin to see visually. What the Obama coalition actually looks like there was a passage in his speech when he talked about quote unquote the brown children. And how they're going to be a larger and larger portion. Often reports this is what he's talking about to take a look here you have several people. From all sorts them. Asked racial and ethnic backgrounds but distributed Narsai estimate the other campaigns and Republican side. This is. Pretty much the microcosm what it means to be two Americans do the Democratic Party side you have. These are Alexi you know obviously African Americans. RO IC. Plenty of people who are. Our seats there were in the crowd Christians. Oh GPT people. Possibly a round of applause came when he talked about the past of marriage equality center did not only DOT pizza. 02 BT community appreciated possibly a heterosexual counterparts appreciated does the coalition that got the president elected not once but twice. But we are wasn't able to do it Hillary Clinton in office and so now. President Obama. Has talked about be permitted decides to rebuild the Democratic Party as time talked about. He was ahead of the party when it lost his powers are exactly where he used his influence to rebuild the party has yet to be determined.

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