Peter King: 'I Honestly Don't Know' What GOP Wants From Shutdown

New York representative joins moderate Republicans in questioning GOP leadership strategy.
8:15 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Peter King: 'I Honestly Don't Know' What GOP Wants From Shutdown
Down day three and there's a lot of talk going on in Washington fortunately it is accusations and not negotiations to end a stalemate. And in this hour we are joined by congressman Peter King Republican from New York congressman king thank you for your time today we appreciate it. That you have been outspoken in your opposition to your Caucasus tactics AA and the question is would you vote now to pass a clean CR. Absolutely. I've I've said that after several days -- would which is why. -- -- night I voted no one -- -- to send bill over to the senate. Was just prolong this almost bridges I would definitely vote for -- -- written -- If you've also other member of your colleagues -- Republican colleagues are ready to vote is whether they would welcome a decision backed by speaker Boehner to bring this to the floor how many votes at this point do you -- While again is not a question -- me having him and others. 25 to publicly said that they would vote for Arabia. And clean CR was -- -- -- I don't know strings attached to star it would it would definitely pass. How's the question is John Boehner is under tremendous pressure from the cruise Republicans not to bring it up. -- we just can't wait for this to be. We're on the floor by the speaker would have to force the action and some way to mimic John -- -- yet I think -- twentieth -- -- -- say we gonna vote no on everything. Until they continue resolutions put on the floor. That's how you get results that's what the -- problems threaten to -- They they said that to a two weeks ago that they would -- -- the house down. Unless. The we attempted to defund obamacare and decided to -- government shutdowns I think it's time for -- action. It's it's a blunt question that may be following on that kind of -- tough action but yesterday in a meeting speaker Boehner I held with your caucus he said quote trust me. Do you trust speaker Boehner. I -- -- great respect for John that I trust him that he's doing everything we possibly can. I just don't think the -- Republicans are gonna allow him to do. What he wants to do and that's what time's gone by I think we have to we have to force the action via -- but doing that I think we strengthen John -- and against. The -- Republicans. In your colleagues -- you've been speaking with that they share the same feeling. They share the feeling that this is saying that disaster and what sort of some of them are reluctant to. Force the action right now I -- we have to force action that's the only the only difference in question time -- all we all believe it's absolutely wrong what's happened. Did just a couple moments ago President Obama was in Maryland at a construction company. Who wanted to highlight the impact the shutdown is having on everyday Americans and he called that a colleague congressman marlin Stutzman and Indiana. I want to play what he said. Well they got exactly what that one. -- they're trying to figure out how to get out of it. Just yesterday one house Republican said I'm quoting here -- make sure. People understand I didn't make this up. One house Republicans said we're not going to be this respected. We have big get something out of this and I don't know what that -- this. That just now the congressman released a statement saying quote yesterday. I carelessly mr. represented the ongoing budget debate and speaker -- work on behalf of the American people so congressman king what do Republicans. Want to get out of the shutdown. I ask you don't know if they want to start off by -- -- say they want to defund obamacare and other realized I can't be done. This is sort of a moving target and but only to say this -- the president -- he made a rhetorical point that. And he really where is it to -- in fact he's head of the Democratic Party and doing a good job as far as that's -- -- partisan points. I'm. -- to say there were wrap this moment now -- course of Republicans having said that the president United States you cannot. Stay on the sidelines where he is -- do more than just make partisan speeches he should be actively engaged trying to in this. Trying to find -- way to help John Boehner if you will you -- get this who voted in the house. Politically the president can be right to practice as president of United States he's an obligation to become more involved I can imagine. Lyndon Johnson of John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan -- Franklin Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt. Question can it my all district I mean -- I can't imagine just in for extending the silence of making the occasional speech they should be heavily heavily engaged -- -- -- heavily heavily engaged. Because congress let me ask you this -- as your reaction to what we've been seeing play out over the past really 24 hours. Where is almost at -- personification about the -- whether it be Boehner shut down whether it be Obama's shut down has the rhetoric gotten too acidic. That there can be -- ago. She Haitians. It's certainly more more difficult to do without the obligation of leadership -- responsibility of leadership whether it's in that in the house and senate or the White House. And the president is the ultimately. So -- all reasons why Republicans are responsible why Republicans are demanding too much the fact is as president he has an obligation to be in the arena. The president should be in the arena he should be an attempt to resolve this attitude the end it turns out that he -- Republicans are unreasonable then make that -- the American people right now. He should try to put partisanship aside we'll leave that to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. He should be in in the room who should be finding a way. And this crisis this is gonna affect everyone it's not good enough the end of today. If the economy does thank the president to say it was Republicans fault but ultimately he's the man at the top he has to find a way to make it work. Congress let me ask is because there was -- movement in the house yesterday inside almost piecemeal funding measures three in -- in which you had voted yes. On all three it is that awaits a fund the government is that a way to break this logjam. I think it's a good way to do what I actually voted against the rule to begin that process to there was a better idea once they were provoked or voted for them -- absolutely because I think that. It's better have some really -- that none at all. But as part of an overall strategy and try to reopen the anti government he gets very very sketchy when the opening up -- often -- another part. It's no we don't have a piecemeal government it is very much comes together and work together and to -- that's how to be resolve when the vote does come up. Yes whether we -- give -- to NIH obviously ought to veterans. -- yes we -- but it's a it's probably you know the lesser of evils while I was -- -- perspectives. You've -- -- clear opposition of the Affordable Care Act of obamacare by what process though would you see that repealed. Guys drive voted against -- so we strongly opposed to Obama jazz most people in my district. But what I'm saying is we have to repeal with the -- was passed react do. Has -- in the house in this and that he get a Republican president to sign that repeal it and so are we can't. You by the back -- we've -- -- the front door Democrats passed both houses the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. Obviously the president the United States sign that. That he was reelected right here. So that's how we fight our battles in this country do the politically at the battle at the yet. Ballot box now that president reelected and -- the -- we have to try to repeal it -- by threatening to shut the government down. I'm as opposed obamacare is anywhere from -- If congress let me ask you about this -- the debt ceiling limit of course is -- October 17. And there is talk today about a potential bigger deal that would fund the government and raise the limit. Is that a better option at this point. -- -- felt we should've done all along I think what John Boehner wanted to do was get the continuing resolution behind us three or four weeks ago. And they go right into a debate over the debt ceiling -- that to me is a much more legitimate poised to have a real debate about the entire scope of government. Programs that can be. Adjusted modified cut back on also perhaps even -- tax reform and that that that -- -- -- to do what we would have had a good for five weeks to do it now. If he assuming that this continues that this -- government -- -- and next week from time that we going right into the debt ceiling which is a very good very rough time to be very dangerous way to be negotiated. Of the here in the nation's. Credit rating to in effect. To be doing that within 345 -- year period so yeah I think that's where this debate should be that's what instructions that can be taken some find some way. To even get temporary relief from the debt ceiling and set aside time for real negotiations covered the -- or. Congressman Peter King from New York congressman thank you for your time I certainly think -- it.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"New York representative joins moderate Republicans in questioning GOP leadership strategy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"20458919","title":"Peter King: 'I Honestly Don't Know' What GOP Wants From Shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/peter-king-interview-government-shutdown-honestly-gop-shutdown-20458919"}