Next phase of impeachment probe goes public

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, announced Wednesday that Americans will be able to watch the next impeachment inquiry depositions.
4:11 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Next phase of impeachment probe goes public
We begin in Washington without breaking news congressman Adam Schiff announcing yesterday that the first public hearings in the impeachment probe. Will begin. Next week's I want to bring in Katherine folders on Capitol Hill in we have Karen Travers at the White House. Catherine I'll start with you on this is a huge moment getting Americans will be able to watch now. Yeah that's right and it's also a sign minutes answering this inquiry is entering this next phase. Closed door depositions are wrapping up you're seeing those transcripts that have been released every day this week we expect. A more this week also but Adam Schiff announcing these. Three. Public hearings set for next week with with three witnesses Bill Taylor the top a diplomat to Ukraine George can't an undersecretary at the state department of course Maria bonnets with which we've been learning. More about this week she is the former ambassador to Ukraine will see all three of them publicly next begin it is a significant moment as you mentioned (%expletive) says. It's a chance for the American people to determine for themselves the credibility of these witnesses. And Karen I want to ask you about that new report today that showed president trump won an attorney general Barr to hold a press conference saying that that phone call was fine but attorney bar attorney general Barr declined. Yet this was the president's frustration over the impeachment inquiry in the controversy over that phone call with Ukraine boiling over. To the boy where he asked the attorney general if he would hold a press conference. And declare that the president broke no law in knack call sources tell ABC that the president was so frustrating he was pushing bar to clear his name. Of course bar did not hold that press conference. And world told in recent weeks the president has been talking about this to keep a low rounds him associates. And saying that he wishes bar had complied Kimberly the president is very upset with this reporting it was a first ever report in the Washington Post. Confirming ABC news in other news outlets. But the president has been on quite a terror on Twitter this morning he would meaning the reporters on that Washington Post piece. Calling them I mean is criticizing man this is certainly one that seems to have stuck in the president's mind today he's not letting this story go. And Catherine their so much to keep up with. Who is on the hill today what depositions are happening today and why are they important. Yet Jennifer Williams is on the hill she was. And it is an advisor to the vice president pence on issues. Related to Ukraine a foreign service officer detailed a from the State Department sees significant because so be the first advisor to the vice president to show up for a deposition here on Capitol Hill sees the third person. Who was on not July 25 call up between president from. And the Ukrainian presidency she will have a first hand knowledge of the testing many appear happening today given. Oh and Karen just before we go. What is the big picture here I mean there's all this back and forth and you have all these officials essentially confirming that president Strom did try to hold up aid to Ukraine. One that calls the what it was close to make of all of this. The administration. Will say the president's defenders here the White House will say that. The president did it do the quid pro quo on that phone call the president of Ukraine but certainly what we've seen. Now over several weeks of testimony from current and former administration officials is that. They're why is this demand that Ukraine investigate the president's political rivals or else they would not get that money at the aid military aid was held up for that specific reason. Bill Taylor the top diplomat to Ukraine will want to Capitol Hill next week and lay this all out publicly. The Kimberly the key thing we keep hearing from White House officials now is that the president and didn't do anything wrong read the transcript the president's words are okay. But certainly all of these officials are saying that there was a lot of concern about policies surrounding Ukraine. Even if it wasn't explicitly the president saying it in meetings this is off course gonna come out next week in the public. Absolutely so much time pact on Katherine folders on Capitol Hill. And Karen Travers at the White House we appreciate you guys for keeping us updated.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, announced Wednesday that Americans will be able to watch the next impeachment inquiry depositions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66823476","title":"Next phase of impeachment probe goes public","url":"/Politics/video/phase-impeachment-probe-public-66823476"}