Philadelphia Food Tour: Serving a Side of Politics at Modo Mio

ABC News' Josh Haskell continues his Philadelphia food tour and stops at Modo Mia.
5:37 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Food Tour: Serving a Side of Politics at Modo Mio
Let's go to Josh Haskell who is standing behind Philadelphia he's been bullied his way to break prize tonight areas Josh. What are you chowing down now. Hey you. Our friends sharing his take you need a Mota rubio it's his Italian spot. All these states we go to death and so much to offer so much food so many attractions and I got to tell you every voter we talked to hear Republican. Or Democrat. You're talking about that convention coming up in July. Jerry what is the word on the street here in Philly with the convention. And this is going to be the greatest thing that's what happened. Because you're gonna take some of the latest. The X and restaurants and this man here where it mildly and this is people were out and he. In cheer you were telling us earlier that Phillies democratic city but we write into law so yeah well I don't know Clinton and Republicans are. Strossen. But let me say. The host city and I believe the whole country is what. It's a democratic city. But if you were listening to try speech tonight. He said there are a lot of independence. You must know in Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania public list yeah. He is banking will be independents. Or Democrats. That don't like what's going along and vote for him. So. You never know but Donald. Phone it now. Speaking what the American people thinking what Tony sound a little bit but you think he. I think it's about time. It would be up the race was actually enters. Scott Williams followed upon which courses. As you name it accidental. So it's something worth watching something that's not I was talking about history. So god protect series just to food expert dance expert legend here in Philly he also with the political analysis at parents breaking down the race this speech is for us Jeff. What did you just bring it over here as we wait some more results and speaks to be all my money easy digital what is this fiscal months. That's what the from about time. All but not. What do you hold it up for the camera what are the ingredients. As capers and children's mozzarella. And it's all did this Friday. And what's the name one more time besides Donald Trump appetite. Mozzarella and cut outs it would be Mazzarelli. And if Santa plastic plate and quizzes. This is responsible for Jerry Jerry's so. You don't like little bit currently lives it's quite silly. At Shoney's chalk probe along. Mozzarella coverage. Copper call or gob of homelessness in the pocket don't respect all of us most impoverished and that's the. What's good for the guys who's more committed every second. There's the best motion city multiple. Twice twice jobs. It's quite. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna come back to New York with a campaign Shrum Mike just hang out with Jerry's you run this town Philly it is he forgets who. Ever who knows me philadelphians I've got to tell you guys I started this journey today from not eating really shocking was actually running up and down the Rockies death. Trying to get ready for this these cheer went up about five different tough times metal a lot of birds they are not too many. People from Philadelphia they were all working out they were running up those big steps of the art museum. Some terse I met those guys wearing Bernie Sanders. Means. One of them was wearing a trump hand through even if you're not from this town you know the people are voting your pain Pennsylvania. And Josh Rick and we find that Donald Trump of appetizers remind everybody again accurately headed to Philly. Please vote or that amazing she's this. The cheese dishes it Motorola radios with the actress here is certainly. 161 lesser artist the Clark. I all right so what you're worth the convention here here's summer visiting exactly Josh as you point out it's going to be the Democratic Convention. There in Philadelphia later in July you know you'll be there probably in that very chair eating your way to the convention but. I asked the shot this you have left. An appetizer. Not our Hillary Clinton and Sanders. But without. Jeff we're talking a lot about your appetizer for Donald Trump took an appetizer for birdie theater burglary. Definitely would have. Fried mozzarella cheese was papers outlook witnesses saw where we just use a little this we'll. Preparing centers we have particular what president from from roughly. It was Joseph bush doesn't like a particular result completely out a little bit yeah. So the chicken little earth and a little of this a little of that. All right our Josh Haskell he knew his way through Philadelphia and our thanks to the shall not. It. Enjoy yourself there are guys thanks so much and we'll be sure to stop by and let Romeo. Wilmer and and actually for the Democratic Convention in July.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell continues his Philadelphia food tour and stops at Modo Mia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38691341","title":"Philadelphia Food Tour: Serving a Side of Politics at Modo Mio","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-food-tour-serving-side-politics-modo-mio-38691341"}