Philadelphia Food Tour Wraps

ABC News' Josh Haskell ends his Philadelphia food tour by talking to voters and looking ahead to the conventions.
5:22 | 04/27/16

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Aren't tough task is still going on his third tour of Philadelphia. Making his way through a city about them. That would essentially split the democratic movements in mid summer jobs where are you now. I'm in this very cold fish town I somehow got away from Jerry I didn't really want to leave them but he just kept. Stuffing my face with food it taking me different restaurants and he said Gerri I gotta talk politics man but I'll see you at the convention as I'm sure we'll be along with us but I came to this far in this area fish town. And I met a Clinton supporter and a trump supporter. Courts those two candidates won their state this evening ABC news polling Pennsylvania hunting and trump and they were both telling me you know kind of back and forth. How they feel right now. Your reaction to the fact did not we didn't want to say that Walt built there. Well bill can't give up the bill and Hillary. And what is it about the clintons that keeps coming at memorial like Arkansas Razorbacks. I feel like they kill it first eight years period. I. And what about you specifically. I. I can't let it and it collapsed and Smart Car accident. I'm giving. And yours to I'm drunk and sprint now yeah. We'll see me so if it comes to Hillary trump in the general. Anti snapped toward strong and so now the U predicting when your state of Pennsylvania we you can start. Maybe volunteering for in her tell your friends about it. Coming up coming movie I don't know yet I haven't been nice. I think you guys. So that's the scene here in fish town lot of young people it's odd couple the cable networks Ron. They were watcher results but it wasn't as act to do priests is we've seen at other watch parties. Throughout other cities people. Kind of I was the one that told them who won. But definitely. Not our I would say it this far in particular I was expecting. Maybe a large Bernie Sanders. A group of supporters but a lot of Hillary Clinton here in people feeling good knowing that she won the state of Pennsylvania. It her folks weren't following along on your food or can you give a little bit of a recap. And everything that you were able to consume tonight to say DeVon tonight alum who jealousy. Yeah. I I would love to talk about it at first GO stakes the legendary. She knows steaks they actually let. ABC news inside which is pretty rare took us through the whole process. What we should order how they're meant he'd. Had a cheese steak there in Cherie who I was with. He likes to get split right in half gets it would probe alone in not cheese was I've never had a cheese steak with problems forced that was the first stop. Then we went over to genes across the street you guys weren't with me but I had another half. Of the cheese steaks so that's a full cheese steak right there then he took me to his Italian spot moto meal they just kept bringing us food and to pasta muscles. Spaghetti. And he just thought it was telling me. Hey this is how we dude in Philadelphia Josh I'm not you know we're do you wanna go next forty wanna go next I said. Jerry I wanted to talk to some voters in the cycle we got more food come in more food comment. So they don't call the city that they don't call Philadelphia the city of brotherly love for nothing. And Josh and. It up Pennsylvania it's always been critical political state but not often that the primary season so much attention has been lavished on it. Give us the big picture you spent the whole day varies for the past few days reported across Pennsylvania. What's your sense of holly gauge people are right now in this climate. You feel like compared to some of the other states to cover that pennsylvanians are really plug in part of the compare. They are in you know I have to tell you as we've been reporting Hillary Clinton winning the state of Pennsylvania. Bernie Sanders has a lot of support in this state I covered him. For two days here for stops. And his crowds were just as big as they've been in other states the enthusiasm were there. A lot of sort of manufacturing. Unions he actually was talking about that Verizon strike that we've been reporting on. He had Barack Verizon employees in the audience he acknowledged them. Had them stand up brought some of them on stage and was really playing to the crowds in northeast Pennsylvania talking about Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Well last night I of course covered trump in Wilkes-Barre. Trump going after those same type the supporters. And at that Bernie Sanders event people were saying we like trump and we like Bernie it wasn't. Between Hillary and burning so maybe trump got the best to those those supporters obviously as are reporting him winning Pennsylvania tonight. Writer Josh Haskell on the streets of Philadelphia a eight his way through there just if you could didn't make your way over to that pretzel bakery that we saw. Earlier Garrity these guys did you know where they were making the likenesses. I'm dying to know how they taste so you know get on that and report back okay.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell ends his Philadelphia food tour by talking to voters and looking ahead to the conventions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38693845","title":"Philadelphia Food Tour Wraps","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-food-tour-wraps-38693845"}