Philadelphia Restaurant Creates Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired by Hillary Clinton

ABC News' Charli James heads to Revolution Taco to try the 'Donkey Kick' ice cream sandwich inspired by Hillary Clinton.
12:05 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Restaurant Creates Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired by Hillary Clinton
Everyone's eyes and things like. Digital and the FaceBook fan apparently. You guys I'm so I'm here in Philadelphia. The is going on block politics but people have to continue and there's a lot of that in. And I you're getting in on the accident one of its revolution you know here closer written house square. In Philadelphia. And they have agreed. Special that they are doing. We're in the and it ice cream sandwich donkeys that this means there's that actually. Inspired by Hillary Clinton and I'm gonna talk with the owners now anti. He it came up with then and we're and it's not with them and then they're gonna make. Some or and we got some great people here we're going to try again you know. Okay flea eggs and another growing hit within minutes tell me that it came thank you know what you're great. So read the greenery here in Philadelphia literally saved every day. French allies cream. And I think sandwiches with organic looking thing from local farms. Some Mike Pence at says Kate and he's great brownies and I just good against the enemy but intense hands on issues and into the net and created. Nine. NASA's brownies and the lives we really I think they are. Larry days running entirely but they're it's only want you kind of compliment them and put it right and center of the ice cream so it ends and running for instance eat bigger and chocolate with spying so we did things arms. Top of the eighth street brown C. Unlike that have been I had cookies. Something quite evident even named donkey. And ugly to back. And it and you guys are inspired actually eyes and look. Personal tastes and preferences it talked about how she. Like to carry fox plaza surrounded her Agassi has that. She eat hot peppers everyday things. That you're getting them about obviously day they'd have an inspiration. You practice them. Where you are going to show us how their money it's your party gone through. A hundred or more and mean yeah. In just a few says that if I'm mr. McNamara on it right thing to look. In the neck. So when are we got. They're very. We've got yet in this kind of ridiculous on Michael smaller scale than. But what we did you seriously big hands people these savages and there are just it takes hard chuck but I spent here. Passes say. Organic. Staircase pogo. Really miss kept his opinion it's like the milky operated as part of the kind of complex noticeably darker chocolate sickness method there. And then Jen what Lucas next. Bottom but he. Get your beef. NN. Class movie. I know it's nice. So but thanks cream cinnamon ice cream. This isn't in history. Being that we did it was brand and to act. Again some times are different from. Yeah brownie all the time and not that our own vision combo is has the yeah. Atlanta's red. Online dean Browning. Lane and already there. We're being unseen areas of yeah we're in front coming through the rents from atlas. The Nittany. It candidate talked through. In the center that means. Space here. Yeah a little more ice cream. You know might yeah. NN com enough yeah. Small aircraft. You. A parent because you're making them all together. But they put this together to show us what exactly happened. Yeah. Let me respond then you add in this week I Simonsen super that the end here. That I. Have been hearing and they know what I think anything perhaps the need for him Michael. There are ornaments. And event also have been in addition to doing that. Specialty. Event catering yeah. Well let. New York. Especially. And end this week. We've gotten finish line. Thank you gotta get granny can't read and write you more in the middle even arm off there. And then they have some problems for everybody was crying. It's a little messy yeah. And I'm. Though I wanna hear it. The president and the boosters and after the vice. You're right as the and Alan. Like a little bit and yeah excellent. Yeah. Well later here. Ladies stay. Yeah Hillary Clinton who. Eight I'm. W. Good he looked people Dryden and maybe I didn't know any. Talent babies children women primary. I heard it's been inspired by Arabs here maybe it's funny thing. Partly. It really really got everything despite some movement is like and I'm now leads the compound in Texas. I'm proud flavors and it has lost her. To hear any news news. It is five cents per. Yeah a little more popular. Our. And and we think it is plant. Look at. It'll continuing to take here and I'm gonna have tried it my son has filed. Hello and co owner. Greens you. And I. He has been training to Hillary Clinton you're trying to glass the let. Yes it was you please. Yeah tweeting after he does you better like yeah right in the front there. He's not. Yeah. And Hillary and I am. Why are looking. I'm. I've got to try it might you know what I think rattle. And I'm gonna show a little bit more of an up close here though for people of two. For people who wanted to come and try it there in Philadelphia it delegates are for fun. How long you guys having had how much of the cost well. Yeah sold out right now but we're making more and to be back tomorrow. In real insult through video. The end how much the better it got where violence. It's ill this and it didn't want to try some of the talk and it's you what do you as recommends. That dog just won't necessarily. Graham. The enemy. And then it. I have to try that as well let me give you one last look up close. Area brownie that mark times for the moment the top what we're really gotten here. Extreme wind it was history. He. I eminent. I hate eating on camera but I. They have been on my. I'm. Autograph. Yeah. I keep them. Oh I think. I don't know he got drunk talking about. I'm good sign up now that I can just. Slowly eat. Lately Iraq but thank you so much the as the rally got. The donkey kick I think there. Does come on by written. And Philadelphia. Happening here through the weekend. Come on in five bucks. Thanks so much for watching ABC news digital an ABC news they I'm telling him. And we got you covered where all your do you see it these please stay with us again.

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{"duration":"12:05","description":"ABC News' Charli James heads to Revolution Taco to try the 'Donkey Kick' ice cream sandwich inspired by Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40924243","title":"Philadelphia Restaurant Creates Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired by Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-restaurant-creates-ice-cream-sandwich-inspired-hillary-40924243"}