Philadelphia Welcomes the Political World

ABC News' Josh Haskell meets up with local legend Jerry Blavat and talks about how the City of Brotherly Love is handling the 2016 election.
11:12 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Welcomes the Political World
Reporters all over the place earlier in school is in Philadelphia. Eating his way. What I thought you know that it had to say yes I love it. The bye to their. Hey guys. But I'm gee those stakes we're tonight. That network on its feet. To the. Are you kidding I'm not where I got the cheese steak. I'm Gary what would you do to me I didn't get cheese steak he'd have to go back to where you guys are hanging out he would be outlawed in South Philadelphia. This is the real deal the cheese state. Let's introduce. Everybody Jerry Jerry you a couple of different nicknames he's looked in Philly all that's like. He's a disc jockey. Celebrity he's going to be joining me on this little cheese steak to cure because on that and wreck happened here you guys are pretty hungry Jerry tells little bit about your relationship with the city the cheese steak hot and what's going on your in the heart. South of an up and this is what it all began. We'll ninth street. Blow the little that's not nearly eighty Houston coming down here and do shopping. For broccoli rob from macaroni with sausage and peppers and then it was he knows and then that was passed and as creative what is now. The circled the stockpile enough if not. Jerry you go quarterback when I was very carefully on the Susan democratic city. I like what Donald Trump is saying I don't like what he's going about saying get Hillary's like this lady so my vote is secret but remember September exit. Can Kennedy congressman Bob Brady and a make this for you right thing. So guys I've been hanging out we Jerry I'm trying to. Talk politics he's very secretive as you can tell. A home that but it's a democratic city party chair. But tell us a little bit more about the things you do like about Donald Trump because I was talking some. Shift in god he knows we were told me the same thing well. I like what he thought I'd like the way he's seen one city I think as many Americans who think the except. He's going about it the wrong way it was excellent. To be present you've got to dignitaries would. For instance. Not that doesn't have that what he's like aftershock. At eight jockey Jerry you're not doing in shock factor. At risk. Does a curious what what this democratic city that's gonna as a Democratic Convention is thinking about. For this summer what's July going to be like some cheese steaks for everyone what's the scene going to be like what's the vibe in Philly. Yet Jerry one of the reasons I'm here you got your hosts in the DNC in July yet tell us what we can expect. Well when the delegates committee congressman Brady is putting this all together. You'll see Bobby Robbie right now wants to take. You'll see the transcript distillate frontal onstage seemed to do pleas on stage it's a taste of Philly. Not only would boom rocket row that made this of these alleged act. How are you getting prepared cheese steaks for every one and rate them. She's that he isn't tasty cakes cheese cakes everything. This is what the city's about the city of brotherly. That's why this is important. Because everybody has La. You get a cheese and could get a tasty cake he give a crap and get yourself so what upbeat and he. So it's about the flu Disco inferno and whatever else he said. I just read and we don't yet know she's okay Gary Papa you is that you got. Payment recipients who. Bob ray back in the days why the police tell and like there. We're should reenter guise that parliament. Cheery as we're walking you mind showing our anchor on assuming your dance moves. All I know doing we're in town for the convention Rick we're hanging out with this guy yes. Feel on the field hopefully it will rule with what we. I'll gladly routed them. Thing that our ABC anchor team. So right now Jerry's gonna take it some thought we're gonna show you guys quickly I would cheese steak is made. We have exclusive access because of Jerry and aren't credible producer mount war go to Jeanne Oates speaks and I. Okay. What I had to do. He and. This role the magic happens. They teach you ways. This is the hill Neil right on the history and they do that slice look at me look at it fully in Philadelphia. Foveon. Jury went to correct we ordered chiefs game 82 about the threat. Did our homework overload who's who about the Brett get build own cheese and onions. Hot peppers and you. And it. What relinquished those scary black. Don't normally people. Which would it was rebel. Me whipped around. Where you get American. I love this state we've we've we've. I should just said please I don't think way. It achieve political. Fox will be. Do you estimate for us how she speaks you've had your life. I was born raised its. I was macaroni that's not your property south. And he's this is the real. So we have any delegates for the Democratic Party watching our street right now when they come here to Philadelphia would. If you do they have to go to Jeanne what about cops break down. Not that it's one of the with your rich. And vigilance and Hedo. You see this is almost like a back new record company. You things. Well that. I'm T that you just a reminder that polls close in about avenue about and it's. Casey and realize that you're watching primary night coverage. It's hard for me to dance I had an umbrella on one hand it was raining. Look what you want to do next done. I you know what you're right enough these expensive it's time for us to eat and to bring a couple states back for you guys. Yes and coaches that ordered it was the wiz that you own it you know you're gonna do it don't don't worry about Athens viable. We'll cover the likely. You keep doing this Rihanna keeps and I talk about food and look what we're doing. For an old always an area counties states of Sabah. And start again the Jonas. I'll back. Cost at least you have it right. Jerry got shows how you get. Me. Ahead of the hot peppers Dave. So what they do for me to take. You call it scary that's the Jerry that's you remove. You remove. That's a lot of cheese votes. It just for Jerry we're about to happen is you remember. My trip to the Iowa state fair have little trouble with spicy foods sold well those hot peppers and may have to back away permanently Cherie yeah. We will judge. Or. Be even. Sure you're telling me earlier you voted heard from today healthy again if you're making these days. You think Donald Trump let me. Yeah I've been like that I think. But when we'll and indeed there is right now. I know the years and. Yet how this. What does that tell you the money come upon. Its faces you take whatever they give away. The workers. In early. Our corporate Jerry was talking earlier saying similar things to you Bettina shock factor that trump rent maybe to tone it down that you have. I set them on ABC world those ways. You 18. Do you might. Or a war. That guy say the right thing people are afraid of but. My phone is now a bit. Before we sign off Jerry got to create 51. Day I don't know where one. I think someone else took it. 13 columnist Rick back and have different way to they just looked up another one eyes. Yeah. So that again here it seems general. If I'm right here. Jerry doesn't want to get Massey. Came. That edit thing it's like evidence of Brian. Police civil. Back out on the Philadelphia. You go to the dimension come to believe you go to genome should get past the best cheese stakes in America. And guys we're not finished yet imitate Peter few more places tonight says they would doesn't ABC vigil on the road back on rate in the game. From Gino steaks and feel. Are right that it AB Josh Haskell.

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{"duration":"11:12","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell meets up with local legend Jerry Blavat and talks about how the City of Brotherly Love is handling the 2016 election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38690453","title":"Philadelphia Welcomes the Political World","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-welcomes-political-world-38690453"}