Philly Voters Weigh in on Election

ABC News' Josh Haskell stops by the famous "Rocky Steps" to hear from voters in Philly.
5:27 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Philly Voters Weigh in on Election
Good evening from Pennsylvania I'm ABC's Josh Haskell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania one of the five states voting today I'm gonna take you wanna. Really fun tour tonight we're gonna eat. We're gonna season all right so it isn't that great city which will be hosting the Democratic National Convention. Mike gable getting excited as you were all excited that convention happening in July and I'm here in Philadelphia. Where not only in my in Philadelphia I'm it the Philadelphia Museum of Art which happens to be home to the Venus rocky steps and I ended its both those brought with them right will help me payment from. From Obama runs up and down. Diesel steps to the theme song of the movie it all happened right here now entered her brand or model program. Or Iraq he's here but a courtroom. In Election Day and we are talking politics and I have met a lot of tourists here is as I mentioned this is a big Hearst attraction someone that I did meet the look how's your family. From Albany. Of course you guys are not voting but you guys just voted last week. And out what's your name ma'am recently passed and lease as you can see. Not fighting machine supporting two birdy pins. Did you just you always Wear those pins or you knew that being in Pennsylvania today people are voting you want. People to know you support. I've been properties and Mr. President cents before he declared. Middle of last year. And we voted for him in the early primary on April 19 and we knew we were coming down here on and spring break vacation and the dates to snatched up. So we figured we Wear the very tense all around town and how people feel the burn all of them. And if it would would it be accurate to say that your whole family is feeling the burn. Yes I hope not. Just your sister. Yeah. Hillary clay and I like. With the people heal the hurt out he'll. And we divided like many men on the campaign trail like. It burned you know because you decided to Wear those means that yes short viewers want more. Years it will help get them from everything I hope you voted for Bernie in New York City did not win New York State Heidi think things are gonna go to this evening. I am cautiously optimistic if not for Pennsylvania than they eat or Connecticut Rhode island's. We'll just have to see what happens the conventions back here it's summer in Philadelphia I would look to see her back. Let's see content that convention and that's where thing. So as we've talked so much about a contested convention on the Republican side. You're thinking what birdies thinking let's take its campaign all the way to the convention went including a super delegates and what's right for them on the conviction or here and they'll help you. Yes I think that's something then that should be done I think that's the democratic process I think people should have this much say in the process of election as possible. And springing up good ideas some people say they're too progressive but a lot of what he's talking about. It's already in practice it other European countries and in Canada as well. So it's not pie in the sky this can really happen. I'm catching up with this wealthy family from Albany here in Philadelphia I'm feel you guys have been around town all day and seeing different sites. Could tell that people are voting today are people talking about her are they talking about Hillary what's your sense on the ground. Well we've seen a lot of people with I voted today stickers which I think is great I think it's it's other people to vote as well. Not an adult content conversations with people who blow up there weren't available. We snapped. And would you. Yes it was really awesome to see the one of our news anchors from NBC news Chris dancing is from the Albany area. So we had a chance to sail it hurt. Nice to see the NBC trucks here. And it's getting the coverage which serves. And what you kids think about the Rockies. I bet that baby up our cat she got. He's. You nine dozens were alive and ABC did show you guys demonstrate. Don't you baskets a little wet but to show us to hear back from Iraq impression. Down 1 morning yeah. Putting people to work here at Philadelphia's targets get a little walking it is starting to rain but we're staying with dupers long as we can't. Not stopping people voting polls still open for another hour and a half here in Philadelphia go kids. Well. Oh. Any minute of the day you come to eager to the Iraqi steps at Philadelphia you're going to see so be doing irreparable noble profession. I mean I'm not shrapnel but you are in Philadelphia it is Pennsylvania primary day and we'll on when or other states. The rain started to come down so we'll take a little bit of a break but that's skyline were going to be all over cheese steaks water ice everything you could ever dream of so stay with us at ABC digital.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell stops by the famous \"Rocky Steps\" to hear from voters in Philly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38692028","title":"Philly Voters Weigh in on Election","url":"/Politics/video/philly-voters-weigh-election-38692028"}