JFK Assassination Witness: 'I Looked Up and Saw the Rifle'

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Bob Jackson was on assignment for the Dallas Times Herald on day of shooting.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for JFK Assassination Witness: 'I Looked Up and Saw the Rifle'
Two years later even in that spans of time. That moment being witness to that history is still very fresh very -- him. -- -- It is very fresh in my mind. Fifty years ago we never realize that we'd be talking about. This event fifty years later as though it was last week. But yes it's very fresh in mind. -- You were in the press vehicle that was right in front of the motorcade correctness. I was in the 87 car. Open convertible behind the president's seventh car behind the president. So it -- we heard the shots. I looked up with the book depository. Because that's where the shots came from. And saw the rifle. Resting on the -- -- And I had an -- camera because -- just. Unloaded it and tossed the film out to a reporter. To take back to the news things. In that moment and -- you you -- looking back out of the motorcade and you see that Lincoln Continental the open top. An iconic. Vehicles and up back behind the backdrop you see the book depository. Yes that's correct. And in just a nice I saw. Go ahead and just a short period of time it it it must -- felt like it in eternity and. Questions are having some technical problems we will look at back to -- Bob just a moment but. An awful moment sir photographers be there was an empty camera and and have both the emotion. -- and horrific acts of the assassination at same time that you can't do your job. But and it is it is -- said though Dan the idea that did that. It is so fresh. And says he said he'd never expected to be so fresh fifty years -- news it is remarkable. He he was out of film on that particular moment but in three days later though Bob you had captured that. That picture that was -- so simultaneously as we were watching the funeral of the president. It's hearing me yeah -- back here. Yet. And so. We appreciate your patience. You you were able to to get that picture. Inside the police station when Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred within the station this this was your picture. Sluggers. This right it is it it was -- routine and -- cool type of assignment. We had photographed. Prisoners are being transferred before. So it was pretty routine but it was in this case it was. More than ever seen because of the historic nature. The whole event. It's was it's really focus -- on getting a good picture. Not really. Thinking that is there'd be anybody in the basement. Make an attempt on his life. Side and so that was that was a shock. But. It all came together and I guess. I punch the -- at the right time.

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{"id":20982471,"title":"JFK Assassination Witness: 'I Looked Up and Saw the Rifle'","duration":"3:00","description":"Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Bob Jackson was on assignment for the Dallas Times Herald on day of shooting.","url":"/Politics/video/photographer-witness-jfk-assassination-looked-rifle-hanging-ledge-20982471","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}