Politifact's Top Lies of the Political Campaigns

Fact-checking the 2012 Election: Bill Adair of Politifact goes through the biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaigns.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Politifact's Top Lies of the Political Campaigns
-- there he runs political fact which you can tell by its very name fact checks pretty much every in the it's going on in this race -- out at you throughout the picture question. How did the truth. Fair in this campaign. Well the truth did not fare very well. There were just so many exaggerations and falsehoods and we saw them at every level we've done hundreds of fact checks on our truth O meter. And sort of overall. Probably the overall average we'd -- half true but man there were an awful lot that we -- mostly -- -- false. Or lowest rating pants on fire. So I did see you had like 88 top ten list. Of the the biggest misperceptions. Or anti -- -- say whether their pants on fire other. Things put out there that we're not exactly true. You want to run through the ones that you think we're in the most egregious and which may have been actually the most effective. -- -- -- -- me -- week we call that our biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaign. We chose six comments oft mentioned just a couple on the democratic side I think one that was definitely. -- -- big falsehood was. The statement by Harry Reid that. Mitt Romney didn't pay any taxes for ten years this was one where -- and we dug into it we tried to find proof for this. Harry Reid offered only -- all he would say is that he heard this from somebody who invested -- Wouldn't identify who the person was so we talked to tax experts just couldn't find any support -- it was completely unfounded we rated that pants on fire. On the Republican side. We picked -- three others but I but there's one that I think we probably ought to talk about tonight because it really affects Ohio and it. It came out the day that we did our list and that's the Chrysler -- The one that said that. That suggested that they were gonna make jeeps in China at the expense of American jobs this was a Romney -- That was targeted at Ohio we rated that pants on fire. -- in -- the truth of it was. They indeed we're gonna build jeeps in China in addition to building the in the US it was not coming at the expense of American jobs. And Chrysler came out -- came out and everybody said you know this ad is just false. And I think as we look at the results in Ohio whether Obama wins or whether Romney wins we're going to be talking about that -- because. It was it seemed to be -- hail Mary pass on the part of the Romney campaign. And maybe it helped get some votes but maybe it -- them the response was very quick. The fact checkers such as -- effect we came out very quickly and said it was not true. Bill -- well now -- -- with the end of the local campaign politicians are now we're only tell the truth. So you're taking on vacation after this right. Well I wish you know we're going to be fact checking course. Pretty immediately after the winner is known we're -- be having an important really important debate about the fiscal cliff. And what the government needs to do to. Deal with the tax laws that expire the end of the year and the bigger issues about the debt ceiling and everything so. Will be fact checking that will also be starting a new campaign promise feature on the new president. Right now we have the Obama that are where we re 508. Campaign promises that it President Obama made in this 2008 campaign. And will do a similar feature on the new president either Obama or Romney so. We we have to decide what to call it should we call it the -- O meter should we call it the -- not matter if Romney wins. If -- if Obama wins that's easy we'll call -- the Obama or two ago. Phil -- thank you very much congressman -- -- is pointed at our past interviewed him is that. People don't pay a huge price for not telling the truth in the current political atmosphere but we appreciate that you're keeping them honest and -- -- ability bill thank you again.

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{"id":17658159,"title":"Politifact's Top Lies of the Political Campaigns","duration":"3:00","description":"Fact-checking the 2012 Election: Bill Adair of Politifact goes through the biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaigns.","url":"/Politics/video/politifacts-top-lies-political-campaigns-17658159","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}