New poll shows Americans watching public hearings closely

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows 70% of Americans disapprove of President Trump's actions tied to Ukraine; Sen. Sherrod Brown talks impeachment; president reverses course on e-cigarettes.
28:03 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for New poll shows Americans watching public hearings closely
Everybody welcome to the briefing are much Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Monday coming up a conversation with senator Sherrod Brown. Of Ohio the Democrat talks to us about his new book what he's thinking about impeachment. And the 20/20 primary of course who also take a closer look a president Trump's apparent about face on a possible banned for flavored. Week two now of public impeachment hearings and a new ABC news poll that found. 70% of Americans think president Trump's decision to ask Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. What's wrong ABC political director Rick Klein is here investigative reporter and flared as your guys could see it. It and some analysts are with you because. For folks at home watching this sort of the broadest sense they've seen that have mines hours of testimony depositions. Documents. It's pretty clear now that in just did widest sense as we see a majority of Americans. Field something was wrong here in this July phone call gently over. That we can Devin we some more depositions more witness testimony that all went back to the same thing which is trump seems to be tied to at all. In most cases we saw that trump actually was making phone calls repeatedly took Gordon some months. And talking about how he wanted to Ukraine policy to go and that's not even massive Arab and political. Pointy over there in Europe Rick and as people start to learn about corn someone who wasn't a familiar name now becoming more familiar. Learning about all of these witnesses corroborating the central sort of heart of the case for impeachment. How people think the behaviors wrong but that doesn't necessarily mean they support impeachment for removing from yes. There's a gap pure that thing of significance of 70%. Of Americans think that what he did was wrong only 51% think he should be impeached and removed another 6%. Think he should be a pizza maybe not removed so to me it's that it's that difference between 51 a 57% and 70%. That if I'm a Democrat I'm looking as the target audience I'm saying that those people that already think there's a problem here there mechanism what the solution to that problem should be. And if you're watching the hearings you're you're tuned in the 30% I think was perfectly fine I don't think you're gonna convince them realistically talking about. A more narrow segment but that's a big number 50% or 70% those are still sisal. Which would suggest your point that a lot of people were still digesting information now in week two. Yeah on the idea that one and I've made up their minds just based on last week I think is significant because again. We don't know how this is being digested we have presume that everyone isn't watching every second of the testimony and understanding what all of these. These unfamiliar names mean. You can read and stories online and try to get a sense of it but. That's not really help people consume stories like this that by watching it also. The they are engaged people are interested in this and taking it very seriously still split on what the consequences should. And I just got back from weakened reporting in Atlanta Georgia talking to people about how they feel about these impeachment hearings are closely they're watching it. I spent some time here at Ebenezer Baptist Church pass calls the famous fried chicken. I've talked to folks there on the black Wall Street Auburn avenue in Atlanta. Here's a little bit about what we heard about how they are taking in this impeachment process. The problem at all from home without that he did you did not go on doing thing amid today to loved it. The only got Clinton Jim or twelve more months whatever such as leaders devoted relieved to have a vote. I think voters are gonna decide that anyway and I'm not politician actually state that he should be removed but he's he's guilty. The constitution is very important to this country democracy. The sovereignty of our country who want to make sure that is that here what is your work phone yes. So you're following all the U premium spirits up. And what do you make. But I didn't feel that they. Yeah. It was said in a movie once. While all the money. Simple as that follow the money. Nothing. You can never get in the taking an about it at the the directly. Made. You know. Teflon Don we'll see if he can sustain even more evidence coming out this week and it's a packed week. An impeachment hearings ahead three straight days starting tomorrow eight witnesses. What are we watching for. I think tomorrow definitely wanna watch for lieutenant colonel than men this is an army officer who was detailed to the White House he works for the NSC he listened to that July 25 call so he has firsthand information. He says he thought it was very wrong for a president to ask a foreign power to investigate a US citizen he will be a big witness and then of course on Wednesday were gonna hear from Gordon salmon he's the man who had the president's ear and testify. Directly to what trump was the what happens on the ground X security in the pressure campaign that the ukrainians theory is right there Gordon some and that's the guy that told the ukrainians the money was being with how he was telling them the president wanted to investigations. Richter were some indication that perhaps. Because he's had to revise testimony already perhaps he's in some hot water you may not even show up although the latest indications we have is he will. Yeah a lot of would you call around that ain't you he struck still by how many people we're talking about here that actually work for the top administration currently. These are not you know disaffected former officials or people to quit some kind of protest they won't support every day to the trump administration some of them and reassign some of the different posts but they work for president trump. He calls a lot of them never choppers for these are hard people. Two to impugn the integrity. These are people that that are the as we saw last week with the testimony from the ambassador's the public servants they're State Department officials. Are there military officers in the case of lieutenant colonel than men and it's just due to be difficult I think to say they've got some ulterior about. Republicans herb. Part of their defense has been met all of these people are second hand third hand in some cases. But that we the president sale in this morning on Twitter and suggesting responding to Nancy Pelosi that. Maybe you testify first Hedrick doesn't get much more firsthand than that here's the tweet. The president says even though I did nothing wrong and I don't like giving credibility to this day I know due process hoax like the idea. A testifying. Perhaps I will in order to get congress focus again strongly considering it Rick there's chance he's gonna sit down with congress. I mean we've literally seen the movie before. It's not happen if indeed that's that to me for TV and that the president dangled the possibility of cooperating with Muller in some way he is not. Going to play along with the future couldn't he answer questions and have written form or something didn't he do that with smaller ally I think that that could actually be very interesting. To see of what he would say until all the mavericks are okay and what kind of mind. It's going to be a wild week starting tomorrow we will have full team coverage here including with our air and clarity. On ABC news live starting at 8:30 AM eastern time gavel to gavel the hearing to constrain them on your phone in your pocket throughout the day. I will be back Wednesday and Thursday of course is well guys thanks very much in. I appreciate your reporting house democrats' impeachment inquiry remains on pace still now for a vote by Christmas. According to Nancy Pelosi which could means a trial in the United States and it could commence soon after the holiday senators of both parties. Are bracing for that possibility including democratic senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Who stopped by the briefing room a short time ago. Serb run plays for coming it's great to see us our new poll. Cost is 50% of Americans are at least somewhat closely watching his impeachment impeachment hearings you actual get to vote at this goes to trial in the senate how closely. Are you following what's going on in the house. Well I I'm course I'm following it that my job is to do other things and well you're not watching gavel again I'm not even not even close I've watched I watch the news about it but. Green our job that that the house has passed all kinds of legislation it's really important for minimum wage to pensions. Violence gets women act net neutrality. And the senate sat on it in large job in part is to get Mitch McConnell to move on these issues that affect people's lives do you think the evidence is there from the house to vote in PS I think there's no question that. We will what what what the senate does as the jury is another question who should yeah but what the house should do a mean but. This president trump has done something Richard Nixon never even did try to bribe a foreign leader Enda helping him and his campaign and that debt who rises to an impeachable offense then when he gets to the senate we look at the evidence we hear the president's side and we make a decision. You talked about that you are ready to make a decision you want to see the case if it makes it to the senate what criteria will you use. When deciding how to cast your vote to remove. Not yet it's a higher I'm not a lawyer tonight what one thing. You know if you're a jury trial you listen to instructions from the from the judge and the Chief Justice of the United States presides. We will listen to that we will look at Brad Pitt that precedent. And the the threshold is higher than just like in a court of law the threshold for convictions higher than the threshold. For indictment in indictment and impeachment is equivalent to an indictment of murder trial or court of law in Ohio where Meryl under anywhere else so but it is a higher standard and I will look at it tell her. Bridge duller in the senate you have found ways to work with Republicans do you. Does that factor in at all for you whether or not you Republican colleagues or any of them would vote to them. To swell anymore I I'm hopeful that my colleagues in both parties. Look at this without public pressure without bias I mean did our job really is to look at what what the evidence says. And is this president done is he committed high crimes and misdemeanors his seat. Is it at the level that he should be removed from office and that that should not be a political question so far. You watch Mitch McConnell you watch Republican leadership. Their so dismissive of it they say let's get this over web they're not doing their job they took an oath says I took on my third oath for the senate back in January they took an oath. In living up to that oath is looking at this and a sober minded way. And did not letting political bias that we all have but not letting political murders are expectation there will be a trial pot. Not right and I would be very surprised the way Pelosi is done this. And science I went on this book Pelosi you eliminate Johnson was probably the best legislative leader and our. At least in the last hundred years and I would say policies at least as good or better so helpless he's on this right Tom we'll see what happens in the senate. You do have a new book out it's a fantastic read his quote desk 88 in progressive senators who changed America it's the story of your desk. And your predecessors who held that I'm you talking there about this desk this piece of history bearing witness to turning points in progressive history. To think were on the cusp of another turning point in progress citizen is this presidential. I dream partner chance at the last. Dubbed them the most best known progressive Veras the last hundred years or that the FDR years when we got collective bargaining Social Security is so much else than in the sixties civil rights voting rights Medicare Medicaid head start. And the wilderness act all these things Indian progressive errors are short in infrequent. In progressives lose more often that we win but when we win we win really bad you don't count the Obama era Obama era is there is no solution Indian might count it was. It was too early big thanks amino wrist talker insurer health care and Dodd-Frank. But the problem in part is Republicans sense because they once such a quick collection afterwards if you have tried to undercut and undermine and and in blocks so much of that so I'm in some ways word do and it's I think the social movements it's clear that. A majority error every election now almost every election since 92. The progressive party the Democrats have had to be in the popular vote the Conservative Party. Plus more people vote for Democrats for senate and house good senate for Democrats in the senate and Republicans in the senate. Com partly because the states are bigger in many cases and there's a lot of small Republican rural states but. The voters in this country clearly of kind of kind of inching are inching inching for inching towards a progressive Aaron I think when each when he can be that one prescriptions for your. Party in this book is about the need to talk to workers all workers assaults have been sort of a theme of your political life has been engaging directly with the American worker. You get the sense that the party in these candidates all we don't need to name names but all 1015 homer and I do think there. They're doing that effectively would you need to see more of it are they is there. Apparel there Lamar would like to see more discussion of dignity of work and seeing me running a campaign. Through the eyes of workers in governing through the eyes of workers and I when I say workers I don't mean just white male union firefighters I mean people that. That didn't work that prepare food in an office building people that work construction people who work in sort of reason hospitals. I'm people that are low wage and moderate wage workers whether they punch a clock or swipe a badger. Who worked for tips and if if Democrats talk to them more effectively. And particularly you contrasts with how trump. Every day truck betrays workers whether it's his judges that. Put their thumb on the scale of justice for worker for for corporations over workers are Wall Street over consumers. Whether it's national relation neighbor labor relations or whether it's fighting in some minimum wage in the overtime rule to presents betrayed workers and Democrats need to make that contrasting any second thoughts about getting in our son now on I mean I just saw his neck in March I never had a burning desire to Toronto one of the stories I tell and the desk 88 is there was a senator years ago that said the only cure in the US senate for that for the presidential virus is embalming fluid. Can I just didn't want to be that guy supposed. The elastic just got to ask you outta cheer victory in 2018 in Ohio we were just spent the number of days out there for ABC news live talk analysts all over western BO up north from Columbus into the red country. And you know I was struck by the fact the blue wave didn't really hit Ohio and 2018 with you are sort of the big exception in the state wide office you. One by seven points in a state that trump won by eight points what's the secret to do well. Secret is is he going to every community and I was always is that but it really is talking to workers and talking and making McConnell actions are about choices and making the contrast the progressive party the Democrats. Really do fight for workers some it's it's it's for consumers on consumer protections on preexisting conditions it's. Fighting the armed. It's fighting against payday lending companies and defraud low income people it's fighting for civil rights. I'm but it's always keeping in mind workers and all workers and I think you do that. You when elections we also are disadvantage because of redistricting in Ohio. A swing states still has three force of our members of congress Republicans because they drew the district still about will be out there and win won't be it will be a battleground in part because. Through our canary program to lead Ohio through different things we're doing a lot of recruiting and building up and helping in local races of young candidates more women than men a number of people of color and we will see that success play out the next one here. We will watches that are serve our vision company and its six stakes. And political directorate Klein is back to catch up on a lot of news in the twenties when he race Rick over the weekend a lot to digest the store with. A surprising and speaking of progressives. They're sort of taking a backseat now do one big moderate star taken off in early states to the front page. The de Moines register this weekend. The area as the break out. People can judge a top in their new poll are you highly respected poll minimum register poll 125%. Leave their take a look at that. What's going on here how significant is this Rick in Iowa. This crystallizes I think that the growing sense of momentum I was out there a couple of weeks ago when the mayor Pete give a big speech on the night the Bethel dropped out. And he is crystallize a lot of that the concerned that people had over the left to the party. He's running to the middle obviously mentions his Indiana ruse the pact as a mayor there all the time. He's casting herself as a moderate in this race and people that are looking for alternative maybe to Joseph Biden there are eighty Klobuchar are seeing mayor Pete I struck by the death of the sport across age groups. And did the prevailing sense that he's kind of just right on the issues not who left not too far right. I'll fit at least with that state may be New Hampshire as well as solving problems minority borrowers huge problem is another poll out today in South Carolina that has him way back in the pack Joseph Biden's romping there. He needs to win African American voters in the south anyone does become the nominee that's the history in democratic politics he hasn't shown that he can crack that yet. I'll what is he will tell you is look you gotta break out somewhere he's putting his time in in Iowa and New Hampshire and he is doing it doing it out what I think a lot of bulls on the ground because the right way. He's working it he's he's generating a lot of interest in his candidacy the amount of real organizing they do around as events is impressive. I was out there at a concert in the rain where people where they are the signing people up on ipad's it's a professional operation. And that I think is what gets you this gets you in the ability to two at least can be. A lot of work to do in Georgia over the weekend a lot of people still don't have a good read on people rejection it for us is layer Kansas community no they can. That guy from Indiana gel seat once he gets out of the early states. That there are it wasn't a new candidate over the weekend Deval Patrick former governor of Massachusetts on the trail hitting their receipts New Hampshire Nevada Iowa today. What's your read on how he's been received so far work I think out. Underwhelming perhaps and in some of the places he's going you're not seeing a huge enthusiasm people don't know him I he doesn't have a kind of resources to meet consult immediately known. People might know him a bit as of as a friend of Obama's someone that there is gone back a long ways. He his victory in is back in 2006 was seen as a precursor to rock Obama's win. In 2008. Two term governor Massachusetts. He's got to work on his name identification and with the rationale for candidacy is. He's another got its again about the middle you know he's pretty progressive by recent recent standards he is trying to pitch himself a someone they can get things done. As opposed to maybe Elizabeth Warren who was the senator from a state. Al lot of catching up to do he won't be able to use the debate stage to do it there's a big debate on Wednesday meant two days away it's in Atlanta the a democratic primary debate there Tyler Perry studios. These are that ten candidates that have qualified. Joseph Biden Elizabeth Warren fronts and are so what do you be watching Wednesday night Rick this is. Both I would say people who just as big moment in the spotlight also Elizabeth marked the first debate since she released her pay for. Which has been so controversial for her Medicare fraud plot. Yet no question I think this tough questions repeat would Asia as as part of this now the people look at content consider him a real top tier contender. I think it's going to be overshadowed by two things one is the impeachment hearings that we toss and about a moment ago that's going to be. Very much hot a hot topic at that moment these senators drawn away from other parts of their job. And the other is the people not on the stage Deval Patrick also Michael Bloomberg growing indications including a big. A digital ad buy that he is launched its paid for Mike and by Mike Bloomberg twenty twice. In case are you looking for any subtlety he won't be of the debate either even though he's going to be poised to to enter this race any day now. He'll be playing in the digital space and I'm sure impassioned democratic voters will see and hear from them in other ways. But finally speaking of Democrats and Democrats who can win there was a big win for Democrats over the weekend in Louisiana. Most closely watched and particularly significant because of what it signals as part of a pattern in the south. In places that president trump has gotten involved what tea leaves do you see their perhaps for 20/20 it's a sec. Yes they swing and a miss in the deep south and very trump be states now present comes not gonna have a problem when he these states I don't think he's gonna win them very widely Louisiana and Kentucky but when he put himself on the line directly put itself on the balance and egg win orders yes. Louisiana to help provide him we help the Republican get elected to defeat John mill Edwards they wouldn't do it they didn't do it in any both cases you saw relatively moderate Democrat and the point in the case of governor Edward someone had a record to run on. And get in the case of this year some in his father was governor was will pre hire highly respected Kentucky Kentucky. And in both of the races you had a moderate Democrat able to overcome the what you might otherwise think would be the headwinds of a Donald Trump her. And right we got a lot of news to follow big week in politics recline thanks for much unheard of for joining us today to the White House our president trump seems to have had. A change of heart on a possible ban for flavored. The president came out and said he was prepared to ban sales of the product because it concerns about safety and health of children tickle this. He has become a very big businesses I understand it like a giant business integration and period. But we can't allow people get sick we can't have our youth. He's so affected. Very concerns about youth now apparently on hold as the president. Is pulling back on a potential ban. The president here is potentially changing course 'cause if political concerns what what are you hearing. Yet DeVon the president was expected to make this big announcement earlier this month and then he got cold feet the big concerns coming from his campaign manager Brad parts gal and others. He warns the president that this could actually hurt him among his base. There are also concerns that this could result in job losses. 40000 Americans according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics are employed in this making industry in concerned that there could be real job losses if they cracked down. On the anniversary. That obviously DeVon that concern going up against First Lady Milan yet trump and his daughter. A bonk he'll have been campaigning in favor. Of making this change DeVon the White House insists this policy process is not dead they say it's still under consideration. But DeVon as we've been noting it was over two months ago that the president said this announcement was coming very soon. And here we are DeVon. And a familiar pattern Jordan we've seen the president get close to the line on health care talked about releasing the big plan. To help people. They get people covered in health care we've heard in. I talk about a gun safety proposal for schools that was coming he was poised take action and this with the safety of children as Everest conveyed being. Part of a pattern of the president sort of backing off these proposals that may not go over well at his base. Yet DeVon it appears that perhaps dating has gone to this graveyard of disposed of policies. I'm most recently DeVon as you noted we saw the president in the wake of those tragic Dayton now passing shootings call for. Bold and comprehensive. Reform to the nation's background check system. But damn and that has completely faded away and the White House's promise of rolling out a gun proposal. Has simply gone nowhere and has taken an absolute back burner DeVon it appears that this might be going to the same place. Right turn tops of the White House thank you so much for more on the president's reversal on this potential veep being. Flavor draping ban join amber Rose Marie Robertson she's the chief science officer for the American Heart Association also joined by Alex Clark. I sealed the consumer advocates for smoke free alternatives an industry group that supports. These taping devices thank you both to join you for joining us reverence Marie I want to start with you you are a doctor you've looked at these tobacco free products. Armed as stroke by laying out first what what the science tells us about why this our product is so concerning. You know it it is very concerning and and in we were really quite heartened by the president her lady. Move to protect America's children from becoming addicted. You know about ten years ago we can't order Innes who reason combustible cigarettes. That shelter you know about 5%. That there was tremendous public health gains have been absolutely wiped out by the number kids who are now using I. That a combustible cigarette and so they're really in different risk product particularly. The new ones. And you know kids can't beat their best. If their brains are exposed to nicotine nicotine really is and any Horton deterrent to proper brain development. And it makes kids who are likely to become addicted to other products sent to other drugs. Later and airlines. And there was also concerned about the safety some of the products particular the knock off. Products lately the CDC investigating several art show child and teen deaths from the product Alex or want to bring UN. On this is an industry representatives watch. It explain why you don't find a band at least a temporary ban appropriate in this case. Nearly given the dangers that the CDC is investigating wouldn't that be prudent. Well first of all I'm not here to speak on the Indian industry as a as a consumer group. Arm and one of the reasons that we're very concerned about partial ban temporary. It is the company's products being manufactured and sold on the black market and that's precisely the students is looking he's an action with. Illicit CHC cartridges are responsible causing. All the illnesses and in depth and seem. Months. And you've also Taylor talked a little bit Alex about the it the potential for these. Vis vis the smoke free products to. To help adults who are addicted. Being you get their nicotine fix and a healthier way. Absolutely Ed there's little doubt at this point products are are vastly sacred and must tobacco. I am someone who switch to date and after smoking for 21 years I was frankly amazed at how easy was make the switch completely. And millions a lot of people out there are like me in an eastern team. He noted that isn't. As an option about a warning yeah let's bring you and Rose Marie on this a what age she should there be an age limit on on on these products and and wide band the flavor products as opposed to simply. Educate young people on their parents. Well be the effective nicotine on the developing brains critical issue and so. In many places. You know rate to Brecher 21. Limit that words would at least be a step in the right direction. But I think it's important to save bet. Apps and the Al or you know the outbreak it's a terrible angry at 42 deaths and thousands of people expected. Act in ways that we sometimes can't treat even in our best intensive care units are on battle editors. And a lung transplants being done but. It for the outbreak started. We were equally concerned about the long term effects an eight being on children. So it basic you know really we shouldn't try to equate those to keep people are even more concerned because. Yeah and in this at the science is still a bit murky on this we know the CDC still continuing to study. The health effects of these new devices. But a lot up for debate the White House sort of hitting the pause button on this being keen van Alice Clark CEO. Of consumer advocates for smoke free alternatives thank you for joining us Rose Marie Robertson a chief science officer the American Heart Association think you guys for joining this conversation and ABC news live and thinks you all of our viewers. A for jurors hear the briefing room on this Monday afternoon we're here every day 3:30 eastern time 53630. Here on ABC news live on Devin Dwyer and Washington hope to see right back here. Tomorrow.

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{"duration":"28:03","description":"A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows 70% of Americans disapprove of President Trump's actions tied to Ukraine; Sen. Sherrod Brown talks impeachment; president reverses course on e-cigarettes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67116633","title":"New poll shows Americans watching public hearings closely","url":"/Politics/video/poll-shows-americans-watching-public-hearings-closely-67116633"}