New Poll Shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton In Dead Heat

ABC News' Rick Klein and Ryan Struyk break down the latest numbers.
8:02 | 05/23/16

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Transcript for New Poll Shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton In Dead Heat
Hey there on ABC news political director Rick Klein here in our newsroom in Washington joined by our numbers who. The only thing better. Election Day is. Having hot new press ABC news Washington Post poll line in its battle. For all. To kick off the general election let's start with the big numbers the top line this ivory. That's right we've met Robb at. 46% support and Hillary Clinton at 44% support a run in. Just about neck inaccurate returned from primary season and are headed for November but this is a big shift now we've we've seen all along kind of wire to wire and are pulling so far. Hillary Clinton outside the margin error. We an advantage over Donald Trump this is I think an eleven point swing since the last time we poll about a month that that's right if you go back to march. Hillary Clinton went up by nine points at 50% of the vote in a strong position there. And things tables kind of turned in the last few so let's think about what happened you're so one thing we know happened is that the Republican primaries basically ended. But we know the Donald comes going to be in there. Hillary Clinton not so lucky she's built at a primary person of primary contender challenger to contend with right and and that's when we actually start kind of weaving through the numbers here. We're thinking of that kind of having a little bit over the fact that we asked folks. That is a part of in the democratic primary. And Bernie Sanders supporters are still not completely on board 20% of people whose latest report Bernie Sanders are actually going for Donald Trump in the general election if it's a Hillary Clinton massively if it's Clinton front rats with a so let's let's unpack fact is that a big deal but means one out of five Sanders supporters say. We're not gonna support the democratic nominee we're gonna vote on the other side. You think that's I mean is there is a chance at that's right and people saying that that would actually act that way it's too likely at things a little high right now. People who supported Ted crews are John Casey in the primary 11% of them are going for Hillary Clinton and so that's quite a while we're on the play on the other side. And again like you thinking upper Sanders still erased opening up a strong fight still kind of you know and it's the end. His supporters are art stick in my. So another B take away is that you have two candidates souls like an Atlanta. Boxing match you say you know they they just plain don't like each other. The public just plain doesn't like these people. They it's narrowly high unfavorable I think the highest unfavorable for any general election matchup in the history of ABC news Washington Post polling. Going back more than thirty years we've never had. A pair then turns unfavorable as that's right now from thing at a fixed percent unfavorable rating Hillary Clinton at Emory. Well. Very well liked by a majority of America and I was struck Ryan in Hillary Clinton was on one of the Sunday shows yesterday was asked about this particular. About how and be released he's used he said well he's Warren if fully include and I and the watch these numbers and they know. It does suggest that these numbers suggest that you're almost inevitably gonna have a negative campaign. Wire wired you're not gonna turn around those perceptions you just have to show that the other guy is worth and you are right and that and that's the way that Bernie Sanders kind of ran an on this week that. You know the American or you. Voting for the last few evil and and a lot about numbers. So one thing you referenced him Hillary Clinton in the past has been above 50% majority. Supporting her candidacy. One question is qualified for the presidency. There's a big gap in terms of this that in my mind. Makes it extraordinary. That Donald Trump to be leading in this race is we see people about two thirds of people almost say that Hillary Clinton is qualified to president. Well less than half say this and I'll I'll write and think about if it means that people who don't thing but on qualified president. Our thing that don't vote for him in November. But have an interesting dynamic there. Really lopsided. Lopsided numbers and also the those are hard numbers a turnaround is well if someone has decided voters decided this person is not qualify. That's a hard thing to felony your policies you see it reflected in the policy positions as well Hillary Clinton with an engine most of them although notably to my mind. Not the economy and taxes and suggest any developments we talking more about that right exactly bouts from Britain but this man coming Perot. Attack but I can just about everything else. Hillary. OK it's another big picture pointing to take away a lot of Smart polling workers and no lines one of them when you look at these things you'd you'd think art what are the indicators about the general election. One of the surest indicators we've had over over time or history. Has been the approval rating of the incumbent president and the likelihood that your gonna hand off to a president of the same party if simply put if you were in the thirties like George W. Bush was the end of his presidency makes it very hard for any Republicans overcome that. President Obama. And pop in his head about 50% pretty consistently now including and that's all that's the that's a pretty big sign that threatens the fact that Paula around now that Obama and 51%. Favorability which as we're sitting on the president like that. Everything that on the campaign Hillary Clinton at a oh. And President Obama ready at the campaign trail she's going to be a lot more free. After June 7 on the primaries and to allow parents and to be to stumper NG and it does seem like he's chomping the bit to do that it was what he's saying. See he's in a ring now the power of popular presidency there it would maintain these kind of numbers up but that's right one other thing I've been. It's chipped in younger voters and that's all. Helpful but about we got there we have to underline and underscore this point because so much of so much of the Obama and promising to be about this generation that was inspired and we've heard a lot about them a lot of them ended up going for. Mitt Romney after going for Obama four years earlier but right now this is a problem for Hillary Clinton we've got to basically a tie. Among younger voters that's a very heartening to overcome injury democratic candidate I think mine this is tied up in the party. Because he has been the one that's inspired the millennial and he's been the one that's gotten big crowds and Hillary Clinton hasn't done anything. To get people mule is energized about her hand but we've made you know numbers partnership once Bernie people on board. Or or like the problem in the number. So to my mind you this poll sums up to be dynamics right now what is. You go into the general election. Basically. This is a talk right now as it as a national campaign go state by feet you start to see how this plays out to battleground state polling. There on the scene anyone thought recipient automatic ball out. A host wire to wire finish for equipment and not gonna happen if these polls are any indication of the other is. The lingering impacts of this democratic. Hillary Clinton has not been able to put earnings. To the contrary he's out there campaigning when he states he's gonna go out to California couple couple weeks he could win the biggest state shall still be the nominee. But eat means that every second of this first six months of the year will be consumed with this democratic race. Those things she's gonna have to overcome and underscored the importance Hillary Clinton and that you watch themselves in the Democrat. Dining Bernie Sanders from around support the nominee. Ethically. And that makes and if the ports along that's right and biggest question for me Ryan right now is what does Bernie. He's he's bought himself a chip in the where hi Mike what does he do with the fact that he's got these millions of supporters were on board. This is he looking for platform concessions as you looking for some influence over the vice presidential selection over the capital for the kind of policy that you put. What does Bernie want. I'm not even truck talk to some Clinton folks about this. I'm not sure that he knows what he wants right now he's still thinks. I was saying he thinks that he can win this thing I don't know that he can focus on. He and Spain is meanwhile that everything went. Back a little bit about Pittsburgh the primaries June 14 of last on the democratic side and then. You know it all right Ryan struck. For Rick Klein thanks for joining us for fun being here. On a being pulled ladies are fun days on that to chat through it. Click honest next on.

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