Pollster reacts to Trump's State of the Union speech

Frank Luntz says he doesn't think Trump "re-set the narrative."
4:11 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Pollster reacts to Trump's State of the Union speech
And it overnight or friend Frank Luntz a pollster and focus group master. Who join us this afternoon in the briefing room and frank you could sort of set the stage for the speech tonight a huge moment for the president. I think he told Mary Alison me this is his last big chance to reshape the narrative headed into the twenties when he campaign did he do it. I think he gave a very strong speech to I think he reset the narrative no I don't. I think what he said will be seen very positively by conservatives I think what he said will be seen negatively. We'll have no impact in those who opposed to him and there's only three or 4% of Americans are actually undecided. So no I don't need to be changed. I do think that he communicated what he needs you in terms of working together of unity and cooperation and compromise. And as a wordsmith the language that he used for the most part. Was as good as something as I would have recommended that he's. A very positive. Push. For his base but I don't think he won over anyone who wasn't already with him at this point. And Frankie Heyward I think we're gonna play I've done a clip of your focus you're that you had recently ahead of the student union brought together a whole cross section of Americans. Fight your home in Los Angeles for vice news tonight on HBO. It was quite a lively conversation but very telling about the same or politics right now let's take a listen to little bit of that. I really think the shutdowns okay. You re prize. That. People are hungry in Washington and that people are not getting paid and you all think it's okay. I don't think it's okay but I do think it's necessary because we cannot give in to a tantrum. Give a toddler two year old and throwing a tantrum because they get what it wants you don't give in he had no authority to shut down the government for a reason. Nancy Pelosi said Null I'm going to call your shots okay the issue is. Is Nancy Pelosi commenting enact the reason why I didn't get. That's secure until the United States might say this. I don't pickle ball as it is the right solution I do think border security is extremely important. He can continue to shut down over anything that she doesn't get what she walks and that's what this president has shown us that's what concerns me. Server or ten days from another potential government shutdown we didn't hear the president. Take that off the table tonight maybe it's unreasonable to think he would be hot as he goes into this negotiation but. Job. Do you think that hey hey did you think he got the message that we heard there from some of us folksy talk to and that then you'll steer clear here headed into this next. Hi deadline. I listen to that I'd I'm obviously moderated now say that. HBO and vice not only do we have damage here but we had people literally getting up throwing microphones on the ground. Standing their ground against meet with the level of hostility in those people watching tonight. From either side I don't think any of this is going to be positive for them because quite frankly we've become so extreme. And so ugly and so mean and our communication that when a president delivers a speech like he did. And ended in an environment like this I don't take. Has an impact don't think that it lowers the decibel levels and want to make one point here it's I don't know if you views would have noticed because I was in the chamber. How many times Steny Hoyer stood opt. And applauded the president and how few times Nancy Pelosi did exactly the same. In fact quarter was up as much as any other Democrat demonstrating. A willingness to cooperate to compromise to work together. And a lot of the Democrats sat on their hands several leaders certain Republicans. Who were also willing to extend a hand to the Democrats. This is a tough time for this country I do believe it's the right speech at the right time but. That anchors gonna continue. It is who we know you'll be tracking your Frank Luntz great focus for vice news tonight and HBO really great to see hope you come back frank thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Frank Luntz says he doesn't think Trump \"re-set the narrative.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60923212","title":"Pollster reacts to Trump's State of the Union speech","url":"/Politics/video/pollster-reacts-trumps-state-union-speech-60923212"}