Pompeo outlines demands for a new treaty with Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined new demands for Iran after pulling out of the nuclear deal.
2:42 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Pompeo outlines demands for a new treaty with Iran
We're open to new steps would not only our allies and partners but with a run as well but only if Iran is willing to make major changes. President drum said two weeks ago he is ready willing and able to negotiate a new deal. But the deal is not the objective. Our goal is to protect the American people. And you agreement will make sure Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. And will deter deter the regime's maligned behavior in a way that the JC VOA never quite. You know Estes pretty long. But if you take a look at it is a troubled very basic requirements. The link the Melissa simplest scope of the low lying behavior. Abroad. We didn't create the list they did it. From my conversation with the European friends I know that they broadly share these same views. Of what the Iranian regime must do. To gain acceptance in the international community we acknowledge a rants right to defend its people but not its actions which jeopardize world citizens. Also in contrast to the previous administration. We want to include congress as a partner in this process. We want our efforts to have broad support. With the American people and injure or beyond the trump administration. A treaty would be our preferred way to go. We understand that our re imposition of sanctions and the coming pressure campaign on the rating regime will post financial and economic difficulties. For a number of our friends. Indeed it imposes economic challenges to America as well is are markets are businesses. Would love to sell into as well. We want to hear their concerns. Well you know. We will hold those during prohibitive business in Iran to account for two generations the really regime is exacting a heavy troll on its own people and the world. The harder for repression is all the millions of uranium. Has ever known. Now's the time for the supreme leader and you re wishing to summon the courage to do some historically beneficial for its own people. For this ancient and proud nation. Ask the United States our eyes are clear as to the nature of this regime. But her ears are open to what may be possible. Unlike the previous administration we're looking for outcomes the benefit the Iranian people. Not just the regime. If anyone especially those around doubts the president's sincerity or his vision let them look at our diplomacy with North Korea. Our willingness to meet with Kim Jong-un underscores the trump administration's commitment to diplomacy. To help solve the greatest challenges. Even whether our staunchest adversaries.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined new demands for Iran after pulling out of the nuclear deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55326733","title":"Pompeo outlines demands for a new treaty with Iran","url":"/Politics/video/pompeo-outlines-demands-treaty-iran-55326733"}