Pompeo says Trump should give Saudis 'a few more days' after return from trip

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is waiting for facts to unfold in missing journalist mystery for U.S. to determine "appropriate response."
3:49 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Pompeo says Trump should give Saudis 'a few more days' after return from trip
You start things off with that growing crisis over the missing Washington Post columnist. Believed to have been murdered in Turkey. By a Saudi hit squad that we I have faced increasing pressure. On the United States to have a more forceful response the president seems president. To accuse the saudis of the crime and now we are hearing from the secretary of state just moments ago Mike Pompeo saying he's telling the president. The saudis did a few more days let's take a listen. They're there are lots of stories out there about what has happened. Just junk going to allow the process to move forward. While the fact still unfold and as they have told us we'd make a determination for ourselves about what happened there based on the backs that are presented to us. Yes it will determine whether yeah. Popular video from the consulate. Terry Moran is at the White House to break to sell downpours Terry this is a complicated one on the one hand. We have it seems growing accusations that the saudis were involved in this on the other hand there are huge US ally a huge oil producer. And you can see that the White House is kind of hesitant to jump on that. You know it is a nightmare scenario for president drive Diane for precise reasons that you just mentioned on the one hand. He has really changed American foreign policy staged. His Middle Eastern policy on Saudi Arabia and its dynamic young new leader crown prince Mohamed bin Solomon at the same time. If in fact that it as it looks to be the case. Crown prince Mohamed bin Solomon perhaps ordered of people very close to him committed a bus savage murder in a diplomatic mission in another country. He's got to walk a fine line between preserving the relationship and standing up for American values against that kind of brutality. It's very difficult to good spirited secular state Pompeo as report there. He's you're gonna get a few more days. He said he's been told by the Saudi leadership that there will be a current investigation and that senior officials would be held accountable. There's so bored out of Saudi rated some of the other royal princes are saying this guy went too far. That crown prince mom had been some and has been an aggressive reformer. And an aggressive act or in the region starting this war in Yemen that's a humanitarian catastrophe may have worn out his welcome with some of these. Is cousins and Brothers and sisters and that large family. One other note from senator Tom past comments he said that when he went to Turkey and was briefed by the Turkish president he also spoke. With Turkish investigators and they have taken the lead on this so he's getting. Essentially the straight dealt from Turkey as it wore he did not say he met. With Saudi investigation. I know the president has asked for any recordings having to do with this murder video. Or audio. But it's it seems like. There are trying to give the saudis bit more time we even heard Pompeo say he's suggesting that they need a few more days to investigate. It's been two weeks is that reasonable. Well has been to a fiddle at the heat on him for a few days as the Turkish government grew outraged and impatient. As they on unfolded what they believe happened in there which is this murder and dismemberment. The Saudi journalist Jamal harsh OG. They decided to go public with it and that now has brought pressure on the saudis I think they really want that time though. To find a way out however that's going to be to blame as president trump suggested some rogue elements some some rogue general. An interrogation gone wrong which then raises the question where's the body why they've been lying so much. Or if they're gonna have some kind of of shift in power of the revolution in the region that is not likely that they need time and president trump is giving them time all right Terry ran from the White House thanks Terry.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is waiting for facts to unfold in missing journalist mystery for U.S. to determine \"appropriate response.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58588493","title":"Pompeo says Trump should give Saudis 'a few more days' after return from trip","url":"/Politics/video/pompeo-trump-give-saudis-days-return-trip-58588493"}