Portion of President Trump's 2005 federal tax return leaked

"View" co-hosts discuss the gravity of Trump's tax return and whether the leak is a distraction from larger issues in his administration.
5:51 | 03/15/17

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Transcript for Portion of President Trump's 2005 federal tax return leaked
Big saying breaking hot topic last night was the leak you know it was 25. When all five tax return not Rachel Maddow devoted parents Irish onto it and and the White House reader into the ponds not releasing it. During her cell before she's. But what's. What you found out discipline as disappointing. As saying the ending of lost and I disappoint plasma it's disappointing because apart that the Dayton include they only have the 21 pages and my concern was never whether he was paying taxes or not because if legally he can get away with that. I'd ask myself the same thing what I did not do what was in night legal means you know the part that bothers me is the business dealings. And so what you can't find those first two pages is what I think was what they were hiding he Ford there's a theory that his can't eat this. Because it looks like it was fun. And it was like the only line picks out one here we're actually paid taxes well you don't what what struck me as odd is in 2005 he said his net worth was two point seven billion dollars you have to be a horrible business person to only get a 150 million dollars. Of income from that amount of assets to Africa you know I mean I'm not an accountant but it to strike Sydney I'm glad I didn't think Madison. Now it just got back at me if I'm not and I just keep on thinking so where are his assets. Are they in rubles are baby I'm not Kirk surveyed Turkey are they fresh Allen. Watt and Switzerland it what a cat and painted it TUZ that he only made it 15090. Out in mind this is Max you know twelve years ago. Rate at twelve year old tax attracts I mean you really get it you know we didn't pay taxes he bragged about it. Several times turning. All of the debate so this is not I didn't think anything came out of this now we didn't know this yet meals more again like more distractions. From the slight. I don't disasters obamacare replacement. And again trying to sound out if but why that's happened. They claim. And and the possible ties as we as everyone keeps talking about Russia so I sat. Well what is on this is smoke and Maris yeah there's other stuff going on that's warm when I thought. And we ended for now here was it was his effort to try to make that some non story which it to me I also didn't question whether or not he paid taxes or whether or not he is legal loopholes I think he did use from what I can see from what's been shown to be used legal loopholes. But I think there are bigger issues going on right now I think I think you're right I think people are very concerned about their health insurance. People are very concerned about this GOP bill because it's not a good alternative plan in a very disappointed in him if he supports that. And I think people are concerned about the accusations that he made with respect to wiretapping their very serious accusation that he decided to make on Twitter. In a forum that's not appropriate for those are saying now I'm happy to see that he paid taxes and he followed the legal rules from what we see here unhappy to see that the number I don't not I'm not out when are people. A you're talking about tribe voters are starting to see that he I'll do not come all there are plenty of conservatives who I've spoken suit lysine social media who I know members of organizations that are are are. Well founded conservative movements that are very concerns. About him supporting this potential GOP bill and a guy concerns about Republicans. Who aren't standing by there are in paying more public they are they are you have you have heard about nine you have Americans for prosperity you have. Many of talk radio host you have many leaders that we are to hear that from coming out all AI NE also warned video we hear from all I can't we heard from. The big government guy I've been saying map for a long time and he supports of big government plan as he has in the cash and I can hear from all why is he this GOP bill that's that's authored essentially I pulled why did. Isn't big government bill that essentially guts the mandate from Walt Omnicare and raises everyone's profit is certain what accounting doesn't yet. Yet he is not a Democrat and Blake no but. But what they are not getting what they promise the Republicans promise to bring an alternative they promised we can do it. Better we can do this the way I don't know I think you're and a BS you're not honest to bring an alternative that there is and they are not all they said we're gonna repeal repeal a place that he and nice they'd made it may they added that later but that their whole thing was we're let him repealing. The problem here. Is. If you just doing it because it's what's called Obama care. And that's the only reason you're doing it already your samples and did only use. Every want had whipped. We can call Obama Kennedy care what anyone and we've all had issues what we know it does it's not a perfect system but if you can't bring a better system. If you're not bring in something that's want to be better for the people. And the other question I have does what kind of care you basket. Log on to that question because they should have to he's got actually have any. They were forced to take Obama can't remember years ago. I used to say I want what you got what they used to have premium premium three do you can't believe but the care was and then suddenly. They had to get Obama to act and then let alone isn't that we not do what math right. We're not doing had the conservative. Mark would then who does weed it out and sent you wanted to know if Republicans who are supporting this GOP bill we'll have to sign onto exact anyone with with any common sense is looking at this in saint. You told us you're gonna address costs that are I think this is gonna raise my cost even more we're not an addict yeah diet you'll have to they did you Medicare for twelve that's half the crowd. Pet that's ad campaign about everybody and everybody at have to deal with that will say how many they don't wanna raise taxes on the rich alumni even they want to. If they did it this much they can do Medicare and went that he.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"\"View\" co-hosts discuss the gravity of Trump's tax return and whether the leak is a distraction from larger issues in his administration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46149888","title":"Portion of President Trump's 2005 federal tax return leaked","url":"/Politics/video/portion-president-trumps-2005-federal-tax-return-leaked-46149888"}