In post-Mueller world, Trump faces investigations on several fronts

With Mueller's report in the rearview mirror, ABC News' investigations team breaks down the latest in various ongoing probes targeting President Trump and his associates on "The Investigation."
22:02 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for In post-Mueller world, Trump faces investigations on several fronts
Welcome back to the investigation I'm Jan Santee chi along with our senior executive producer Chris blast still were gonna head up to New York State now we've felt all the cases plaguing president trump to the southern district New York gotten the investigations by first looking into Michael Cullen the president's longtime. Personal attorney and fix or he's in jail now but. ST and why they are still working hard let's bring in ABC's Matt mosque and Matt eight you know we were working together on this to growing story line of January 20 2017. The. President's inaugural. There are a number of foreign officials for an. I guess you would call them business tycoons some of them with Russia ties. And we know that they were interviewed we know several of them who were interviewed during the Muller investigation whose names don't appear in the Muller report. And so that is sort of the first in a series of clues that. Who leads us to believe. The I'm southern district of New York is taking a closer look at the way foreign money rolled into the inaugural accounts and what was that or is it to get access what do what would be the per people are giving money so the get a seat at the table right well the one case that we. Do you know about involves a fellow named Sam Patton who was. And industry an attorney and a sort of middleman who. But tickets in his own name. And then gave them to a Russian businessman to attend the inaugural events or some of them didn't want to be there they wanted their pictures taken with the president and at events. But there was actually quite a lot more money involved and we don't know what the totals are but we do know through subpoenas. That. That the US attorney's office wants to take a look at that. And that they were also looking at on the this up not just the inaugural celebration itself com. But to these VIP dinners it happened one being the candlelight dinner at Union Station that was a bigger one. But this more. Intimate affairs the chairman's dinner which was hosted come by the president's longtime friend and the head of the inaugural Tom Barrick. This one was far more in demand very select group people that where the air. And just a lied to from players came into this dinner that the southern districts of. Ian Tim well one of the things that you know that the prosecutors have in their pocket. Or we can assume that they do is that Michael Cohen was very involved in a lot of these arrangements. If Michael Cohen is cooperating to the degree that he has said publicly that he is. There is clearly a roadmap laid out for the fans as to what was going on with. Dinners and events like the one you're talking about above what was what's illegal about them. Well number one you cannot have foreign contributions coming into an American political. I'm committee or into an event like vests and and I think the bigger question would be if there are large dollar figures involved what was the motivation for those foreign nationals to give that money and keeping in mind that. Arab Russia just to name one country is. Under the thumb of American sanctions and once very badly for those to be lifted some of the people that's a very included have actually been personally. Sanctioned by the Treasury Department so. That there are the stakes are very high for a lot of these characters and I am why they would want to be there showing fealty to the newly elected president. I mean I think it's a question that they want to explore. And Matt sticking with the southern district New York but switching gears the other. I'm area they have been looking into for some time is the president's company to Trump Organization we we do know there was a limited. In Jerve that they had with the president's long time I chief financial officer Alan Weiss oberg that headed do we have. The campaign donations Michael Cohen made in relation to the payments to stormy Daniels but. They they still haven't closed the door they are meaning they did does seem to be an ongoing interest into the company by the southern district New York. Yet that's exactly rate and you know the southern district of New York the prosecutors. Often known as a sovereign district of New York they sort of go their own route. In these circumstances they really are like the shark under the surface we we know that they're big and they're dangerous but we don't know exactly what they're doing. And the Trump Organization and John you know this better than almost anybody having covered them really from the beginning. They're not a typical corporate structure they're not a typical American company. What that I think gives rise to and this is I eight I I think we've been told by sources something that the prosecutors are looking at. Is money sloshing around in the Trump Organization and where did it go was it be used for political purposes for the president's. Election campaign was of being used. Four. Tax you know how we're taxes being paid they're just a whole host. I sort of thicket of potential problems when you have money sort of rolling around where they being used for personal use spy. The trump children are by trump himself well how was the money DV GAAP and wasn't accounted for properly. I hope above mapping on the other side what's the predicate for this. I mean isn't it is isn't it a little bit unfair to Donald Trump to does have a prosecutor going with subpoena crazy through a company. Well it's it's hard to make it make an argument really on either side because there's so little that we know but if you assume again. Similar to the questions with the inauguration that Michael Cohen being the president's personal attorney provided any sort of road map of misconduct. As part of his efforts to head move you know whittled time off of his own jail sentence. Then the prosecutors may very well have a predicated in that rev map we just don't now. Okay math tanks and now in our quest to dissect all the investigations that are occurring with Donald Trump from Washington to New York. We are joined now by Aaron could deter ski who basically. News everything you wanna know that goes on in New York. City and state and government and law and legal so. Obviously even this past weekend there was a story. Bowed to reach a bank can suspicious transactions in the New York Times. That's one of them in the investigations going on Aaron. What's going on up here in New York. If there are federal investigations that are centered here there are state investigation centers here and across the river in New Jersey and all of them together. And doesn't fall into which a bank and in many ways because it was the only mainstream thank willing to lend trump any any sizable amount of money. Up but they also involved things like his inauguration. His charitable foundation and so you have the attorney general. Here in New York Letitia James who ran on a platform of opposing Donald Trump. Investigating him on multiple fronts. Some of his tax choices back in the 1990s. And and also. His charitable foundation which government precedes. Letitia James but. Is all but shut down because of that investigation and all that's left is to distribute the assets or they're statue limitations on those investigations are on some there are but not. Really because the the attorney general especially in New York has a broad authority to it to look at. Suspicious transactions and and to place them into today's context so. Their room. They're the it's more an excuse to delve into some of the president's finances. That it may necessarily be. Two because they thought anything was wrong at the time. And some of this quite frankly is happening because of things other people have said that the department of financial services which is sort of the tax regulator and in New York say in the banking regulator. They're taking a look at the insurance company used by the Trump Organization any on one of the biggest insurance brokers in the world. Not because of any suspicion on announced part but because Michael Cohen said that the under oath during his congressional testimony that Donald Trump used to. Wide of the insurance companies when he was arranging his policies. An Erin one of the things as they uninteresting we have for me anyway watching this is that. The wave that all the different investigative bodies of kind of work together. And you know we look at someone like that Trump Organization. Financial officer. Alan Weiss oberg. He first came into contact with law enforcement. Through this state AG's office and ultimately went over to the feds right and that was. All by design that the state had been looking into Donald Trump in various ways. Four years and and that includes not only the attorney general's office but also the Manhattan district attorney's office where trumps headquarters. Of course is so in in the center of the city. They've been looking at some property on Long Island connected to his then campaign boss Paul man a fort so. All of this stuff had been under investigation but once Robert Mueller was named special counsel all of that took a backseat and all of it was basically handed over. Two to the feds and that's how why sobering ended up with a knife to a clause I mean unity deal. Although that may not protect him from everything that the feds are currently investigating an end and John you know better than anybody I mean all of these people have been. Under the gun and under suspicion now for years. And dealer mounting legal fees ceded to go on top of that arm but let let's just talk for second Aaron if we can about. Com about BG's probe. And it and and wearied it kind of is moving here because. It does feel like dad his being on the dole won office in Houston it's been going at them forever mean trump university which diner and really happened during the campaign but it's kept on going. But the big thing with the New York State AG is dead it is pardon proof from ultra bright and ends that's being one of the frustrations I think for a 44 that the president's campus as even if he is. To issue pardons to certain figures think Paul man a fort there there has been a he decided effort in the New York State Legislature to make sure. Then there could be charges brought locally. They're very David that you know the Paul man afford is done what the feds what drops an indictment from the Manhattan district attorney's office so Paul metaphor could be in the cross hairs. In a 43 years to come and Democrats in the New York State Legislature. But revised state law. To try and make sure that extra protections over and above double jeopardy standards that apply everywhere. Were removed we've trumpet in mind and they want to make sure that there is some pardon insurance in New York. For a for figures associated. With with the president the attorney general's office in particular is taking a look bad. Immigrants who work at the trump golf club in west Chester north of New York City. They're taking a look at the foundation that case is all but done they've just been arguing over how to distribute the assets that remain. And any time. That the president. Takes an official actions. The attorney general's office is usually first in line. Trying to block it in court whether that's it's immigration or. Asylum seekers environmental policy. And none of that has stopped. Is there though way talk to terrier or through a talk from Hamas to isn't there. Isn't it may be a little bit unfair to Donald Trump that all these investigative bodies are winnowing through every. Did you you're of his tax returns in his life and without really. A predicate of a crime. It's been the source of frustration for sure and I think the the authorities would say that there has never been another president quite like Donald Trump who's had the entanglements business wise. That Donald Trump has had and so they've never been an appeal. What Bill Clinton do had been a politician his whole well and we could invest here Whitewater Whitewater in the whole bit that said. The the excuse all along is that these investigators are piling on so you have the state investigators passing the defense in the Fed's pass it back can now cross the river in New Jersey they're taking a look at inaugural spending. But only if money raised in New Jersey from like Woody Johnson the owner the jets who was named the ambassador to the UK. And is that going to amount to anything. Maybe but in the end it's just right in America I'm going. And at the end of the day we seem to think that the president campy and I didn't. Right so so then you're gonna have people out there wondering what the hell's going on you know I mean and so we're gonna spend all this money and do all this investigating that may be what do they do indict him when he leaves office in the I've been told that that the notion that federal prosecutors either in Manhattan or in Brooklyn both of which have open cases involving the trump inaugural and other matters. The notion that they're going to be standing. You know when when the helicopter takes off with an indictment it is hand to Donald Trump at the end his is probably a bit farfetched. It's certainly possible though that that. Those in the trump orbit and get charged may be bit players or or more might what we would think of this more minor figures people. That he probably doesn't think of his minor figures but but different fundraisers or or different people who who were involved. But I think it's it's also. The these investigations surface. Any president going forward now is not going to be able to escape this kind of scrutiny especially if they ever had a business war. Saying where where you know finances could get crisscrossed and who. You know the other person obviously mentioned a lot of these New York cases is Jared Kushner and his family's business and he's not immune from a in the presidential. Protection or anything. Do who is that the attorney general's office that's investigating like his 665 avenue and his deals there is that what the is that the officer during the attorney general's office has looked out of the feds have been looking at it in there at their main concern is the foreign sources of of money that came in tune to. The Kushner companies. And whether any of that money. Was used for undue influence but it's really hard to prove. Money here was promised for one thing in exchange for something else and some of it he is. It just kinda look sketchy when the he sees the portfolio that Jared Kushner has been given especially in the Middle East. And to know where some of the source of a funding came from for his skyscraper in Fifth Avenue but. In the end you know the authorities have been looking for a long time and and no case has been brought. He Erin before we leave I'm just curious and I don't mean assumption on this one but. The ease the ear someone he knew you work in that he's sort of playing the referee calling the shots and all of this because. If you think about the last month and a half in particular of two months really. As you mentioned in amana for stomach the Fed's. Manhattan Diego's Adam you see. How wide in New York State AG's going we saw. In the New York State Legislature they passed and a law that would allow a congressional committee. To go and get tax returns. For example for Donald Trump. Is the of one character Kyle like how we see Nancy Pelosi and the leadership in congress deal or Katrina committees they're pretty plays nice to each other. Is there someone in New York trying to do that I think fee. Only person that had that that specific role John was Robert Mueller because they all had these cases. That they basically put up on the shelves. And then gave all the boxes to Mueller to play within an Muller gave them back and so now they're they're able to go through and in bring these cases some of which. No pre date. Trump's candidacy even but for the most part. They're all four stood to work together and I think it's. It's notable there's an absence of a breath three I guess when it comes to the feds it's ultimately. The the attorney general's office that's going to decide whether these local prosecutors' offices and in Manhattan or Brooklyn are going to be able to bring. A federal case against any trumped figure or trump related entity. And that may be the the president's best hope of avoiding any legal entanglement in the future. All right well thank Q Aaron contreras K thanks Chris Johnston. Thanks for joining us today please be sure to have subscribed and leave us a rating things were producers Trevor Hastings anomaly returned ski. And for my colleagues Johnson Tucci Trish turner Terry Moran Catherine folders and Matt mosque and of course earned deter ski. We're going to be taking Memorial Day weekend off. And we'll see you back here on June 4 for another episode and then owner of that important holiday we'd like to leave you with a clip. From a three hour Memorial Day special that your hosting Aaron and what can you tell us about it. This is called America remembers. And it is meant to pay tribute to not only fallen service members but the families that are left behind and you'll hear stories. Of the young widows widowed much too soon whose whose husbands went off to war for the United States recently in and did not come back but you'll also hear. About one of our own a former fighter pilot and an ABC news contributor named Rosemary mariner who helped us. Understand military affairs and investigate in some cases military affairs so we thought it would be fitting. For you to hear from our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz telling my colleague Terry. Holding her about former fighter pilot and ABC news contributor rose during our. Rosemary mariner was a lot of things captain in the navy the military's first female tactical pilot. And crusading advocate for equal rights in the service paving the way for the first women to fly combat missions limit. Not in the military because. There was this epiphany when day of equal rights. When there in the military because they were needed she was a part of our family here at ABC as a military analyst you tell him from the very beginning that we have to separate you because you can't get along with each other and then put them in the work environment. The place to learn to work together is not in her. The advanced schools where network environments it's act from day one in basic training. Mariner was also a wife a mother a teacher. And to ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz I'm very good friend. There's really no woman I admire more than ten Rosemary or. Who is more inspirational. To me as both a friend and someone I couldn't worshipped professionally for what she did. The daughter of a military pilot growing up in the shadow of naval your station Miramar. Flying was in mariners blood Rosemary was obsessed flying in a specially growing up in San Diego she'd see all those military jets passing overhead. She got her pilot's license. I think their first fight was when she was seventeen. And she was washing airplanes to try to earn money. To learn how to fly a and she was. Determined to keep trying and ended up in the military in the very first class of navy female. Aviators and she became the first the baby's first female. Tactical jet heartland but that wasn't enough for her what it comes down to quite simply is Rosemary. Was not allowed to sign combat even though she was the first time navy female. Dark tactical jet pilot. So she was training mend to going to combat. So that again is what. Rosemary thought this is not equal because we are not taking equal risks we are flying airplanes in the same way we're doing what they do but we are not allowed to use those skills. To flight combat missions not only did she paved the way for herself. In this business. She helped a lot of female aviators she wanted to make sure those young women did not have to go. Through what she went through and here's what she did about a she would say. That. Men were worried because they didn't think. Women could fly. But later on they were worried because they realized they could. And every time you look at this an objective fashion and he studied the performance of both men and women from the GAO's an army research institute. The conclusion is that if it's working very well and both performance of men and women is enhanced so. It was a competition. She never wanted it to be competition she was she wanted equality. She she often said look I'm not fighting for women's rights. I'm fighting for equality I love what she said was when she was asked if women were physically able. To be combat pilots and she sat what did she say a machine gun. Is the great equalizer. And I think she said. I think she said setting a machine gun and an air train desecrating collide section and and again there's no more there is no more macho profession. Then being. A fighter pilot mariner beetle lot of things but cancer was one opponent she couldn't overcome she died earlier this year at the age of 65. But she broke ground even at her funeral not just because it was a data remember Rosemary and think of her but to have the first. All female navy flyover. At her funeral doing the missing man or in this case missy. Information. Rosemary mariner was an original my service the navy has a history of disagreeing with the part of life. She will be next. When do.

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{"duration":"22:02","description":"With Mueller's report in the rearview mirror, ABC News' investigations team breaks down the latest in various ongoing probes targeting President Trump and his associates on \"The Investigation.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63182801","title":"In post-Mueller world, Trump faces investigations on several fronts","url":"/Politics/video/post-mueller-world-trump-faces-investigations-fronts-63182801"}