Post-State of the Union Breakdown: The State of President Obama's Message

ABC News' political experts Rick Klein and Jeff Zeleny analyze the president's address and the Republican response.
18:38 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for Post-State of the Union Breakdown: The State of President Obama's Message
Hello when I'm down Cutler and New York it is an it and Washington fresh off last night's State of the Union Address speaker of the house John Boehner. And other GOP leadership Colin the president's message. Let's listen it. It's they're the wrong priorities. And grow in Washington's bureaucracy here instead of helping to grow our economy and helping to grow opportunities for middle class families. There's a better way. Now we need to fix our broken tax through a balance our budget. Replace that broken health care law was solutions that lower cost. And protect jobs. Veto threats in fantasyland proposals from the White House will not distract the people's house from the people's priorities. Another a priority is protecting the the United States and our allies overseas. That's what I've invited prime minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu. To address a joint session of congress on the grave. Threats of radical Islam and of the threat that Iran poses. It's an hour to the Middle East but frankly world. American. American Israel while we stood together. We've shared cause we have common ideals. And now we must rise to that moment once again. Viable expect. The president's going to send. An authorization of the congress. Expected we will have hearings on that and that we will fact have a hear the debate and a vote at. I did not consult the White House. Congress were to make this decision and so. I don't believe them poking and anyone in the there is a serious threat. Of that exists in the world. And the president last night kind of paper over. And the fact is is that there needs to be a more serious conversation America about how serious a threat this. From radical. Islamic Asia on the Japan. The threat of posed by. I'm I ever hear. Why we'd love to do texture. But he heard the president last night call for raising taxes again. It must raise taxes Islamic emirate of oil rose. A victim some agreement on our reform program taxes. But I do expect it we're gonna. Have hearings on Iran sanctions. Legislation timing yet to beat them. Seems to have maybe that I question about speaker Boehner hi there couldn't make it got it will have to look into that one. But I want to bring in our political director Rick Klein and ABC's senior Washington correspondent jets on able sending mine in Washington John comment. Little bleary eye this morning everyone there it kind of dissecting the president's state of the union speech last night. And moved as you heard right there the house speaker making some response to some of the subjects that were there were touched upon. Requests are with you that first though on speaker means responses right there as brief as it was. First of all an aggressive response in terms of the motion that he made to invite prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of congress it. Seems to me to be pretty much about precedent we know that the president's views on the Iran nuclear crisis in the nuclear negotiations quite a different. And the Republicans in congress and the prime minister so that in itself as a response. And that it more probably on the policy well speaker Boehner knows that a lot of the message from last night's speech was aimed directly at his Republican majority. There was no reference whatsoever of the fact that Republicans control capital hell that was not the focus of the president's speech as a lot of Republicans bristling in the response I think. There they were probably a little more critical on balance than normal in responding to that speech because there was not much there that they viewed as offering olive branches. It's a jet let me ask you what do you make of that the speaker indicating that an authorization for military use military force wouldn't affect me much opposition. We'll to and that's the key question here I mean so many people across Capitol Hill the house and the senate have been waiting for the White House to lead the way here. And put forward on paper a piece of legislation. Two. Haven't authorization of military force there is bipartisan support for no question but there's also a bipartisan opposition. So this is one of those areas so we could see the left the liberal left which is very opposed to authorizing any new type of military strategy. I'm coming together with the right who believe it's not. Perhaps enough it's it. It's not as aggressive as it needs to be and they could bring this down but at least. This discussion will have a fair hearing a robust debate and both senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and speaker John Boehner. Have both given the White House. Reassurances that they believe that they can move forward on an what's called an AUN that. The authorization of use of military force against nicest and again we've not heard. This or have this kind of debate in a long time really since 9/11 because congress at that point past eight and eighty on math. Very quickly to authorize broad. I'm military force but now members of congress on both sides believe. A new authorization of force is necessary because the fight against vices is so so different so yes there's bipartisan support. But also some opposition. That's looking forward to some potential resolutions as a potential work that has to be down there in Washington. But I wanna talk about last night's it of the union address as far as the issues that were discussed and that were outlined by the president last night Ricky posted. And analysis are here Is saying if I the president change his Matra from yes we can to yes we did. How so. The argument that he's making now that the economy is turned a corner that we've actually done the things that we set out to do. And I think it was a return to Iowa Obama maybe even Boston Democratic National Convention to -- for Obama in offering up that hope. And talking to a country that hasn't felt the economic recovery until relatively recently. Has it felt like he's delivered on the promise making this affirmative case I think he was more explicit and he's been. In saying look we stood for things we got things done and now we can turn the page. Others love to say they turn the page but that was that the central point in his argument is that this is an inflection point this is a turning point this is a point that we can look back it's eight. We did some big things and now we can move forward and I do think Dan. If you like President Obama you loved that speech if you don't like him you don't know what planet the guy has been on the last couple years because there was no recognition. Of the fact that his party just got dropped two months ago this is a divided. They'll remember half the country roughly in our latest poll thinks he's doing their job he was speaking to that half much more than and a almost half the feels like he's not good job. Such yet turning the page and then honest new pages richt has been put in out there there was quiet qualities goals that were sent out last night. If that's a pretty bold Vito threats against some possible legislation here's what he said. We can't put the security of families at risk by taking way their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on Wall Street. We're re fighting past battles on immigration when we've got to fix. A broken system. And if a bill comes to mind does the tries to do any of these things I will feature what. Gayssot Jeff. That tone pretty stark of some items they were somewhat aggressive there we surprised by that kind of movement. Not surprised Auld enemy richt talk rightly about yes we can. Yes I did and now this was no you don't he was warning them he was warning this Republican congress not to try. And repeal Obama care not to try. In past Keystone Pipeline not to try. And not fund his immigration plan because he's going to veto them this is a defiant president a president on offense. Rick is absolutely right if you happen to be sleeping since the midterm elections and suddenly. Have too new to the speechless you might wonder what's going on here didn't just lose an election but this is a strategy the White House is doing on purpose to try. And galvanize support of their plans overall and try and put Republicans a bit. In. In a tough position by not being able to explain their positions now with the one thing that was clear from the mid term elections wasn't Republican policies that were supported by the people people were just stick of the president wanted to send him a message so we. Are actually kind of right now in a bit of I'm. Return to the beginning here about the future if I'm them if you will a dysfunctional. Congress Washington of course that Republican congress is not going to approve. Any of those domestic plants but the president is still out there east wind Idaho right now he's going to. Sell that message all week long he believes that the public is on his side hitters so a lot of posturing and not a lot will get done this year again. Any EU title losing elections the president pointed out last night throw a little better shape of the Republicans who had applauded his line of saint he has no more campaigns in fact saying. Yes in fact he won the two. That being said Rick nobody gets your wrist you get your take on the GOP response the newly elected senator Johnny earns from Iowa of their did the party play it safe or they go big in a statement. I think the message with C I think it with a bit of a gamble to give it to someone who. Has has little experience on the national stage is julliard she's only been senator for a couple of weeks yes she is known very much nationally but she hasn't had any moments like this really. I think those camouflage shoes Evers were assemble I think her very presence the United States senate as a combat veteran. We knew we knew the tissue gross national prominence on the strength of and add about hot castration no referenced any of that last night so I think the party views her as a symbolically and substantively important figure we've seen people fail in that role quite frankly I'm again it was suggesting that today about Joni arts I think she probably gave in on memorable speech which is about what you want to do just don't screw it up. About them that's that the that can be what is the criteria out they're chipped in ten minutes there a lot of the talking points that were acquitted him now what was the main focus though. The main focus of us senator hurts it says speech was basically showing that Republicans are perhaps not the repulse. Not Republican Party that you think they are so were more diverse party she used her self as an example first woman to be ever elected to the US senate from Iowa the first. But combat veteran who's the woman in the US cents or she was trying to show that Republicans are diverse party. But beyond that there were not many specifics at all and in fact and one very interest it during the reckon I've been talking about all morning long. They're actually couple different Republican responses there is the English response. There was Saab also a Spanish language response that was given by a Republican congressman. One different thing in that she did not make any reference to immigration at all. In the Spanish language response there was a call for some type of immigration overhaul that was very very interest in swear actually get into the bottom of that why it was in one and not the other so that was a big take way from last night but. The Republican response was not actually a response to the president's point by point by point. Speech it was done in advance it was basically just a set of talking points principles for the Republican Party wants to take the country in this new congress. Art went up this because that a lot of the points that were brought up last night and a Republican response there are being dissected and looked over today. But what is trending most about is the senator's speech is this clip. We were raised to Lance simply. Not to waste. It was a lesson my mother taught me every rainy morning. UC growing up. I had only one good pair issues. So on rainy school days my mom had slipped plastic bread bags over them to keep them dry. Aren't I have to ask you about this that and it can sometimes as if it's typical to issue want to share some of yourself. To make it relative to the rest of the audience did it work. Also kindred and I have heard senator Ernst says that before that was actually a monster of hers on the campaign trail in Iowa she said it again and again and again and actually. It it may work there it's unclear if it works on a national message not she's only 44 years old so it's not like she was a child of the depression. And we're talking you know nineteen it's. Seventies here when all of us were born and so it's not exactly harking back to an all time but I talked to one of her advisors a late last night. And they said you know you all can make fun of this be cynical journalists if you want to be you know you can a post things on on faced token and whatnot people are making fun. They said that that it's the comment of hers that resonated the most in focus groups throughout the campaigns that was not just a thrown in line that was a well tested line that people say sounds authentic. Of course is not the only politician to attract Harken back to for more hardscrabble roots we heard vice president Joseph Biden say that. Constantly as he's been running over the years about it how hardy had it. In Scranton Pennsylvania so it's just a time honored tradition of a politician trying to and say how far they've come to message of opportunity. If I have for a ribbon like this you can do. Rick I ask you about this a because it's always wooten speaking of making that that personal relation. And often times it's sharing the stories of Americans that the president will have an opportunity then to invite Americans either have written to the White House or shared some kind of a personal story. I'm that might reflect the economy that might reflect health care the maverick reflected and it kind of security in the country here. How would you say that the president did in May in in shares some of those personal story some of the success stories. He throughout the entire speech. He did more than I remember previous president's doing it it was almost like individual people were matched up to individuals talking points that was less. Of pure hero identification. Epic you know the captain Sullenberger tight type of people highlight more economic success stories. Regular people reached out the White House as you mention. And I think it's important as part of the president making that turn if he is gonna say. Things are working he wanted to have real people who embody that and I think it was effective in that sense to see their faces instead of the faces lawmakers are just the president. When he's talking about the gains that are being neatly talks about the strongly talks about tight knit families. Those sort of things I think it connects with the viewer at home and when you chop up this speech which happens a lot I think even even more than. You're able to say look this is a person whose story tells the story the president is trying to tell. Oh he's it was a bit of an early morning call for us president Joseph Biden this morning in fact talking specifically about 2016. Not that far off. Appeared on Good Morning America today and sane in fact that he may be considering a run here's but he said. Yes as a chance. But I've made Mon line of about that we have a lot of work to do between now and then there's plenty of time. Look the person who is going there and and secretary Clinton's really competent capable person a friend. The person who is going to be the next pres United States is one's going to be able articulate the clearest vision to the American people we're gonna take the country. Our Rick give me your thoughts on that revelation. Surprising to me it's more explicit than I've seen the vice president be in months about his. Potential run for 2016 let me tell you conversations with Democrats and Republicans around Washington beyond. His name is not coming up in conversations around the presidency. I think that the widespread presumption is that he would not challenge Hillary Clinton so the fact that he said there's there is that chance and keeping his name and an exit eighty for strategic posturing. But clearly vice president wanted people to go away thinking he is in the mix for 2016 even as we all presume Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy and Jeff last that last. Then new day in Washington that's been said by both both sides of the the aisle there how is that the party's push their platforms forward. It is technically a new day in Washington it's a different than my watch we've flip to the F twenty at a particular in the twentieth. But Dan I have to tell you and honesty here today seems pretty much like last week and before. Republicans in the senate at least for moving forward with yet Keystone Pipeline bill the house is doing its thing the president stopped campaigning prop for promoting his message so. Pretty. Similar things right now those differences we're going to see coming up. On. First and foremost probably the first coming together on anything will be on that important foreign policy debate. Of the fight against crisis I think that would signal a new day actually if Republicans come together with the white house on them but other things there is going to be a lot of of of of fencing we saw the president sort of pounding his chest last night we're going to see Republicans during the same thing. Passing some bills that he'll veto once that's cleared out once that's out of their system there could be some agreement on small things but a new day technically an old days definitely. On the books and he's been that being what it is and Rick last that money into the final word than big surprise what was the big stand out from last. I think that he didn't mention the Republican victories at all and he acts the acted as if the election didn't happen and I agree with Jeff was an oversight it was strategic. But I was surprised by that I thought it would be at least a mention of the fact that it was just a mid term election where his party lost and the back to the president. Went off script to make the point to this now Republican congress that he won both of his elections. And that was a poke in Iraq because Republicans view themselves and having won the last two mid term elections all the same and both sides view this as. Having an ad so there was a lot last in my high to my mind of this sort of happy talk that usually populated seated union. This is much more declaration of the liberal principles the President Obama and as I said it a declaration of success and charting a pretty aggressive vision forward. And that will be the final word political director Rick Klein and senior Washington correspondent chips on labels and Washington gentlemen thank you for that as all the ways. Dan thank you you can keep up with the story in real time I download an ABC news happens star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Dan that's our New York.

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