Potential closing of southern border could have huge impact on US

Kristin Dziczek, vice president of economics for the Center for Automotive Research discusses President Trump's threat to close the southern border and the effect that decision could have on the U.S.
29:27 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Potential closing of southern border could have huge impact on US
And yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing here about misuse them. Our Washington great to have you with us a lot to get into today here in DC at around the country keeping our eyes on the southern border we have ABC news contributor for. Homeland Security official Jon Cohen here with us great to have them person our deputy political director. Mary Alice parks here as well we have some 20/20 fund raising numbers to get into a key metric on how some of his democratic candidates are doing. So that is coming up at the big story today is the president's threat to shut down the southern border he says he'll do it by the end of the week in just a short while ago on the Oval Office. He was asked if hill's team still keep good on that promise or if there's anything Mexico can do the whole haven't hold off on that threat here's what he said. New York egyptians are close the border this weekend. What would seek to not close before. Intention known and I'm ready to close at about have to close it. Mexico. As you know as of yesterday has been starting to apprehend a lot of people at their southern border. Coming in from Honduras and Guatemala. And El Salvador and they've. They really apprehending thousands of people. And John shortly after those comments he did sort of suggests that he was seen some action. By Mexico and other countries in response to his threats we'll see if that's enough but DHS officials said today that they have plans on the shelf they can dust off. You've been in the agency how difficult would it be for them to win a week's time pull something off like shutting it completely down. I mean it would be very difficult and with they do have plans on the books but you would it look of closing the border would require extensive interagency effort. People would already have to have been needing from various agencies that have to be thinking about what of the. BBC. Economic implications were the security implications the problem is shutting down the border closing the ports of entry we'll have no impact from a security perspective. Illegal drugs are still gonna get across the border on illegal immigrants are indelicate across the border. What it will do its cause severe economic harm to United States and that's why we don't shut the borders now. And we're gonna get into that the Mary Alice a good part of the still seemed to be politics who were talking about the border just two weeks ago all the sudden here we are again he's pulled the lever. I can't up. Because there's a crisis he says the numbers are reaching dramatic and drastic levels. But politically the president runs the risk of making empty threats that he continues to say that he's willing to take these drastic measures and then does not follow through with that. Where does that leave. Mexico hide yourself out there aren't a problem all these other countries he says he needs to work when it but it doesn't seem like he's working with them on any realistic level. John it's also not clear on that point how the threat of cutting off funding to the northern triangle comp countries. Is gonna help this process in just a year for your. Impress successor period Kirsten Nielsen just came back from those countries and said she brokered a historic compromise. Seems like this would undercut. Exactly no reason why families are fleeing Central American countries is because of the violence that persecution. They're scared that their kids world will be harmed physically so they're fleeing their countries of origin. Then and by cutting off the aid. You you can threaten to make the situation worse and you're right while the numbers are increased over saying last year and the year before even during the Obama administration if you go back 1213 fourteen years. The numbers are still well below. The well over one point two million people apprehended by CB PR Border Patrol each year so the numbers are up. Compared to last year and the year before but they're way down from today the beginning of the petition. 2000 in a reporter Jordan Phelps is over at the White House right now she's been talking to officials there are Sanders did a little by impromptu briefing earlier Jordan. You do get the sense that officials in the west where are scrambling here. In response to the president's tweet threats. And also you've done some reporting that the economic advisors to the president are preparing reports to make sure he's aware of the damage. Economic damage that this could do. Seven to scramble is real I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get answers from White House officials. About how they were planning to roll out this shot down. Of the border but as you saw today we Sarah's statement. For saying the president isn't working on any timeline after the president specifically threatened just four days ago that he would shut down the border this week. And then from the president himself saying he hasn't made that intention no. I that is a huge shift staffing and it shows it intends to back paddle. On this the president surely has been briefed on the major and significant. Economic ramifications at such as sat down would need. I think his council of advisors economic advisors. Are working on reports to show the president what this would mean economically if he were shut down the border. DeVon as we've been reporting out 40% of our produce comes up through Mexico one point six million in trade goes across that border every day. I sewed this what hit American consumers in their pocketbooks almost immediately if he were to follow through city's hottest thing. That there was economic ramifications. Played into that presidents back paddle here. It's John what we see if if they do in fact pulled the trigger shut these things down at the end of the week what security wise we saw them that's the key question because we're already seeing what we will see it because DHS has put inadequate resources at the ports of entry to process people who are. Under an international are legally. Seeking Asylum at the port so where are you seeing if they're not going to the ports they're going to other parts of the border they're crossing the presenting themselves to Border Patrol officers. And in making there so I am Clinton so. All we're going to do is see those numbers increase and we do know that the Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen flew back overnight she was just 24 hours overseas and it. At a big cyber security conference a big deal are right now she certainly is showing some urgency on this the unpredictability the president plane and all this. We asked her predecessor just a couple days ago here in the briefing room about the impact that this a border focus would have on our security. And what she recommended about here's livid of that. You're the third ever Homeland Security secretary since the agency was created. Out shortly after nine elevenths how. How do you rate your current Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen how she doing. You know I think I think she's distracted. I think she's. Distracted by the president to. Is so focused on the southwest corner. And so some of these other I think greater risks to the safety and security of the American people. Don't at least from my perspective get the kind of attention again they deserve. So fair criticism Don. Absolutely it's not the department of immigration is the Department of Homeland Security it's supposed to be focused on terrorism -- be focused on cyber security. It's must be protecting our credit critical infrastructure express be focused on dealing with drugs that are coming into the country that are fueling. You know has been mostly didn't that the largest number of overdose as we've seen enough and a large -- time this department's most senior only focused on the southwest border and on immigration. And I I'm concerned that it's distracting them from her other more vital missions. Some security threats that perhaps are getting an overlook certainly economic risks to this whole policy as well merry ounce. Well it's Anderson this is the president who has prided himself on boosting the American economy he says that he's bringing in jobs. He's figuring out new trade deals he's the one that is. Hoping to ushering in a new era mechanics the staff and so for him to sort of play loose with I'm these big threats and has a lot of people scratching. Huge sector of the economy. Go secret deals with the southern border one point six billion dollars in daily trade I think we have the numbers in the biggest industry. We learned today because of some outspoken groups. Is the auto industry billions and billions of dollars of parts are exported and imported across that southern border. Are we caught up just a short time ago the vice president for the center of automotive research Kristen. G check she is an analyst independent nonpartisan analyst. Who offered a pretty stark warning about what this will do to the auto sector if the president shuts it down tickle us. Well be buried at the auto industry we have a very integrate its I ditching your error. Auto suppliers. In Mexico auto suppliers in the US sending parts and components cross that border everyday in huge quantity so. About 37% of our parts imports come from some of them are really critical arts that are almost every vehicle built in the last. We did Otto which shut down in a week. Within a week. Auto production across the United States would shut down if the borders closed. Yes. Absolutely and we example there where that it happened. I'd much smaller scale so last year there was some apply higher costs higher at west Michigan shut down all or. Production. I'm for outlook we slog it worked out in. And try to re arranged and I was just one Hartman arts at this school most of art from acts out. Some of which are really critical. And have to be you know you can't build a car with only parts her ninety that our sneak a look. Help us stroll down a little bit on that are there are certain border crossings Christian that are more critical than others when it comes to these parts as. Presumably the administration sort of starting to take into account some of the commerce and maybe they could only close some of them. I'm asking you your market where street certainly. It's. It's a theory why foreigners are. Out. Mexico not just Mexico back. I can't bear that many as part of the train or our public over the old that wrote TCU. Borders. Yeah we're looking and it a very widespread. Impact and it wouldn't just be you know there's. You know it's like crossing is there's where it all comes through a poster airing. And finally Christian you have been tweeting about the prospect of a border shut down sparking a recession in this country indeed. Is that in any way overblown could we really be staring down a possible recession from this. We can't quit now recoveries don't die of old age they kind of policy mistakes usury or external actors. And it's my. The auto industry is in every state across the country but it's very concentrated at record issue actress. On US south. Of course participating in the auto industry as well. And yeah it's just so large that it is not due to costs that are at the station. Though green you know. It depends how long it goes on it depends on whether there are some notes. It's buy it there's a Greek ought to shut out of parts imports from exports to out. We XT at recession. This year. And certainly would be an unprecedented move one that a lot of people are watching closely. Including and especially the auto industry in this country can kiss and you check thank you so much for journalists members here. Thank you. And thanks to Jon Cohen as well ABC news can trigger had to run for his expertise in the story. Not gonna end at intention Mary Alice who can keep our eyes the president heads to the border this week as well. And and twice when he candidates contains talk about it I mean he is putting political pressure on Democrats. To counter the table on continues. S immigration. Another big topic on the campaign trail and here in Washington as the president's tweet storm offensive. Against Puerto Rico overnight taking them on again a familiar foe of this president. This time dealing with the disaster relief bill which failed in the senate overnight this is a multi billion dollar relief. Aid package which would have helped out the mid western state suffering from flooding California wildfires and of course the hurricane relief. There were some money in there for Puerto Rico that's the biggest sticking point Mary Alice. It is the food stamps issues we saw on the streets from president trump that. Is sort of the biggest point of contention Democrats say 600 million dollars in the bill is not enough he says the whole thing is too much for Rica. A right to much of her Rico but as a result hurting the rest of the country mean there's a pretty fundamental idea in this country that when natural disaster strikes the federal government's going to you there. And they have in the past normally we see aid packages like there's your signal through congress so VAD admits failed was pretty unbelievable. I'm surprised by the numbers the the president just throwing out about it Renault to fact check I'm they want to. Nothing you know one and that claims the president has been making it is important point out that 9591. Any one billion dollars. Has been spent in Puerto Rico that's actually not true issues grossly inflated. Most calculations show just around ten or eleven billion dollars has been sent spent in recovery from Puerto Rico. Of needy double of that allocated to be rolled out in the next few years. I visit us nowhere near ninety billion the president contains just inflate. Numbers and members of both parties on Capitol Hill today were sounding off on this threat has not only do they have opinions and Puerto Rico but it's holding up. The aid package writ large here's a little bit of what we've been hearing today up on Capitol Hill about this debate. I think he believes it Puerto Rico has been flooded with money. It was filling the money in Puerto Rico without really much of a plan to see house being spent that he thinks that it's just. You know every time turnarounds money from poor -- wrote in the mind was already provided which is disproportionate to the other states affected. States affected. I think this is striving toward the building a compromise from from the southeast. So storm Maria or we've got to fix this I don't mind being generous supporter regarded as going to be some analysis of what generous looks like. I don't quite understand these are Americans and Puerto Rico he thinks the reformers in some foreign country you're you know. There are entitled to a helping hand justice Americans across the board whenever statement. So in the case of Puerto Rico what's the big deal. Anybody important recall that's going to qualify for aimed FEMA. Those laws and in the same for such a long period of time for for dozens of disasters. And there's never any question if you lose an individual qualify. You are eventually going to get the money and them money in the pocket when you start to fiscal year and her runs I don't. That's when my name on a consensus things can place a problem. Now the problem is a lot of Americans are really struggling right now Puerto Rica because the aftermath. A hurricane Maria and joining us now to give. Shed some light and that first hand experience in Puerto Rico is Esther Carl row she's the executive director. Of AM PI a nonprofit social services organization. But in my west Puerto Rico Astor thank you so much for being here. You work a lot of very closely with families on the ground who are still struggling to get on their feet after the hurricane. Ogden Pincus a picture of what the situation is in your community. Both before. The hurricane and in now what what's that experience been like. Well honesty we started helping in the people from pottery like the western coast where Abby is located. We began scenes so many family that had sold dire in. Or how does not revealed in their homes. By. Many of them and and that's I think people are wearing a bit safer area elementary school where the hearing can wasn't that bad. And we feel that these de they have. Thousands up that at least steel searching far help. And I love the eighty not think now we are providing. Hats come through that money that there'll government. That money you see now alert and east Asian tacked on brandy Britton sort that. From day he spent thinks that. Gold act and Florida. Between Puerto recall and they United States act that Wright kept the sense that we are. And they beside it to help they're battle Americana that believe in Puerto Rico. When there are donations. So I'll aren't any nation at gun plenty. Or apple or seven. Hundreds of feet each naturally and not having it as being used in federal money. It's it's it's a great charity act of charity that your organization. Is doing and we know that we've seen some evidence of an online and obviously to be applauded. What role do you think big federal government needs to have though in doing in his supporting the work you're doing specifically. When it comes to food stamps do you see an impact right now because of the underfunding. The expiring funding for food stamps or Puerto Rico. Yes that's America back the weekend to talk to the people they might gate because we work hand and what that mean they're. In their Caminiti. And the debris seemed just recently they reached the buckeye. On their looks damn. Alan. All of us do it deeper bench and some people large and thick deep currents and we had upper and I'm and they've been out. Letting up now that he had to pull out this streets to battle our money. In order to be able to meet. He's a he's not taking exploding today. For the month scenes he got cut from that stance so it is really heating Hari. Are people what is a believe these. Our Al apparently people op birthday lets them cut hadn't been. All of the families it doesn't really get paid by families that are below are taking money aren't that they have a lot of on there. Now available. Even be any Indian people that he only on foot stand for it hurts our Bible. And I thought in my in that people leave them in two. That's what are we have always been unfairly treated in the light the F there not. That they did that today United States residents received. To help people with these Sylvia ladies. And what are we got not every beat that bad acting so all we have been unfairly treated or make any reason Benin. Many here in many other things and now be. And that they think with a look stand. A lot of frustration that there are a lot of frustration up on Capitol Hill essar Carl. Executive director of anti nonprofit social services organization in Puerto Rico thanks so much Esther. For sharing a little bit that firsthand experience right now. A million people marry Alice million Americans 43% of Puerto Ricans are on food stamps and we should note that the Puerto Rican government has had to cut back. On the food stamp distribution because of this funding impasse with congress a lot a lot at stake now. After nearly 3000 Americans died as a result of hurricane you know I think she raises an important point that that is circling around this to me and that's whether or not core Rico is just treated differently. An unfairly and whether or not the response would have been different if there are part of mainland against its. Speaking of being treated unfairly in differently today is national pay equality day or equal pay day if you like. It's a big day around the country to focus on what has been historic gap in pay. Engender in this country women on average earn eighty cents to the dollar men earn. In most of their jobs and today white women white women that's right it's the gap is is much Starker. For women of color to be sure good point Mary Alice. Today little bit a news on this front the house just passed the paycheck fairness act try to close some loopholes from the nineteen. 63 landmark legislation for for closing that gap it's got its decision intractable problem it's going on for a long time. And by some estimates it's it's knocking and he sent soon. But what's been really encouraging I think in my generation is that new era of financial literacy among women in professional women. Women who are sticking together who are trying to talk about these issues and brainstorm ways to fight back in the workplace. They sure have and that brings us to our next guest who is is one of the leading advocates of hate transparency easily master now. As a vice president of global advocate global affairs. At Starbucks one of the 25 companies that today that is out are promoting. This idea of equal PP transparency. As Lehman great to have you with us so good once or are just asking you what Starbucks is doing. It's getting so much attention right now and sort of leading the way to close the pagan. Thank you for having me. It's really important. Opportunity sweetie look at equal payday how we can highlight. Significance. Reached out. What we can in order to overcome it. I'm very exciting asked. To assume. These many lawyers for an act pretty. Around us now shared principles we believe. I free arts companies art against. Gore working to. So what eyes and I understand it Starbucks your organization journey Pepsi Cho Bonnie IKEA. Deloitte other big American names to sort of endorse a list of principles to help close the gap one of them that grabbed my attention was this idea. That your encouraging employees at Starbucks to openly and honestly talk about. Their wages that sort of something that's always been taboo. We are looking at issue for. Eight. Albert. Created us and asked its. Has helped us out at issue and looking at rest practices such as. Encouraging. Our. Or. All of the really or how each. For us to this issue. And exciting. Out working. Is open sourcing these principles and practices. And earnings are sound companies large. We. Can't operate. Were. So what is the first thing that you are telling women especially women of color to do to make sure that they are standing up themselves in the workplace. Ax Asian art had. Worked for. Now Starbucks EC IV. One he's trying to create equitable or race this court. All are. This means and it's like copper how or college to. Be. He is critical Easter. It's. Important to work. Well. That's an ex. We know our taps you in on how. Or were. Apps or you do. On orders. I was and I hope that they'll be containing more research about whether or not having women like yourself in management positions held eliminate the pay gap. How. It's wondered. Out. And unseen. An. Hour. How. Those critically important. Where they understand. How. As in Lima. Asked for now thank you so much from Starbucks and leading the way right now on the trying to close the gender gap I think talking about it. Is obviously a big step forward it's great to see these conversations being had at the very least I would say of those so much more. To be done thanks so much to remind us now from Starbucks and break point stance. Wrap up today here at a briefing room with some 20/20 headlines money matters big time our political reporter tourney republic is here. Money Johnny is flowing in to the democratic coffers and that working some pretty big totals nine fly first quarter disclosed right. And I think this early on and that didn't top dogs yet this early on the process we're always kind of scrambling to see one of those indicators as yet different candidates are doing. We got some new numbers are last couple days and just this morning senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont who won't be obvious in a mile from the twenty succeed campaign. NASA here is eighteen point two million dollars in the first quarter. 2090s the world which is a very it's it's very early but that's that's still an impressive number and it is also impressive to note the number of injured individual donors. To his campaign 520. 5000. Total. Which indicates that he still does have that really engage active fund raising base that's gonna benefit them and keep him well resource. Deep into the scenario you've covered this campaign last go around you said you were a little surprised that that number of them Hume wasn't bigger given has seen his popularity. Must profile and he his team was hoping to reach a million donor mark. All of their. But you know he benefited from this huge list that he had from last go around and he is contained to tap into those previous supporters ask him to get out. Trailing close behind risk all Harris culinary dollars people who jets seven million bright people who judge 79 now. And then that's surely we don't know so well does that number surprise a lot of people specially in comparison. To these numbers because he really did come out does virtually unknown on the national stage. And is really built his profile on that seven million dollars kind of went further credence to the idea that he really is rising in this campaign he rose to a 4% in a recent national poll and know he's definitely someone who's who's also offers from. The person who hasn't begun fundraising neck is now officially an arrest is Joseph Biden we need to mention Joseph Biden because today Mary ounces as members of congress come back under the Helm Nancy Pelosi house speaker. Making some comments today about these allegations about his. Shows of affection toward women does seem that Democrats are sort of high profile Democrats released a short of giving him a pass economists are. I got into plus he seemed so laid on the ballot and she said that he need to pick up a bring attention not disqualifying she's known and and that sentence is caused by Al largely didn't quit to point out the comparison to the president. I was struck by comments from senator me bro Hawaii. Who said. You know he's not a sexual predator she called the president a sexual predator I. I think that Democrats want to be seen as the party that stands by women when ever women feel like they've been disrespect it. And good old uncle Joseph has been that a task bar and. And this does set up a really interest in debate in this democratic armor about what that standard it's. And if there's an end if there is somewhat of a different standard for for the former vice president they you did in our house talk Freddie did see some some allies on capitol kind of come out and say look. We know Joseph Biden we none of for a long time and you know he's going to be judged on his record and the American. If you've most fascinating to hear that. Actually come up in a debate should he announce and join that debate stage in the interest in topic thanks for back eyes and finally we do need to just wrap up today with a bit of history that's been named right now. In Chicago their voting today in a runoff election for Chicago mayor to succeed. Hot Rahm Emanuel is two women two African American women which means. This city the largest American city to where they will become the largest American city to elect a black woman hot as mayor. That there are large. A city in a country either way history gonna be made today. Lauren let me see right there she would also be the city's first gave mayor. And it's it's excite I think firfer sitting it has a large African American population but at city just in general to be able to make history in this way. And a similar robust debate on the issues these two women have gone head to head it's been a really competitive race. And we'll see who comes on top. Now home of the first African American president first African American woman senator Carol Moseley Braun so liberty history. In Illinois today we'll keep and I and there are tell you who the winner is tomorrow remembers her thanks for watching this pretend Jonny Murray else here on Devin Dwyer Washington. Back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time the briefing room up to CNN.

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