Pres. Trump delivers State of the Union amid congressional tensions over the border

President Trump tonight gives his second State of the Union address to the nation, one week after he originally was invited to deliver it but didn't because of the longest-ever government shutdown.
29:52 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Pres. Trump delivers State of the Union amid congressional tensions over the border
Live from the nation's capital from the state of the union. Democratic response are now reporting Devin Dwyer and Mary Alice Paul. It's great to have you with us on the state of the union night this Tuesday night a big moment. Here in the nation. Capital our national tradition a moment to take stock and our politics to seek stock in the state of our communities our homes our families. And also of course the congress and the president Mary else this is a big moment for president Donald Trump. The second time that he's delivering his state of union the first time. He's never been delivered a singing into a divided congress does Democrats are going to be looking on tonight in a big way. Ray tonight will be a striking tableau of divided government as the democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi. Welcomes the president. To her house. The people's house but obviously Democrats took control in November when they won forty seats so the first time the president will be facing a democratic chamber. But interesting the first time any president will face such a diverse. Crowd such a diverse chamber. A historic number of women a 102. Women just in the house alone. 89 of them Democrats only thirteen female Republicans but I'm struck by this two of those 89 democratic women. 42. Women of color we're just expecting such incredible pictures from tonight. That most diverse congress in US history it's really something we were up on Capitol Hill earlier today Mary announced. You could feel the energy in and a lot of this not only in racial diversity general diversity. But we also have diversity in age a striking number of millennial. Members of congress we talk to Alyssa Sloc and of Michigan earlier today she was excited about her first. State of the Union Address a lot of the women tonight are worried whites. In your CY picture right now the president's. SUV his the beast as we call it it gets this. A limousine on steroids it's win outside the South Lawn of the White House to carry the president. Up to Capitol Hill as we were saying a big night for him and her analysis is that they would like this the reason the size matters. I think to president trump is the twenty point campaign officially has begun in fact he's gonna be addressed seen. Half a dozen at least two Democrats in the room tonight who have either declare their candidacies or expected to run. Odd camel a Harris among them she's hosting sort of a preview. Pre bottle to get him. The at a Facebook's speech tonight as well we've seen Bernie Sanders a little bit later he hasn't announced yet but is expected to he'll be delivering a response. And as your C live picture here Statuary Hall this is the entryway to the house chamber UC of course all the media here but also members of congress. They're gassed their special guest tonight pouring into that chamber. And hanging over all of this Mary Alice is the clock ticking down to yet another possible government shut down we have ten days. Of government funding left right now on the clock. A lot of these members we heard from today a lot of our viewers still very much remembered the painful 35 day historical record government shut down. I that the late this student union well tonight the ten days before runs out again is is looming large. This is the president that famously sent while campaigning that he alone could fix problems facing this country and obviously tonight a reminder that. It's really helpful to have congress on board he learn that the hard way with the first government shut down. When Nancy Pelosi and and he went toe to tell over funding for a while you're exactly rank he needs congress. Onboard whether or not they reach a deal or. They send something to the White House congress is gonna have to approve some kind of funding to avoid another government shut down. And just achieved at a White House ties say the president very excited about taking a platform we know he loves to speak in prime time it on his mind. Has to be this number the latest polling from ABC news in the Washington Post. Five that this president is gonna take the podium tonight inside the house chamber. With the lowest approval rating of any American president in modern history at the two year your marketing we have the numbers 37%. Approve of Donald Trump's handle into the presidency 50% disapprove. Remarkably no low number and just take a look at this number meraz who were talking to women tonight the importance of women's issues take a look at his approval among women. A stunning just 27%. Women approve. Of his city job performance right now that senator quite something as he heads into its points when he campaigned our Mary Bruce is up on Capitol Hill she's in Statuary Hall right now joins us live Mary. I set the scene for us what's happened. As we see a rare picture plan up behind you. Well actually read I'm watching but if you see the vice president and the leaders of congress talking and I just spotted Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer ever on coming through Statuary Hall making their way there to the floor of the chamber and as you've been discussing guys this is a theory. Different crowd for the president tonight of course the first time he will be giving his state of the union speaking before a divided congress that the Flores sea of opposition so many. Then of course who are eyeing a presidential run as you mentioned DeVon also of course did that the new generation of Democrats and the president will be speaking before we've been seeing and talking with so many of them today there if it doesn't excitement for many of these new members here of course is their first chance stated to see is stated the union but the president is also facing you know so many of these members that they won in the backlash. Of the mid terms the backlash to his administration it will be so interesting to see how the president. What tone he takes. As he is facing at such a remarkably different crowd you know world is watching the crowd very carefully. During these speeches to see when people are pausing when they're raising their eyebrows the president is used to getting a lot of applause in this speech that is not. Going to be necessarily indicate they think he will still of course here plenty of cheers see plenty of members on their feet. The president should also be bracing for. A fair amount of stony silence as well from so many of these Democrats. Will be fascinating to if any Republicans. Don't apply on. Expected applied lines in Mary you've been talking to senate Republicans who had. A choice words for this president in the last few days over foreign policy and even. Domestic policy with the wall how do you think senate Republicans still going into tonight. It is interesting mass we have been seeing. An increase in pushed back for a lot of senate Republicans. Especially over foreign policy they've been quite vocal in their criticism of the president's. Decision to try and pull troops out of Syria out of Afghanistan. And also you know pushing back on the president and this possibility that he could still declare a national emergency to go around congress and use other military funds to build his border while that is not a popular move here. Among even many Republicans Eddie gets it is bigger sense that this speech tonight really is in many ways sort of the last best chance for the president to hit the reset button. This is the last time he may have to gen. As still low captive audience in a sense because of course 20/20 is getting under way you're seeing these cracks among some Republicans and it is a chance for the president to try and sort of start fresh said a new tone. The question appears though is how long does that last because we've heard this before from the president where you come here to Capitol Hill. Made appeals for unity calls for bipartisanship hit on some of the series or the parties can work together. But as Democrats have been telling me all day even democratic leader Chuck Schumer told me earlier today look essentially the president can't just talk the talk yes to walk the walk in while he's previously need these calls for unity. The question is what happens in the hours after the speech what happens tomorrow morning when he again. Are most likely turn to Twitter. I'm afraid we heard over and over again today from democratic and Republican members Mary Alice and I out there talking to many of them. Deeds not words senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce thank you so much as we see the vice president of the United States out take his place. Up as the president of the United States senate he escorted members of the senate into this house chamber this speech by tradition is held. At Nancy Pelosi is invitation in the house chamber and they are the two. Leaders in line of succession behind president trump should something happen to him. It seated together at the top of the rostrum will be all lies and Nancy Pelosi tonight as she is it'd just about to call the house to order. As people take their seats for this union address Mary Alice as we look at these members following an against it members of the senate coming down the central aisle. I'm pat fascinating to always take a look at their the pals that we do know that there were number of protests. Said dean says stage tonight subtle protest in color choices in in messaging of the pins. That are worn some of them for immigration some of them for women's rights advocacy for victims of sexual assault. Engines and gun not exactly the gun violence. If dean is also very prominent in their receipt quarry broker senator of New Jersey who just announced his presidential campaign last week. Hit. He among those and here we have. Congress and nearly out Omar who made history by changing the rules in the house so that she could Wear her he Jacques. She is a TrailBlazer and add rising star in the Democratic Party. And so continue to watch these members could come in now is that Nancy Pelosi. Doesn't catalysts in the session here and we're counting down to the 9 o'clock eastern start time of the State of the Union Address want to bring in now. One of our preference from 538. Clara Malone joins us she's been taking a look at the numbers. Years past the impact state of the unions can have a presidential approval ratings also. Studied the Nielsen ratings that critics who ocean watching the state of the union tonight let's bring clever once you sweat witness in New York let's start with. With the poll numbers Mary Alice and I just talking about it would president's workers low poll numbers coming into the speech. You've sort of done an analysis here does the state of the union had any impact can it have any impact. On the president's popularity and his approval rating. Well history tells us that it probably isn't gonna have that big of an impact on his approval rating he sees sort of marginal bumps. For a president. Either approve or disapprove after state of the union just erupted for just a second Claire Milan as we see lots picture. President trump now Beauty and the Beast on the South Lawn of the White House for the drive across Pennsylvania Avenue with a wave there. We know that he's been spending and several hours the past couple of days rehearsing the speech with teleprompter and some of his closest aides in the map room at the White House he's. Been carefully crafting this speech was Stephen Miller his closest. Foreign policy advisor domestic policy advisor rather and someone who's in would have a hard line on immigration and we'll have much more to say about immigration that been a central focus of this speech hanging over those discussions but. Let's get back to Clara lawn at 538 Clair you were you were just beginning to tell us that you have looked at the history. And what does that tell us about the impact the state of the union can actually happened a president's poll numbers. Yes the state of the union doesn't have as big an impact as you might think it usually has kind of a negligible Marge animal marginal effect. Something like a political convention speech is must much more likely to see a candidate for president have a bump in approval the state of the union is kind of it's not gonna make all that big of a difference in Tribe's approval rating. Which isn't doing all that well right now yet in. Who normally don't watch it is we've heard yet in the past that any ions can. Can swinging dramatically depending and who's in office is not true. Yes chances are if you're watching the C of the union right now you're more likely to be Republicans. It's usually. Partisans who watch the state of the union so. If it's a Republican president you're gonna have agreed to Republican viewership if you're gonna have a democratic president there can be greater democratic your ship its a little bit of she around the captain of the team sort of of that. That is so interesting Santas hit him and is also just interesting to see these days is right there just sauce and Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts. Who also has announced exploratory committee looking for a run for president right there Houston Gillibrand who has said that she is in for the long haul and running. For president is fascinating that they are all Ari challenging the man sitting in the White House while they sit there in the chamber tonight and watch and deliver this address. Can receive a sea of white out there among these women and a number than tonight's zoo did so in honor of the suffered jets. We saw them taking pictures as a group and and you seriously there. In their station Pearson Gillibrand again but Claire. I give us your prediction tonight to go back to add to what this might mean for president trump. This speech you took a look at what happened last year. He went into the speech. With a decent approval rating in our ABC news Washington Post poll he got a little bit of a bomb by your analysis. But there hasn't always been about for president's command of this. No there hasn't and I'm I'm kind of a united sort of skeptical this tends to think that that he might get a bomb I think he's really he really coming off of a precipitous dive in his approvals and you know I think you know he's he's gonna lay out a lot of policy proposals tonight. We've also found that you know. Oh president's last time the none the policy proposal in the speeches. Within a year a lot of these proposal are passed. So it's it's kind of kind of be his chance to sort of say look I'm hitting the reset button let's talk about unity but we also have this. The be the notion of another shut down kind of looming in the back of everyone's mind so I'm not sure his of Hillary's gonna go after this line. Yeah a lot of people have their opinions. Baked in came in ahead of this speech people dug in in their corners in this country we see that in the polling we hear anecdotally as well Claire Maloney. With 538 think he's so much and as you were alluding to Claire. The you know the issue at the center of this speech really setting the stage forward for this moment in time is the issue of immigration and what's going on and or southern border. It's great to have Maria pretty early here with us again this year you're with us last year. At the hock and out of great to have you back now you are we should say an advocate with forward got US which is a bipartisan. Immigration advocacy group which are also a dreamer and your family is from Peru in you than the country for about ten years now twenty years funnies okay. So as you're watching the speech tonight what are you hoping to hear from president from. Well first not thank you for having me I think it's so crucial to deal to have this conversation ends an uplift the voices of the inhabitants are impacted. You know the reality is that had been living with a ton up and Santee and anxiety since this president took office oath over tears but this time. And I'm really hoping for is for him to call unity for him to call for a bipartisan approach. To fix the issue that leaves and had to put streamers and TPS holders. But I think need to do in a way that doesn't compromise other parts of our immigration system ran makes it can't have all these really back cuts the sound system to illegal immigration and and has to be some minutes permanent became to see some in its temporary or a deal that he offers fast. Is only towards awfully tough going in the first place that's you see him do in the past. We talked to some numbers on that conference committee and a bipartisan committee that's charged with figuring out. How to fund the government specifically how to fund the Department of Homeland Security. There was talk that he might reach agreement that would include some pathway for dreamers who get antitrust status when you're talking about. Others are saying that's just to thank for this company Disney. When you think are you expecting. That committee to in the next few weeks to address them dreamers are are you prepared at that might be pretty narrow scope of. You know I think that congress needs to try and whenever there's an opportunity and space for them to try to find a permanent solution to these wonderful communities at the end of the day. But their reality is also that the past year as we've seen and variety of different attempts and I'm still standing here with UTU. Without permanent protections you know my my current act expires and honoring here. Click add I don't know what's gonna happen come January 16 when it's funny if I'm going to be look to continue working and I'm gonna have to move out of my apartment command and I'll lose my ability to drive. In their reality is that this for a number of years now I've been living with us that the guarantee. So the posse years and even today it's kind of this an emotional roller coaster. See what the president's gonna say is seen Lamar succumbed gonna say they're really put in the bond their quarter. And waiting for the president and members of congress to reach an agreement and passed from an. Protection we are freely take you so much for coming and we know you're sticking around Sweden hear from you get your perspectives on the tail end as well as we see now a live picture of Lindsey Graham talking with Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leader we also. Saw there that most of the members are now entering into the chamber we're getting closer to that 9 o'clock start time. For the state of the union want to get a little bit of a different perspective now on the immigration issue as we head into tonight with that expected to be a significant portion of president trumps. Second State of the Union Address and I want to go now live to antelope wells' New Mexico. But what we're joined by Chris Massey he's a farmer. Of dent in the town for since the 1940s as family has been there since the 1940s and forms alfalfa Bermuda grass among other things. And has seen an experience firsthand the issue of illegal immigration at the border. Chris great to see you thank you for joining us here on ABC news live. As you await the president tonight what are you it was expecting what are you hoping to hear from him. We'll let you are an opportunity. You guys tonight. I appreciate and don't tonight I'd like see. President drop come out with a concrete plan. Step by step what he wants to do how he's doing it right congressman's and it worked together with them. To address these issues that we have on your own order on these issues are serious and we need help in we'd like to see president trump and members of congress can work together. To come up with a bipartisan solution to fix these problems we're dealing with daily here. And where do you stand on the idea on a wall is that must have in your mind. In my opinion yes I I don't know that necessarily be a wall and past abuse physical barrier slows down the or impedes the illegal immigrants we are being over run down here in our little area Hidalgo. There are catching me any me any large groups a hundred or more people and it's overwhelming our system down here. And we're finding out that the people coming across they tend to be more aggressive now. And we're you'll give Whitney her home invasions more picker stolen more B vehicles stolen different things like and there needs to be a solution it needs to be a bipartisan solution but more bipartisanship. Everybody's got to come to the table. You can't just be president trump trying everybody has to try to. Chris Massey joining us from analog books in Mexico we appreciate your perspective Chris we know you're gonna stand by. And join us after the speech for some reaction as well think he's so much for that meanwhile guys. I would just seeing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gavel and now this is the joint session of congress we see the vice president speaking. Getting ready now to attitude to welcome the president into the chamber and again. Seeing the gas stream into the upper operatic tears there of the house chamber we saw. A jury Kushner. And during an among others in the trump family also some of the special guests at the White House is invited in coup including a six greater Joshua trump. Who is not related to the president but the White House says has been bullied because of his name will be interesting to see how he's reference. And we're just learning now to some breaking news that the White House has indicated who they are designated survivor is the brand remember that from cabinet that will not be in the chamber to Rick. Perry. The energy secretary he is not in attendance tonight. If god forbid the worst case scenario happened. And so we world know that Rick Perry will be standing by. Apparent reason there is a much discussion about this today denim is because so many members of the president's cabinet not yet confirmed by the senate. I'm really could I number and those serving an acting capacity. And gotten made them not eligible to be the designated successor. And it really goes to show just how much this president still needs. This cheap or both chambers he needs a senate to get on board and confirm. His nominee is so that he can have a seeded full cabinet this year. And we're just learning the president's motorcade has arrived at the United States capitals are expecting him many any moment now they received Tiffany trump. The president's youngest daughter who has spent on quite a bit out of the spotlight since graduating from business school but there she is. We're along with Lara trump who is had enough to trump campaign and we are happy. To be joined now by the king of co state of the union color Rick Klein who has covered many state of the union and ABC news political director. Rick give us your big picture take on what you were watching for tonight and geneticist. Sort of lost some of the novelty of the first state of the union for Donald Trump the excitement everywhere he was sort of hoping to see what he would do in the chamber. Good right now we you know we kinda know what we're getting with Donald Trump and so I think this or that sort of rubbed off but what do you watching for tonight to see me this distinctive. We're at the mid term and you can't start over when you're halfway through your charm and there's no member of congress in the chamber that's gonna hear those calls for bipartisan is part of bipartisanship and unity is not okay this is trop okay we get enough eve you're not gonna buy it before you're not gonna start buying it now and in most members of the public in the same way people meet up their minds about president front. That doesn't mean he can't start a new conversation that doesn't mean you can't turn over a new leaf. But it does mean that there's there's a limited ban with you have in terms of how you're able to define yourself to the American people and to the congress we are in a moment right now we just came off the longest shot sounding in the history of the United States. We're only ten days away from another potential shutdown. We know that the bipartisanship. Doesn't really lasts beyond anything like this and I don't think there's going to be much hope for that beyond that. But for indications of how the president sets him mop suit that sets itself up for these next two years. And that his next political year in addition to all those. Those those white suits and pants suits out there the women the female members of congress you've got up media dozen members of congress want a president themselves and in some ways. This is the start of that 28 when he campaign season. And looks like we're getting ready renounce the next wave of out of gas into the house chamber here. Rick here and walk us through we're still waiting this of members of the Supreme Court the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who may be coming here does look like. All the members of the house and the senate who were in attendance are have taken their seats and we should say there are some that it decided to boycott again this year some Democrats and so to boycott the speech yeah. In look at a couple years ago that the weeds of bipartisanship in the pretrial Daryn menu we're gonna bring a member of congress from the other side of the aisle to be remembered that Iraq Syria and I guess the Democrats and Republicans might eyes right now sitting together right here now is here resist. That's right and members who ran and why on the democratic side in pure our opposition summon even ran talking. That that were talking about impeachment I mean. This is in part a pretty hostile crop yeah it's a totally different congress is different demographically it's different terms of gender balance and is different in terms of attitude you have. L so many members of congress many of them very young. In their for the first time that are now taking stock of the present some of the we're going to be in the same room with the president for the first time tonight and I'm curious what their facial expressions are like I think. Nancy Pelosi looming over the chamber both literally and figuratively over president from shoulder that's a different dynamic. And of course the congress that she now leads that's only really begun the oversight the scrutiny. The new phase of this trump presidency that really is not gone on the president he hasn't been forced to confront that. In part as a consequence of the shutdown. So much of the story today's assays going to be around the president as we are seeing here camel Harris of California who is just announced it. Our bid for the presidency herself talking to a member of the joint chief chiefs to separate could see who that was but interesting tonight Rick. And Mary Alice region of the speech is going to be forty to 50% are on foreign policy according to the White House. I'm struck by those general seated there we just heard. Today from general hotel lifted the general that leads cent com who said he was asked in the senate hearing had he been consulted by the president. Before president trump. Pulled out of Syria and he said no I have not. Looks like we didn't Medina announced the members of the Supreme Court who were in attendance tonight was he Chief Justice John Roberts. And the truth justice is that president from appointed to the bench wreck happened on making his first hidden appearance. You force it's there and the only sort of liberal member of the court if you will communicate in there a lot of speculation or ridicule we have been talking earlier in the week about justice Ginsburg. She's she's office not here tonight. It was who were spotted in public yesterday. PI and and I think in the lack of attendance will be will be notable of course is a requirement tremors the Supreme Court to attend that sometimes and a controversial thing attendance and non attendance but she's not there tonight. As we. Await the president we do not the Supreme Court members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the room as well and girls told C you spent that we did in the afternoon talking about talking with and about some of the gas that are up about that the cameras are focused on right now. There are a lot of everyday Americans that have been invited in in that part idea at the chamber. Rent is a longstanding tradition members of both the house and the senate inviting people from their districts. They're represented issues that they're concerned about I talked today to a transgender need the veteran. From New Hampshire other congressmen they are really concerned about the president's. No decision to limit than the participation transgender. Men and women in the military talk to another one and from Michigan just outside Flint whose advocating against. Water contamination in her home talent. These are these kinds of issues that people are grappling with every single day back home and members used tonight as a way to make a political statement. And so much ha. Of what these justices you're seeing here in the Supreme Court want to avoid tonight is being part of political statements. Or making political statements it's always fun to watch them keep a straight face of course they will not stand in a hundred at any point in the night. But Rick they also have a full to talk about politics in the Supreme Court full docket. A big issues headed their way Dhaka the United States census potentially. Robert Mueller related challenges all ahead of the court just this term. And in so many of those have to do directly with decisions the president trump and his administration have made. If we forget sometimes and in the blur of news in the truck are. How much he is challenge the other institutions to respond to him how much his dominated politics utterly and completely. And two years. And here comes First Lady Maloney a trumpet to the chamber usually it's a very warm reception. I would expect to present to you not to prove he best. Initiative with syphilis and to be appointed. The first leaving some of applause from them. We just saw no one seeking millions of a couple of look for gas has won blond bond nuisance suits and it's hand I have no way to consume them on the end on the right day cameras to see. We've had isn't mentioned earlier Joshua trumped up from Wilmington Delaware you can a lot of buzz today on lying he. Is a little six greater who was bullied. Apparently because of his neat he's not lead to the trunk handling but I would imagine tonight the president. Perhaps a little richly speed he's someone who likes to bully. People on Twitter is expected to call out to the bullying and this child and and give not to the first lady's initiative. Well that's been such a big part of what she's hoping her legacy will be fighting blank fighting cyber bullying. But while they're at that wide shot you really see all those women. Those women in white honored honoring this this momentous moment history that we are saying a 102. Women. They are just in the house alone another 25. Female senators a historic number we've never had so many. I looks a little bit more like America out we're talking about earlier this is historic and that and that's part of what makes nice passing. And Rick as we see the entry of the president's cabinet here Mike Pompeo secretary of state students and then the Treasury Secretary coming in. I've talked to some of the democratic response tonight it's sort of an unconventional pick will be carrying that here and ABC news live in the president wraps. If it's someone that doesn't have political office right now but an enduring interest in figure in the politics of the past. Last year Stacey Abrams a few months ago lost her bid to become Georgia governor closer than a lot of people thought but still she does not currently hold office and to give this response. She is an African American woman should in the first governor of any state to be an African American woman. And it speaks to the wave at the party wants to communicate with the American people about how the party has changed it is changing. To find someone that the party still considers to be rising star even if she doesn't have a title before her name. So the interest and you hear from her we will hear from her we'll have continued analysis from the entire. ABC news team after that we will be back here for a full half hour of coverage extent a coverage including began checking in. With our guests from around the country we'll hear from people plugged in a community health centers. On the border members of immigrant families we'll have them for you here and ABC news live including your full ABC news political team. We're just getting ready for president trump to enter the chamber and George Stephanopoulos in the ABC news in the eight team were taken away. Are right now here at ABC news live stay with us we'll be back on the other side commercial free here on ABC news live we'll see you very soon.

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