Pres. Trump to hold first rally since attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings

Rima Imad Fadlallah, host of the "Dearborn Girls" podcast, discusses how Pres. Trump's divisive attacks are playing in Michigan communities.
6:58 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Pres. Trump to hold first rally since attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings
Now for different perspective on this I want to bring in Johnny republic again talk a little bit more about how the president himself. Has been talking about to book the democratic debate and easier or racist allegations in the sickle attorney at the president's tweet as he heads out to Ohio. This afternoon he said the democratic Karen feel last night he said he watched the stage last that the people on stage last night work. Not those. Who will make America great again he said or keep America Grady senator country known as breaking records in almost every category in the stock markets and military unemployment we're prosperity and success like never before. And he goes on to say were respected around the world I'll keep it that way I'll never let you down we will only grow bigger better. And stronger together which sort of was surprising to me because take a look at this picture. This is someone that he ran against and beat. And Tony sixteen Hillary Clinton. Lets her campaign slogan stronger to get infected the title of her book and if so the president there actually craving for Hillary and taking her. Our slogan tunnels. Who fled as a moderate legislator but is anybody buying now I don't think the irony is lost on many now minority communities nobody in the culture and no it's not but I think you also see the president's repair what has fundamental art. You meant that he is sometimes tries to make it doesn't always stay on message about which is the economy. And I think you have Democrats who agree that yes the economy is doing well but I think what you heard in that debate yesterday. In where the different visions for how these different democratic candidates oh wanna move the country it's not necessarily about say changing. The approach an economy that much for some candidates for Tenet like Joseph Biden. But it's about returning to sort of and Dieter sense of normalcy appeared Joseph Biden or you know towards a more grassroots progressive change if you're Bernie Sanders or or Elizabeth. Yeah values based proposition values based arguments rent to continue this conversation want to bring in someone. From Dearborn Michigan. A community that we visited over the past couple a days when we're out in Michigan for the Detroit Rima a monster dog law. Is the host of the die Dearborn girls podcast is coming to us from New York. I she lives in Dearborn and does lead to podcasts of their -- great to see you want it's your. Our reaction. To the political discourse right now sort of a counterpoint to what we heard from that voter outside the Cincinnati venue where president trump tonight. Now how were the president's divisive race based attacks his rhetoric how's that plane and a community like yours in the Hart Michigan. Pants I think. But Connor played as a write in I listened very closely what Nancy with bang and I think one thing that we do have in common is that. We are tired of candidates who have an anti platform you know we look at a platform we almost assume that. 70% of it is. You know up for grabs not really anything that we can expect them to deliver on an and that's something that my communities specifically. Continues to be tired of Menino you visited Dearborn yesterday and I was watching closely and I may. You mentioned that people rolled her eyes when you ask any kind of push. About Trump's comments and asked them to give their feedback and I think. There was a slight reference application of what that means often times and people rolled their eyes you probably assume that there they just don't feel like talking about male or. They don't have much to say and that's partially true we don't feel like talking about it sometimes because we're living had its something that were hyper aware of it something that. Really does inform our data day the beauty of a community like Dearborn is that we're very insular and so becomes easy for us to feel. This false sense of safety and that people around us look like us and understand us but at the same time there's a juxtaposition. With. Our hyper awareness of how this country views us were very aware I grew up extremely aware of the fact that. On a national level Islam phobia anti Arab sense Medina phobia are things that are all at play and when we roll our eyes I think it's because we're so used by our voice is not being at the table we're so used for the mics that are being held. When people are discussing issues that uniquely affect our community. And so and we think about treats like go back home. I mean. And I mention this before I think. My favorite parts about this country were built on the backs of black people specifically. And minorities immigrants my community the community of immigrants we brought amazing things for the city of Dearborn the city of Dearborn. I am I am not don't call me on the exact number but I think it. Around 86%. Private sector that would be the case without my community me in a candidate when we immigrated we really bolster the economy. And that's just not something that's being told them when we think things led go back home if you don't like it do something about it we are doing something about it and that's just not really a fair narrative. To its SA. Yet it did Dearborn community we should remind everybody is the largest Arab American community in the country right in the heart of Michigan critical stage. In our point one election and no stranger to a lot of this divisive debate on the I'm sure you do many of our viewers remember back in 2012 the Terry Jones. Burning Koran controversy really put you guys on the map in the spotlight at that point as well sort of caught a lot of Dearborn residents off guard at that time why are you coming here why are you making this into. Such a big issue how does it make you feel when you hear the president fueling this discourse in how do you cope. As a community that seems to be getting on just fine very successful wonderful people when we visited there. How how do you cope with the with the climate that is what is right now. I think some of which you showed and that's what is you know our businesses are booming we really love being around each other we love. Pouring back into our people that probably cope and and you know I'm not a mother. Hopefully I plan to be a mother one day how I cope as I wanna educate my children I want them to be better I want them to be global citizens and see. They're position in the world as the love other people and so for other people I think. Trump has really found his niece and like Nancy fed has made small group of people feel very important and and the difference so you know my community has as yet to feel that way and that's why. We aren't really cynically engage on a national level the way that we should be the difference between trump making a community like whatever community you know. Some people like Nancy feel very. Special on M plant is that he does so at the expense of the livelihood in the safety of other people. Whereas other candidates that would bat. You know we would hope would records I was wouldn't be doing so at the expense of other people they might not be agreeable but they're not challenging the safety and the livelihood of other community that I think it's very easy to forget that when he. When you don't have to think about those things everyday and sometimes we roll our dive because. We're we're just we're tired of talking we'd rather do. And you shouldn't have to be forced to defend your community and every turn from something like that coming from the White House that is no question read them on from Walla. A horse that Dearborn girls podcast in Dearborn Michigan really appreciate your timing and your viewpoint Roemer appreciate you hope to have you back thank you.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Rima Imad Fadlallah, host of the \"Dearborn Girls\" podcast, discusses how Pres. Trump's divisive attacks are playing in Michigan communities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64718429","title":"Pres. Trump to hold first rally since attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings","url":"/Politics/video/pres-trump-hold-rally-attacks-rep-elijah-cummings-64718429"}