Pres. Trump reacts to missing journalist, Sen. Warren's DNA announcement

President Trump sends Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia; Trump says he will not issue an apology to Sen. Warren for doubting her Native American heritage.
3:45 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Pres. Trump reacts to missing journalist, Sen. Warren's DNA announcement
And I went over to Karen Travers is at the White House now. President has. Spokane quite a few times now about to makah show he's disappearance were looking at some video of him now in Florida. In the storm zone of the Karen I wanna start. With with. That could show the issue is there any reaction to the White House right now to these new reports that there may be some evidence that he was killed. They are not able. Not yet Diane that yesterday the president spoke to the Saudi king king Salman. As at Molly just mentioned and afterwards he told reporters that the king denying any knowledge of anything happening. The press yesterday on the South Lawn told reporters that perhaps it was rogue killers who were behind this and really interesting phrase especially with that reporting they came out hours later that perhaps this was an interrogation. That went. Very badly the president did not expand on that later but of course. He did send his secretary of state might pump hired to the region to start pushing officials there in Saudi Arabia and it's expected also that he'll travel to Turkey. And is say they have to get to the bottom of this that's the president keeps saying they want to get to the bottom of this he once know what happened. The president has said many die and Diane he's not happy with this this is not a good thing. No definitely not at all. I want to shift gears also though senator Elizabeth Warren is now also sparring with the president getting into the headlines she ticket DNA test to prove. Her native American Heritage we know the president has called her Pocahontas sort of mocking her. Firfer talking about this heritage but it seems like her plan to prove him wrong seems to be back buying a little bit. It's like you try and I get down in the mud with president trump and you're gonna get very least see that happen with politicians from his own party and from Democrats Lowe of Warren announced. That she had taken as DNA test and that it proved that she did have native American Heritage. Going back Motley six to ten generations the president and that's about as a couple times yesterday at first he said who cares the initial response and then later he was pushed on whether or not he would make good then let's see India pledged to donate to charity. If Elizabeth Warren could prove that she had that background he said it would the second and who we'd be if they were in a debate together they were on stains if he could do the DNA test himself personally. Nancy said yesterday he's not going to be doing that but he did say though that. He thinks Elizabeth Warren owes an apology to Americans because he says she misled the public. Question was do you Elizabeth Warren apology for all of the attacks on her that she now says were unfounded he is not going to be issuing a apology. Narrate and Karen. They're just looking at some video the president and the First Lady in the storms on a president has praised the federal response. What are your for the white house on the the president yesterday was down in Florida and Georgia today get a first hand look at the devastation and damage down there and Diane all of the officials he met with no surprise we're saying that they were very happy with the work the federal government is done with the support FEMA and other agencies have given to state and local officials. The president took an hour long aerial tour of some of the areas England in Florida that took a lot of damage as well as the coast along the panhandle. As you're walking through that need Brady see the president there in lenient in Florida just this street that was devastated. By the winds there from Harry king Michael. I ask the president what struck him the most and an aerial tour and as he was walking through this neighborhood any said that. He was very tough for him personally to see this but the picture is in the video don't do it justice to see it firsthand. He does realize the scope and immense devastation down there in Florida he sends getting a long process but the federal government there to help. Certainly seems that weary Karen Travers from the White House Karen thank you.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"President Trump sends Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia; Trump says he will not issue an apology to Sen. Warren for doubting her Native American heritage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58535690","title":"Pres. Trump reacts to missing journalist, Sen. Warren's DNA announcement","url":"/Politics/video/pres-trump-reacts-missing-journalist-sen-warrens-dna-58535690"}