President Biden addresses nation about American Families Plan

Kindercare CEO Tom Wyatt and Paid Family Leave for All Director Dawn Huckelbridge discuss education and child care costs in President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion plan.
5:35 | 04/29/21

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Transcript for President Biden addresses nation about American Families Plan
So in a way out his one point eight trillion dollar plan for American families president Biden promised help for struggling parents by doing two things offering. Paid fan we leave. And child care assistance paid for by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans and corporations and we shed and joining us now discuss this. I Don uncle bridge who's the director of paid leave for all and Tom Wyatt CEO of kiddie care education. Thanks very much for being where this and Tom let me start with you let's take a listen first to what the president is promising on this topic. American families plan will provide access to quality affordable child care. Guarantee. Registration guaranteed. That low and middle income families. Who pay no more than 7%. Of their income. For high quality care for children up to the age of five. Most hard pressed working families. Won't have suspended time. A that's the promise to them all what do we know about the impact that might have on children and parents. Who may have left the workforce if the president the Democrats and get this past. To ensure you've earned there's been over two million women who have left the work force is simply wrong and take care of their kids. We need to have the ability come back to work and went to present bottoms who proposed last night accessibility to quality. Uneasy keywords but quality early childhood education is key to that so excited and encouraged by his Woertz. And don't president Biden also mentioned in his speech last night that the US is the only industrialized country without a paid leave program I lived in. In the United Kingdom for why was remarkable that paid leave up to a year. Paid leave for some people for those of us who haven't actually been involved in this fight can you explain. Why that's the case in the United States well where's the resistance to this idea come from. Did a great question and and because that is one of the most widely supported policies in this country and we did some polling recently. And over 90% of voters want to see hate family medical leave in a comprehensive plan health and science. We did his brother regatta senate battlegrounds or the most competitive congressional distracts you talk to small businesses we talked supermajority is an average political party and this is a no brainer this is common sons it's good for business it's good for her family hands. And and descendants it's good for the caregivers in the women have been percent of the workforce. So I think this is. Adds is that we're we're the only industrialized countries I'll go a little further rear one of the only country and the world. Without any from a national Handley youths and the pandemic put this into relief clear focus. I'll bet this. It's time our time has come on we can no longer wait. Well then finally leave proposals Don have. Bandage used by Democrats every year since 2013 and they've gone nowhere at all so do you think this is the year now. It is absolutely Aaron I'm and I think it's easy you know we did we talk a lot about us. Issues that are seen as just or partially impacting women in low income workers. Women of color. And that's the perhaps are not seen and I uncertain and mainstream front summer but I think it's and I made it clear that does not excuse. That we need a black women in the workforce that every single one of us will need to give them. And received care in our lifetimes and we need to how these common sense protections in place to protect all of us. I'm so this is something that is affordable and blacks who can no longer afford not to ask families lose 22 and a half billion dollars a year. Because of the last thirteen lead in this country. I was at this time is now. Everytime let me go to back to you on on child care I've seen some conservatives are policy. Wonks and and intellectuals say that direct payments to family. Our families are really what what middle class and working class Americans are looking for and that paid child care is it is almost an antique. Family policy from their perspective or at least is not the wonder most preferred by people that it's really something for more professional more affluent. Families how do you answer that. My. There's really two pieces is that one isn't as you know partly planned them the American recovery plan. Lunch two enhanced C tax credit. For children and Alison how may. Chalk it more accessible. So that's one of the partisan. You program the block grant has been in place are many many years decades actually. That takes care of children families who are compromise economically and that hasn't worked extremely well and work through the system. Do the states. And now K in my family so I insanity that. The process of pulling the studio our movement. Is standpoint for the middle income families and the and then the block grant were that is going on has continued to be increase each year. Are very very good mechanisms swore supporting families and give them access to quality child. This is it part of this ambitious program the president Biden is led out and very popular. With the American people those two issues in particular as you pointed out Tom why Don Hogg overs thanks very much for being with us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Kindercare CEO Tom Wyatt and Paid Family Leave for All Director Dawn Huckelbridge discuss education and child care costs in President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77403889","title":"President Biden addresses nation about American Families Plan","url":"/Politics/video/president-biden-addresses-nation-american-families-plan-77403889"}