President Biden gives update on vaccines

He would like 70% of U.S. adults to have at least one dose by July 4.
16:36 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for President Biden gives update on vaccines
Hi everyone I'm Diane miss Saito president Biden is now speaking about the pandemic and the state of vaccinations in the US let's listen. If this country back closer to normal. The first world war well as everyone knows I promise that we administer hundred minute shots in my first hundred days. After Ameritech goal we doubled it to a historic 200 brilliant shots. By the time we reached a hundred days in last week. Great shatter that mark of over 220 million shots and arms. As we stand here today almost 150 million Americans have gotten at least one shot. Over a 105 million Americans are fully vaccinated. None were most vulnerable population relations seniors bring myriad of 85%. From those who have gotten their first shot. 70% of the seniors are now fully vaccinated. It's are dramatic turnaround from where we were in January. Less than 2% of adults and less than 1% of seniors are fully vaccinated. Only that cases are down in forty states these past two weeks. Deaths are down dramatically since January. Down over 80% among seniors. Which includes a drop among Hispanics have 80%. To more African Americans of 70% change. For tens of thousand Americans alive today because. Who would not be alive otherwise were they not had access to rapid vaccination program. Moms and dads sisters and Brothers Graham turns neighbors are old friends. Are around now pending god thank god for that. Now where to go from here as well as we anticipated to paces of vaccinations slowing. Not a majority of American adults have already gotten their first shot. But we're still lacks many millions of Americans every day contract the last ten days. One out of every ten adult Americans got a shot. Bossone we'll have reached the adults who are most eager to get vaccinated. At that point this sectoral shifts. To a new phase. Which is what I want to talk about today. Our new phase will focus on three areas first. Kids children reaching the age is twelve and fifteen years of age. They're not yet eligible for a vaccine. The FDA scientists are currently reviewing the data decided it should win authorize that it turns for vaccinations. The FDA. And the FDA along won't make that decision today. I want American parents to know. That if that announcement comes we are ready to move immediately. Immediately move to make about 20000 pharmacy sites across the country. Rating and vaccinated those adolescents as soon as the FDA grants it's okay. Most Americans have a vaccination site about as close as their houses near to a neighbor's school. We're also gruesome facts these directly to move to pediatricians. Should some soon to pediatricians during the following weeks so parents. And their children. Can talk to their family doctor about. And get to shop from home rider they trust the most easy fast and free. In addition teams are on the move this summer they can get their first shot in one place in the second shot elsewhere. We know that adolescents are at risk from crow in nineteen. Most serious illness at that age range is rare. That can still get sick and spread the virus to others. So my hope visited in the vaccine is authorized. Parents will take advantage of it and get your kids vaccinated. The second area of focus it is making it more convenient. For every morning at a vaccine. We know that many adults have not been vaccinated because they have founded too confusing and too difficult to you can lead to get a shot. So for those having trouble finding a location are making an informant. We're gonna make it easier never. We have formally launched a simple web site where you can find the vaccination locations. Closest to you. That site it is vaccines is not. The city and vaccines dot go. Go there now. Final location he gets a shot and make an appointment. Also today for if you prefer texting we have another easy way to get the shot. Text your your zip code to the following number 438829. Your zip code to that number 43. Eating tuna. And you get text fax two location that is nearest you went back sees his stock right then there. Yes he can text your zip code right now. A 43882. Don and get text back within minutes. To place its nearest to you to get a vaccination that are available immediately. So send us your kids your grandkids your friends who have not been vaccinated yet. I know some people find making an appointment plan and advancing comedian. So starting this week. We're also going to direct all federal pharmacy partners to begin to provide walk in hours. Do so be able to get vaccinated without an appointment. And the vast majority of our 40000 pharmacy locations across the country. We're also encouraged in our state and local partners. To have a walk in ability is Weldon decides that they are. I'm beginning next week will be shipping the new allocations of vaccine to rural health clinics. Getting more vaccines to more rural clinics all Americans. Who don't live near one us 75000. Vaccination sites. We'll have new options that may be closer may be closer than anything they thought. We know that vaccination rates are lower in rural areas and that's why are going to get vaccines closer than ever to rural residents. Also. As we wind down large mass vaccination sites. We will move towards smaller locations. Even more convenient. To the unvaccinated. So. For those who don't want to drive the distance to a large vaccinations side we'll have sites smaller sites closer to the unvaccinated. I'm the first 100 days our goal will be to make it possible for people come. And get vaccinated. Tens of will succeed beyond anyone's expectations I believe. Now we're gonna have to bring the vaccine in people who are less eager. So we also know that there are millions Americans you just need a little bit of encouragement he gets a shot. I recently called on. Employers do their part. Why are free and paid time off for employees. Get vaccinated. And nobody know for tax credit program that reimburses the businesses. For the cost of commuting employees time off to your vaccinated. I don't want to thank the 1000 businesses that have stepped up so far. We're also gonna roll out of new partnerships with the business community. We're working it would major businesses like grocery stores to provide special deals like discounts to shoppers. Who come to the stores to get vaccinated. News works both ways to bring him to get vaccinated when there is no give discounts to purchase goods at the united store. Further work through a major support slaves to launch special promotions from her friends. Things like ticket giveaways. In stadium vaccination programs. Discounts on merchandise. And other creative ways to make it easier and more fun to get vaccinated. I'm making a sound more fun to get vaccinated. But it doesn't hurt to be vaccinated and I must and it's fun. How different it would have other things available besides. Being protected from the Meyer's fury Pete. Free to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit vaccines dot com dot go back sees dot com or text to. Here's his take your zip code 243882943. To 82 not. Walk in your local former C without an appointment. Go to the doctor or local health clinic it's free it's nearby. Every adult who's eligible. You know go get a shot as soon as you can. The third area who are focuses Americans who still aren't sure they want to get vaccinated. We've seen the confidence in vaccines rise steadily these past few months among virtually every segment of the population. And as more and more Americans see their friends and family get vaccinated. They're making the situation to get vaccinated themselves. Democrats or Republicans progressives conservatives people of all persuasions are getting vaccinated. In fact the fact is that nearly 85%. Of seniors have had at least one vaccination shot. And a wide cross section in the nation trusted Maxi regardless of race or ideology. Now. We need to make to same progress from frozen under 65 years of age. There are a lot of younger people especially those 122 surgeons who believe they don't need it. All I want to be absolutely clear you do need to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated not only protect you and also reduce the risk that you give the flyers to somebody else. He could save your life. For the lives of people you love. We're still losing hundreds of Americans under 65 years from arrangement every week. And many Morgan teachers trio from long stretches of time. Look even if your chance to even get your chance in getting seriously old slow. Why take the risk when you have a say freeing can be way to prevent. Additionally. We know that some people may need more information to decide whether to get the vaccine. There is now plenty of information for people to do their homework. Within nearly 150 Americans living had and defect and 150 million Americans and women have gotten the vaccine. Talk to someone you trust like your position where your pharmacist. Or people who already been vaccinated. Talk to your face is sure others in your community trust. Look to those people to help answer your questions. I want to be clear. Hussein this a long time but I really believe that this is not a Democrat. Or Republican issue. Science behind the vaccines. Has been an honor and a problem for decades. To our vaccines are authorized under prior administrations Republican administrations. My administration and democratic administrations doing the work together hundreds of millions of shots and arms. While we may not always a green energy. This is one thing people across political spectrum can agree. So I want to thank prominent conservatives like Mitch McConnell. And a large group of Republican members of congress who have a who medical training who have advanced getting vaccinated. I also want to thank the 105 million Americans. Of every background who are fully protected. From one of the deadliest pandemic send our history. No there's a lot of misinformation out there but it is one factor I want every American. People who are not fully vaccinated can still die every day from coal for nineteen. Look at the folks in your community have gotten vaccinated. And getting back to would be no lives are full lives. Look at the grand parents. United was her grandchildren friends getting together. This is your choice. This life and death. And I hope everyone knows within themselves. It makes a choice that won't ask for help them and their loved ones be safe. Get our business is open again if you get us back to normal. Again. Next to lose. Our focus is going to be in three groups. Kids between twelve and fifteen are waiting to potential us TO authorization you can shop. Two adults who have had trouble locating a place to get a shot or who just haven't gotten around doing. Three those who need more who can convince him being consistent necessity again next. As we turn to this new phase we're also said he knew goal. To launch from today. Too much and it cameras across the country are gonna celebrate the fourth of July. Our goal by July forest managed to have 70%. About don't Americas from least one shot. And a 116. Million Americans fully vaccinated. That reason human close to a hundred room and shots. Some the first shots other second shots over the next sixty days. Of course Americans whose slogan shots after July 4 but no mention wade. Missed trying to hit that 70% market. At least with one shot before that day. Sooner huge goal. And as you may remember. We're initially focused on getting enough vaccines. For every adult. What we did that we have enough vaccines. Now that we have the vaccine supply her focus on community even more Americans to show up. And get the vaccine that is available to them. If we succeed in this effort as we did the last ten Americans who have taken a serious step towards a return to normal. That's July force. What we're not there yet. That's why I'm asking people to continue to follow CCD guy who CDC guidelines. As we were to get more and more people vaccinated. And to clear any confusion. The good news is so last week the CDC said the vaccinated people do not need to remove massed outside. Unless there are very crowded cities like a sporting event. Every can continue to drive vaccinations up. Thank caseloads found we'll meet our masking them less and less. I know take time to get everyone back to everything back to normal. No we're all running have to be patient one. Mask and needlessly divide this country. Masked teens. As directed as a patriotic duty. But so to just treat each other's respective patients. One final point. As I said in my address to congress last week. Congress is going to be don't know the arsenal for fighting cove and my team. Just like your from the arsenal for democracy and more true. Not only because of what kept us safe because. That's who we are. Horror for already committed to work to send sixty million doses and AstraZeneca vaccine to other countries. Starting this month and ended June. That means of all the vaccines we produced for the United States at that time. Will have given about 10% to the rest of the world. This is significant humanitarian commitment in addition our funding of Kovacs. And I have more to say about that soon. Our conclude this. The light the end of the tunnel is an action or greater and greater. So Americans have sacrificed and served to make this progress possible showing the best of who we are as a people. We need you we need to bring home. Get vaccinated. In two months let's celebrate our independence as a nation and independents whose virus. We can do this we will do this. Thank you all and may god bless you Minkow protect our troops thank you.

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