President Carter Meets the Reagans

The president is all smiles as Ronald and Nancy Reagan visit their future home on Nov. 20, 1980.
2:24 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for President Carter Meets the Reagans
The last time they met they were opposing candidates debating and disagreeing about almost everything. Today however Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan met again in the office with mr. Carter has now lost but mr. Reagan has won and this time this time everything was different. We have two reports on both your parents and the substance of the passage of power first White House correspondent Sam Donaldson. -- -- the White House South Lawn -- they grow the president elect and mrs. Reagan to be met by James harassed and dorm. Not the most impressive -- welcome. But it turned out those was intended. Even as the reagans were going to -- the Jimmy Carter's arrived and pushed them back out for a full picture section. The problems of the president noted for his punctuality was timing governor Reagan had been a full minute early. From there the women went into the mansion for -- and pastries and a tour. The man walked to the Oval Office to talk alone for an hour and twenty minutes and later to meet reporters. Mrs. Carter's absence attributed to a -- up on the part of Press Secretary Jody Powell. You've got a very. And you all and very productive. Reagan. Some of -- issues that I -- Be shared with him -- -- And heard about him on inauguration day but I'm very grateful. Governor Reagan numbers. -- electric home very. -- -- -- my vision. He had been more gracious. And his people regard to this transition there's certainly. It could -- wanted to -- and. Then the reagans were gone. Walking in a crowd of cameras and reporters. The media technicians -- ahead to get my shot. Pennsylvania Avenue black dog for a -- White House -- Across the street back to their doctors placed government guest house. The next -- to appear was visiting west German chancellor Helmut Schmidt getting his courtesy call in early. For Ronald Reagan it has been another day of stepping toward power -- Jimmy Carter as he left for Camp David another day of stepping away from. Sam Donaldson ABC news the White House.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"The president is all smiles as Ronald and Nancy Reagan visit their future home on Nov. 20, 1980.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17832471","title":"President Carter Meets the Reagans","url":"/Politics/video/president-carter-meets-reagans-17832471"}