President-elect Trump to Settle Trump University Lawsuit

Settlement up to $25 million could resolve three suits.
3:28 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for President-elect Trump to Settle Trump University Lawsuit
Some news broke that. Trump is nearing a settlement and the trump university fraud lawsuit he wouldn't you would agree to pay between twenty point five million and admit no wrong doing. So why wouldn't pay the money if there's no wrong doing because he wants to get it all away and and what he doesn't you know usually he would put tracked this keep his solid early. He has other stuff to be thinking about apparently. And now. The judge said this I'm not giving you another postponement you have to you gotta get this. Yet so he's an all out dog just panning get everybody off my back you know it's interesting because he'd. They'd at a time that he did and that's what I'm assuming they advertise that you know that you make money if you've got graduated trump university so this is how they're making money. Yeah but we'll come a little until I found. Funny how well that that's how they more than 7600 students laid out over forty million dollars to trump university between 2000 and by the two as a tent city spent 27 million out on a leak course is in these aren't rich people that announcement of people at the last oh yeah and thirteen million on three day seminar so to your point what these trial was supposed to be November 28 and Thanksgiving. The judge refused to allow them to idle and own an apple after the inauguration and postponed an a couple of times what's nice is Donna Rice and now he's gonna settle between 25 million. I can't stress enough how different this is for Donald Trump look what he never wanted to come battle at a comeback Kate when he offering an amazing he's looking in I have 4000 jobs I have to add positions I have to fill -- 1111100. Of those in need senate senatorial approval side and maybe just eleven at all it could go to the folks. A war so that was say this lack console somebody's ass would solid it's just I'm. I'm cop. I didn't want it to be after the inauguration he did he let his handlers enterprise that is why you want this to go after the inauguration. Then he could say he didn't have the time because he was too busy being president that's why. You know they that would Atlanta's and so would never happen idolize push and push and question the judge said listen. I've given you everything we've asked for I've given you postponement sub to honestly I'm not doing it anymore now he's got it either settle it or. So the work on that terrible happen 25 million because is very questionable when yet now we had a much better. He Beckett this is a class action lawsuit and remember these people have been get am waiting to get paid since 2012. This lawsuit has been on the books were really long time I'm glad that this judged at the right thing it said. These people aren't going away any more let them have their Jane corporate setting is an unusual for something in me and this is just I'm not I'm not a lawyer. For something to be on the books that means I'm that I think I drive I got thrown a lot of long time they they do go on for a long time but an especially for trumpets not a usual because I did this this report for 20/20. Upstart for Nightline and I I really looked at a lot of the lawsuits that. People have filed against him and he has 75 I think pending right now and heat it did so protracted when a cup double truck. He waits people Audi is a team of lawyers and money he has now he has bad amount of money. And this is a real victory I think for for these trump university student asked finally realize it would not have happened had he not got elected the. West on Paul O'Neill in Lebanon university you know one would halt. What if you give yeah degree. I'm sending. We'll send you to Washington you can spend time and a way to make money racket so want to make some snaps away.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Settlement up to $25 million could resolve three suits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43640093","title":"President-elect Trump to Settle Trump University Lawsuit","url":"/Politics/video/president-elect-trump-settle-trump-university-lawsuit-43640093"}