President George HW Bush: The first 100 days

A look at Bush's first 100 days as president.
2:40 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for President George HW Bush: The first 100 days
Before a publisher's lunch in Chicago the president. Well military rhetoric that is becoming a trademark to deliver a ballot victory on his first 100 days. It's I think we made a good start. These first three months. And there's more to come much has come or at least happened already president stuck by his doomed defense nominee John Tower. Recovered from that senate seat quickly with the nomination of congressman now Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. And the president didn't let any of that get in the way of a deal with congress on the budget. Those some say it's full of gimmicks five deal with the revised to Randy the president to raise the capital gains in my view the capital gains tax with which was advanced by the administration has. Two chances of passage by this congress. Slam and not what the president's plan announced at an early news conference to tackle the S and L crisis has been better received. It's already passed the senate overwhelmingly. And I got both houses to pass a compromise package of aid for the Nicaraguan Contras. A conservative critics called a sellout but the president decided in a Rose Garden ceremony last week. That was the best he can do. He and his team are still completing a full review of foreign policy but that didn't keep the president from a three country trip to Asia that included a stop in China. And he's trying in small steps to get peace talks going in the mideast. Egypt's Mubarak has been in and so have Israel Shamir. And Jordan's king Hussein. The president put the federal government in charge of cleaning up the Alaska oil spill but nobody thought he's seen in any hurry to do that. And gets right back and then vegetation. He has said he wants to be the education present mr. and Arabs and some media events at school but his education plan work. Though some said it was innovative was a cut in education spending. His style as informal. Talks to reporters all the time. In the Oval Office why 23 and assets are outside the Oval Office even with one of the celebrated puppies pianist. He seems comfortable not afraid to Wear a funny hat if he needs to pack. And he's a sports night. Happy to be photographed throwing out a first ball. Or inaugurating a new White House bush yeah back. A hundred days is rarely about a few things seem clear this president took over from one with whom he served and is not looking for major change. He's not looking for fights either least of all with congress and doesn't sound like a formula for drama when George Bush seems not to be looking for much of that either. Brit Hume ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":46939989,"title":"President George HW Bush: The first 100 days","duration":"2:40","description":"A look at Bush's first 100 days as president.","url":"/Politics/video/president-george-hw-bush-100-days-46939989","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}