Nov. 22, 1963: 'President Kennedy has been shot,' ABC News reports

Bob Clarke reports that President Kennedy and Gov. John Connally were shot in Dallas.
4:50 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Nov. 22, 1963: 'President Kennedy has been shot,' ABC News reports
President Kennedy has been -- in Dallas Texas. He was shot finally was touring town -- the governor -- in the payments to bubble car the bubble was down. Both mrs. Kennedy and mrs. Connally were in the car with them. Three shots rang out of the president's come forward and governor -- remained seated upright so far. The latest word is that. They are still alive. Mrs. Kennedy as soon as the president -- forward. He grabbed him she cradled him in arms and he's had Ono and tried to hold up his head. Then the car was quickly taken out of line and sped to the hospital. The president governor rushed to Parkland hospital near Dallas the Dallas trademark. -- as mr. Kennedy it was to have made a speak. The Thomas the latest word is from represented Albert Thomas. Texas. And he said he was and had been informed the president Kennedy and governor -- We're both still alive after having been shot in the -- assassination attempt. Bob Clarke ABC's Bob Clarke is -- by the this is standing beside. By in Texas and we will -- there for a -- report from Dallas. Presidential motorcade had just passed through heavy crowds in downtown Dallas and it was circling through the princes of the business district. When we -- Suddenly rang out somewhere in the crowd that was impossible that the from. We report automobiles back in the motorcade where I was writing with the press pool. Impossible to see immediately what had happened. But the Secret Service. Pulled -- machine gun and then gave the orders. That's a -- the motorcade that some sixty miles an hour directly to Parkland memorial hospital about. Three or four miles away. There was. No panic. But it's shocking candor of course greeted by other members of the party who knew. We're close enough to see what had happened when a motorcade reached the hospital -- Few reporters writing in the probably felt great immediately to decide -- the president opened remedy. He was riding in that one of the White House Cadillac humility that is. Carried a perfect country used for parade and other presidential. Protection the president was lying. In the back seat of the Hannity and here is the head cradled in the First Lady laughed at this stage. There was no official word -- -- whether mr. Kennedy was still alive. But he lay motionless on the backseat of the car for a -- with two minutes while they structure was wheeled out from the hospital. Be president. -- president -- lifted out of the car brake gently on this stretcher and wheeled immediately into the surgical area of the hospital. -- First Lady followed. Holding. Him. With one hand. Good qualities and other members of the party into the hospital. What appeared at this stage that vice president Lyndon Johnson might also have been the destruction. Still he was riding in a car. Behind the the president. He walked into the hospital but holding one arm as if he might have been hit by one of -- -- Governor Connally of Texas was also wounded. Seriously but there is no immediate word -- -- -- conditions. The governor's. The -- I have stressed out in the front seat of the presidential -- -- -- He had written proved. The crowd that and the presidential could happen. At the Kennedy had flown. From a Fort Worth it -- -- And then intervened motorcade. It's the love field in Dallas. They are. Crowd gathered along the streets -- going into Dallas and in the downtown area we're extremely large and extremely friendly. A white house press -- riding in the press pool -- noted repeatedly using the absence of antagonistic kind. They were very few of -- -- I noted -- lot of hand lettered time. The hills. A young man with the -- John F. Kennedy and other content but that was only. That was almost the only time in the crowd that indicated. Any bitterness toward -- the Kennedy party.

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{"id":20539608,"title":"Nov. 22, 1963: 'President Kennedy has been shot,' ABC News reports","duration":"4:50","description":"Bob Clarke reports that President Kennedy and Gov. John Connally were shot in Dallas.","url":"/Politics/video/president-kennedy-shot-20539608","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}