President Obama: 'I Like a Good Party,' But ...

President Obama says socializing with the GOP has not brought about bi-partisan policy agreement.
7:49 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for President Obama: 'I Like a Good Party,' But ...
-- take one last question -- -- cost. I'd like to ask you now that you've reached the end -- your first term starting your second. About a couple of criticisms. Won its long standing another more recent. The longstanding was seems to have become a truism of sorts that your you and your staff are too insular that you don't socialize and have. And the second the more recent criticism is that your team taking shape. Isn't diverse isn't as diverse as it could be or even lives. In terms of getting additional voices gender race ethnic diversity -- like you address both of those. -- -- -- the second when first. You know I'm very proud -- in the first four years. We had as diverse if not more diverse a White House in the cabinet than any in history. And I intend to continue that. Because. It turns out that when -- looked for the very best people. Given incredible diversity in this country. You're gonna end up with a diverse staff and -- a diverse team and at that very diversity. Helps. Create. More effective policy making and better decision making for me because it brings different perspectives to the table. So if you think about my first four years. The person who -- have the most influence on my foreign policy. Was a -- The people who were in charge of moving forward. My most important domestic -- health care. -- what. The person in charge of our Homeland Security. Was one. My two appointments to the Supreme Court. -- what and 50% of my White House staff were women. So I think people should expect that. That record will be built upon. During the next four years now. What I've made. Four -- so far. And one woman admittedly a high profile one. Is leaving the administrators has already left administration and -- Have made replacement but I would just suggest that her body. Kind of wait until they've seen. All my appointments who's in the White House staff and whose. In my cabinet before they rush to judgment. But but I I guess what I'm saying -- is is that I think until you've seen. What my overall team looks like. It's premature to assume. That somehow we're going backwards are going backwards wrongful. -- respect to. That this truism about me not socializing and from -- folks on the back and all that stuff. The most people who know me. Norma -- pretty friendly guy. And I like a good part. And -- know the truth is that. You know what I was in the senate. I had great relationships over there and up -- the point that I became president. This was not an accusation that you heard very -- I think that I think that really what's. Gone on in terms. Some of the paralysis here in Washington or difficulties in negotiations. Just have to do with the some very stark differences in terms. Policy. Some very sharp differences in terms of where we stand on issues and you know if you think about. What saved myself and speaker Boehner. I like speaker -- personal. And when we went out and play golf we had a great time but that didn't get a deal done in 2011. You know what -- what I'm over here at the congressional picnic and folks are coming up and taking pictures with the family. I promise -- Michelle modernized to and we have a wonderful time. But it doesn't. Prevent them you're gone -- to the Florida house and you know blasting me for being. Big spending socialist. See your view and then there and the reason that. You know. In in many cases congress votes the way they do war. Talks the -- -- talker takes positions in negotiations -- that they take it doesn't have to do with me it has to do with. The imperatives that they feel terms their own politics. -- they're worried about their district they're worried about. What's going home back home I think there -- a lot of Republicans at this point that feel that. Given how much energy. Has been devoted in. Some of the media -- preferred buyer Republican constituencies to. Demonize me that it doesn't look -- -- socialized with. Charlie Crist. Down in Florida -- -- testifies to that and I think a lot of folks say. Well. Right if we look like we're being too corporate ever too chummy with the president that might cause us problems that might be an excuse for us to get a challenge from. Somebody in -- primer. -- so that tends to be. That the challenge that promise. We invite folks from congress over here all the time and I -- when they choose to come. I enjoy their company. Sometimes they don't choose to come and that has to do with the fact it. I think they they don't consider the optics useful for them politically. And and ultimately the way we're going to get stuff done -- personal relationships are important. And obviously I can always do a better job -- the nice thing is that now the my girls are getting older they don't want to spend that much time would mean anyway. So I'll be probably call around looking for some later. Like ours where -- something. -- them -- cattle only in this big house. Maybe he's just. Met -- maybe a whole bunch of members -- House Republican Caucus one. Come -- socialize more. But my suspicion is getting the issues -- -- we just talked about the big stuff. Whether or not we get. Sensible. Laws passed prevent gun violence whether. Americas paying its bills whether or not. We get immigration reform. All that's going to be determined largely by. Where the respective parties stand on policy and maybe most importantly. Be added to the American people. At the American people. Feel strongly about these issues and they push hard and they reward. Or don't reward members of congress. With their votes. -- -- -- if if they reject. -- uncompromising positions -- sharp partisan -- Always looking up for the next election and they reward folks who. Are trying to find common ground and I think you'll see behavior in congress change. And that'll be true whether on the life of the party here the stick of the month. Are out thank you very much -- but it.

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{"id":18212548,"title":"President Obama: 'I Like a Good Party,' But ...","duration":"7:49","description":"President Obama says socializing with the GOP has not brought about bi-partisan policy agreement.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-1st-term-press-conference-good-party-18212548","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}