Former President Obama campaigns for Biden today

And President Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday, promising his supporters the U.S. is "rounding the turn on the pandemic." ABC's Faith Abubey reports.
3:02 | 10/21/20

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Transcript for Former President Obama campaigns for Biden today
With less than two weeks until the election president trump on a swing state blitz. An Erie Pennsylvania last night he claimed if elected Joseph Biden was struck down the country and postponed vaccines. Election between the truck silver recovery which is happening right now at eight by. Depression where rounding the turn of the head that make. Normal lives. That's only one. Trump also telling the crowned he wouldn't have had to campaign in Erie if it weren't for the pandemic for five months ago we started this whole. Because you know before the play came and I had. I was economic theory. And I have to be honest there's no way cover the event was scheduled to be first leading Milan neutrons first campaign rally in months that she canceled due to a lingering call following her Kobe diagnosis. And a town hall before the rally president trump was asked if he would have done anything differently in his response to the pandemic. It's not much look at all over the world you have a lot of great leaders and lot of Smart people. It's all over the world who came out of China generation who stopped him. And now new details were emerging about the president's interview with sixty minutes. Which was cut short Tuesday the president claiming the interview with fake and the highest and he threatened to release a White House account of the interview before ears on Sunday trump also posted a 62 video clip of Leslie stall writing Lesley Stahl of sixty minutes. Now wearing a mask in the White House after her interview Whitney. Much more to come here. We're told star Maura map go until the start overtaking and the video treated by the president was taken immediately after the interview. Andy. And right side. It all comes as early voting shatters more record 35 million Americans have now cast a ballot. And this time in 2016 that number was just five point six million. And Harris County Texas early voting is on track to beat the total turnout in 2016. As for Joseph Biden he's off the trail preparing for tomorrow's debate where annual will meet the candidates microphone during your initial answers to questions. Biden calls the change a good idea. ID there should be more war era. Arm. Limitations on. It's not an eruption when I hope he's gonna come prepared to talk about what he swore but my guess is he's trying to say signaling united Solomon me about. First what tax. And overnight for President Obama releasing this video hours before his driving rally in Philadelphia today his first in person event for the biting campaign Obama called on young people to get out and vote. Your generation can be won the creates a new normal in America we can come out of this moment stronger than before. And the Department of Homeland Security is why not a new web site to try to. The agency is also urging voters to have patience when it comes to election results because there is a good chance we may not know the winner on election night Mona. They think yeah.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"And President Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday, promising his supporters the U.S. is \"rounding the turn on the pandemic.\" ABC's Faith Abubey reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73731495","title":"Former President Obama campaigns for Biden today","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-campaigns-biden-today-73731495"}