President Obama Casts Early Vote In Chicago

President casts ballot two weeks before election day during rare campaign stops.
12:38 | 10/20/14

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Transcript for President Obama Casts Early Vote In Chicago
President Obama. Cas in early ballots during election season where he has mostly been absent from the campaign trail. Everyone I'm Dan Cutler and New York me taking a live look there at Chicago the pre saying where the president is registered to vote and this morning. He is casting his ballot even though election two weeks away the president getting an early jump on things Chicago the president. In his hometown for a rare campaign rally for Illinois governor Pat Quinn and senator Dick Durbin. The president though mostly been missing on the campaign trail that could be an indication of his popularity or perhaps lack thereof. From some of those on the ballot in this 2014 election. What kind of influence he can be having as of those tight races in this year's mid term elections well that of course. Well we get to be seen in the next two weeks. I want to bring in though as we're gonna continue to watch the live shot there of the president casting his ballot ABC's Mary Brooks who is standing by at the White House and Mary the president really out of sight. That's right oh the president just yesterday made his first appearance at a campaign rally which is pretty incredible when you consider that we are now two weeks away from these key mid term elections. Yesterday he. He broke that silence and appearing nearby Maryland with the lieutenant governor is now in a race to be governor and then he flew home to Chicago to campaign there for governor Pat Quinn. But you have to remember the president passed to pick and choose very carefully Italy appears lit. Because let's be honest in most of the hotly contested states he's up persona non brought and that's because the president's approval ratings. Art well down in the dumps they're near historic lows and a lot of democratic candidate simply don't want to be seen with him. So the president is slowly starting to ramp up his appearance is on the campaign trail. But your only newseum in those deep blue state. Sir rent it happened of course is the push is on for the final two weeks there I understand that people have actually left some these campaign events. When the president has attended. Yet at a little bit of a rocky reentry to the campaign trail last night while he was speaking in Maryland. Some members of the audience were reportedly you know leaving in quite some big group circle dozens of people walked out while he was talking and you know. This just underscores the problems of the president faces as he tries to campaign for people because he is. So unpopular that he has to really tread lightly and so that's why you're not gonna see him in. You know Arkansas. What what about some of the news stronger colleagues I would say in the Obama administration the First Lady Michelle Obama and even the vice president Joseph Biden. Yet while the president may not be welcome that's not the case when it comes to his top surrogate so the First Lady has been out there campaigning quite a bit she's actually. Going to be appearing later this week at Iowa and Colorado senate races there the vice president has been out as well but keep in mind that's because the First Lady for instance she has a much higher approval rating and her husband. And as well that is it is one of the lectures that and oftentimes has been the case with first ladies and any presidency. Lou what is on the president's schedule for today he's gonna cast his ballot there you see some of the voters he street in there and line. Got an aging historic day they're not every day you're gonna vote right after the president of the United States so what's on tout. That's it's a the president of course doing what he's been urging Americans across the country to do which is to get out and vote this is the first. Day of early voting in Chicago the president you know woke up his Chicago home something that certainly doesn't happen every day and then he's going to be spending the day there in Chicago later today he's attending refineries are. Which bush isn't that took the president's been doing a lot of really haven't seen him out publicly on the campaign Jeff he has been. Fund raising like crazy trying to shake the money tree and raise money for democratic candidates you'll be doing more of that. Later this afternoon and then he's back here at the White House. On a larger picture as for watching the president kind of navigate his way through those voting booths there which in all fairness can be a little difficulty kind of understand. Depending on how the technology has changed of abuse. But Mary wanted to ask you. On the larger scene though have there been any democratic stars that have stood out that have really been able to raise some big bucks this mid term. I mean you know and besides the president being able to raise some big bucks there are couple races here and there but this the senate races especially are really gonna come down to the wire a lot of cliff hangers here. Especially in some of those really tight races that I mentioned Arkansas. Alaska you're gonna see places where. You know it will actually come down to the last minute and that's you know. A sign of why we haven't seen the president out there because so much is at stake here you have to remember I think takes just six senate seats to switch over to Republican hands and the president and Democrats will lose the senate what's at stake here is the president's agenda and of course his legacy stand. His legacy indeed you do we have any audio I don't know as if we do have the capability of being able to pull in the audio there will. Who let's just listen to what we're just gonna monitor and see obviously. Secret ballot and of course very few words are going to be shared as he's casting. His his. That the president saying right little bit earlier on. That's despite being the leader of the free world is as the most important office in the United States is that of a voting citizen. And today. For filling his civic duty. And Mary I want to ask you what about the reception in his hometown of Chicago it despite what the favorability may be on a national level is he still welcomed with open arms. When he returns back to the windy city. He hadn't quite enthusiastic welcome their last letting you remember this as his hometown this is his crowd but of course he was talking day you know democratic supporters largely was speaking. At a rally for governor Pat Quinn there in a tight race to get reelected so you know no surprise that the president was welcomed back home with some open arms. I think I can imagine as well and I about goes on as is by it's probably a little bit of a break as well. To get out of the pressure cooker that is Washington DC 24/7 and go back to the old stomping grounds. Yeah I mean and my what's going on right I mean the president has been kind of juggling trying to campaign and fund raise get out there and help democratic candidate at the same time that he of course has been. Trying to focus a lot of attention here at the white house on the of the response to the Ebola crisis tackling the ice is threat. You know this is a fine line of the president always has to walk between campaigning and also being seen as do you know taking care of his day job which of course is being president and leading me federal response to so many of these crises in fact last week remember he canceled. Several campaign events as originally supposed to get out on the trail Connecticut and then Rhode Island canceled those events last week just come back here to Washington. Focus on the response of the evil of crisis well. Of those events that he has gone two to raise money and get us support for those candidates than. Has the theme has the style but the same as what we've seen it 20082012. Where it was the hope change perhaps has the rhetoric changed at all. A lot familiar themes you know the. President of the campaigner in chief this is what he does very well he's good at rallying a crowd good it. You know boosting up the base and he's also doing besides just mentioning you know the importance of voting. It get out the vote because it's not just outlining what's at stake and what's at risk here if the senate were to flip. But also just reminding people to get out and vote because as the president said Democrats have a congenital disease when it comes to midterm elections they don't tend to shell locked into the president. Of course today by voting is trying to encourage everyone to simply get out and. Mayor out of which in the spot they're do we know if the First Lady she's scheduled to do an early vote as well. Yeah I don't know we haven't looked into that suggested she isn't at home with him in Chicago's this isn't the same opportunity to go there today but Walesa would affect him on. In the event push relentless that this is some of the audit that we're here in and from inside the polling place. We'll continue to listen to see the president here is any some comments with some of those. Fellow Chicago is that he's voting alongside but I Q1 a place and take just a couple of minutes ago as he was making its way into the Booth there. With some of the other voters that were in line. They're very in Illinois. Good book. As one of what. Well I can't say that went for a walk. Most important office democracy. Offices. So exciting place that's what we're all of us who played. Nobody had weren't. Sure. ABC's neighbors standing by outside the White House Mary and as we're watching the president continued to wrap up his early voting there. Chewing some Ghana were listening to see if in fact he does exchanged a few words of some of the folks that are that are voting as well. But the rock star reception has changed a little bit though and he goes back to Chicago hasn't it how over the past five years six years. You know I wouldn't be surprised to savor I was a prominent and saying that you know he doesn't get quite as warmer reception as he used to I think six years in this building will do that singing you know the president as we mentioned does have a low approval rating Renault quite Leno. He's taken hits recently and so even though he's always welcome back especially the Chicago it's not we don't get quite the same reception is he used to especially at some of these fundraisers. Lets us in the ideal moment and see if the president makes any closing. Clothes and at a closing remarks. Okay early voter but. I. We're done so he's. And a little while ago as well. You can memory. Maybe you can work company. A lot of men a lot of our. Zero. Yeah. Were. Sir but can we. Wrong. Double. Come on. Thank you everybody yeah we're. Cookbook. Resentment in Colorado and look foolish humans think that's where my hand and. Are the president making his way out after a real quick picture there was some of those poll polling workers there. I imagine Mary Bruce it can't be sound might of religious to go. Headache for Secret Service and everyone else involved in the president makes a stop like this especially than. When he stops and takes picture with everyone. Yes Diana you can hear the president there asking double checking that was okay if he poster picture with the not wanting to break any of those you know. Rules firfer polling places but. The president goes anywhere he does create a little thing no bit of a mass of god a lot of people showing up lot of security but a lot of these stops like this on the don't announce an advance and that way they don't have to screen everybody coming in because of course the president wants to remind everyone to get out and votes of certainly doesn't want to create headaches for any voters that are trying to to get their ballots in early and. The eggs and Natalie Allen crane not heading for those some of those voters there but obviously they've got some and there are going to be sharing with a lot of difference today no in fact that they did some early voting them hey guess what the president voted right alongside of them. ABC's very rigorous outside the lighthouse Mary thank you so much appreciate it. And of course you can over the store real time by Dallas in the ABC news apps start a store forks was of updates on the go for now I'm Dan Cutler New York.

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