Obama to Ford Hood Shooting Victims' Families: 'You Gave Your Sons to America'

First Lady Michelle Obama joins her husband for somber memorial at sight of fatal shooting.
16:23 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Obama to Ford Hood Shooting Victims' Families: 'You Gave Your Sons to America'
This is an ABC news special room. Memorial services. -- yeah. Good afternoon we're coming -- they are right now because President Obama is in Fort Hood Texas. About to speak a memorial service for the soldiers who died in -- shooting Rampage one week ago. That service -- just begun but before the president speaks I want to bring you up to date and yet another senseless tragedy. That unfolded early this morning at Franklin regional high school near Pittsburgh when a sixteen year old student wielding two knives attacked and wounded nineteen students and a teacher. That student is in custody after being tackled by a police officer and assistant school principal. Up to nine of the injured are in critical condition 117 year old on life support though he and all of the others are expected to survive. Not a Fort Hood which -- last Wednesday. A US soldier in treatment for depression and anxiety upset over -- leave he'd been denied opened fire on his fellow soldiers killing three of them injuring sixteen others. The shooter then killed himself. It was a second mass shooting forward -- less than five years President Obama will speak from the very same spot he spoke -- in 2009. -- thirteen soldiers killed in that Rampage. ABC senior global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz joins us now -- even -- thwarted several times including just last week in America's largest army base has been hit so hard. It it has been George but I have to say driving around the post last Saturday. I found that resilience there once again wife was going on you know -- schools there there are ten chapels there it is really a community. And they are banding together to move forward. Lieutenant general Millie was also there I was there for a reunion at ten year reunion of soldiers who had fought in the battle. In Iraq coming together lieutenant general Millie actually came. To their reunion to their memorial there were -- 168. Names on the wall where I was that they very moving to see these guys. Come back come together those families that resiliency. And they will do that again in fort. And -- hear from the president just a moment the search of the army John Q just wrapping up. And Fort -- we go there now. For President Obama is about to speak. Ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States. President Barack Obama. In our lives. And our joy is. And in our Soros. We've learned that there is -- time for every matter. Under -- We laugh. And we weep. We celebrate. And we more. -- -- -- And we pray for peace. -- scripture also teaches the alongside. The temple. One thing is -- term. Love bears all things. Believes all things. -- all things indoors. All things. -- -- -- Deputy secretary fox. Up. General Dempsey and secretary McHugh. Generals Odierno and -- And most of all the families of the soldiers. Who've been taken from us. The wounded. Those who returned to duty in those still recovering. An entire community of Fort Hood. This great place. It is love. Tested by tragedy it. That brings us together again. It was love for country. That inspired these three Americans. To put on the uniform and joined the greatest army. That the world has ever -- Sargent first class Daniel Ferguson. Staff Sargent Carlos. Was -- -- us. Sargent. Timothy -- And -- and Carlos joined -- two decades ago. In a time of peace and -- as the nation went to war. Tim be joined after 9/11. Knowing that you could be sent in the harm's way. Between them they deployed at nine times. Each served in Iraq. -- came home from Afghanistan just last year. They lived it those shining values. Loyalty. Duty. Honor. That keep us strong and free. It was love for the army. That made them the soldiers they work. For -- -- whose fiance being in the army was his life. Carlos said a friend was. The epitome of what you would want -- leader to be in the army. Tim effort helped counsel this fellow soldiers. Said a friend. He was always the person you're go to talk to. And it was love for their comrades. For all of you. The define their last moments. As we've heard when the gunman tried to push his way into that room Danny held the door shut saving the lives of others. While sacrificing his -- And it said that Tim if it. The counselor and even then gave his life walking toward the gunman. Trying to -- -- For you. Their families. No -- -- equal to your loss. We are here on behalf of the American people. To honor your loved ones. And offer whatever comfort weekend. -- noticed. We also draw strength from you. For even in your grief. Him as your heart breaks. We've -- you that eternal truth. Love never ends. In Paris. Of these men. As a father I cannot begin to fathom your anguish. But I know that you poured your love. And your hopes. In -- your son's. I know that the man. And soldiers they became better sense of service. Their patriotism. So much of that came from you -- if you gave your sons to America. And justices. You'll honor them always so too. Will the nation the -- -- Two -- of their lives. To movies wife -- and then his fiancee Kristin. These soldiers cherish the army but their hearts. Belong to you. That's a bomb that no earthly power. Can ever break. They've slipped from your embrace but -- -- you'll never be alone. Because this army in this nation. Stands with you for all the days to come. To their children. We live -- a dangerous world. Your fathers served to keep. You safe and -- They knew. You have so much to give to our country. The you'd make them proud. -- of his daughter Laurie -- has. Last Wednesday night she posted this message. On line. -- -- -- ever want to think for a moment. Love your family she said because you never know when they're going to be taken from. I love -- dad. And to the men and women of Fort Worth. There's already been mentioned part of what makes this so painful -- that. We've been here before. This tragic terrorism -- still -- from five years ago. Once more soldiers who survived. Foreign war zones were struck down here at home where they're supposed to be safe. We still do not yet know exactly why. But we do know this. We must honor their lives. -- in word or talk. But indeed. And in truth. We must -- these men with a renewed commitment to keep our troops safe. -- just -- battle. On the home front as well. In our open society and the vast bases like this. We can never eliminate every risk but as a nation. We can do more. To help counsel those worth. Mental health issues. To keep. Firearms the -- Those are having. Such deep difficulties. As military must continue to do everything in our power to secure facilities and spare. Others this -- We must -- -- there. These men by. Doing more to care for our fellow Americans living with mental -- civilian and military. Today four American soldiers are gone. Four. Army families are devastated. As commander in chief I'm determined. We will continue to step up our efforts. To reach our troops and veterans were hurting. Some delivered to them the care that they need. No make sure we never stigma ties those who have the -- to seek help. And finally we must honor these men by recognizing that they were members of a generation that has borne the burden of our security in more than a decade of war. Now our troops are coming home. By the end of this -- -- war in Afghanistan will finally be over. In an era when. -- Americans know someone in uniform. Every American. Must see these men and these women are 9/11 generation. There's an extraordinary citizens -- -- -- They love their families. They excel at their jobs. They serve their communities. -- leaders. And when we truly welcome our veterans home. When we show them that we need them not justified in other countries but. To build up our own. That our schools our businesses our communities our nation. Will be more successful. And America will be stronger and more united. For decades to come. Sargent first class. -- -- -- Staff Sargent. Carlos. Was any -- its. Sargent Timothy owns. Like 576. Fort Hood soldiers who've given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are taken from -- much too soon. Like to thirteen Americans we lost five years ago. They're passing. -- -- -- And moments such as this. We summon once more and what we've learned in these hard years of war. We reach within our wounded hearts. We lean on each other. We hold each other up. We carry on. We're God's amazing grace. We somehow bear. What seems unbearable. -- Bears all things. Believes. All things. Hopes all things. -- all things. -- -- -- -- May god watch. Over these American soldiers. May keep it. Stronger families. Whose loved endorse. May god continue to bless. The United States of America. -- patriots such as these. President Obama for the Texas preaching on the themes of service and love. Remembering those three soldiers who died last week in that shooting Rampage. Sargent first class Daniel Ferguson. Staff Sargent Carlos is -- greet guests Sargent Timothy Owens. We see there the battlefield crosses. The -- way to remember. Those who -- lost. And Jon -- our chief White House correspondent. You know the president also saying of course we must remember all those veterans -- those veterans who served all those veterans who face challenges. That this did this rituals become always heartbreaking and all too familiar the president has mourner in chief -- -- memorial service. He spoken. Unfortunately it's something that he's become quite good at -- you know just the last sixteen months George. You think about what the president has -- -- He was -- navy yard shooting here in Washington. Back in September. The Boston Marathon bombing. After that of course the shooting in -- -- Connecticut. This is something that has become Bob major part of -- his job the -- mourner in chief can solar and chief. And that the words that struck out to me is when he said. No words or equal to your loss. And -- we have been here before this -- at a wound not yet healed. Of course you're -- back to the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood but he could've been talking about. All of these other shootings are tragedies that he has had to come out and play this role at a memorial service like this morning of course just before he came not to speak he was -- -- a tragedy this morning -- Franklin regional high school. That's right I -- in fact this is on his -- way to Fort Hood he has briefed at the stabbing. -- that that high school outside of Pittsburgh another reminder that this keeps coming. Okay Jon Karl thanks much we -- much more on that tonight on world -- Diane Sawyer of course constant updates and abcnews.com. Must see you tomorrow on -- This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"id":23262754,"title":"Obama to Ford Hood Shooting Victims' Families: 'You Gave Your Sons to America'","duration":"16:23","description":"First Lady Michelle Obama joins her husband for somber memorial at sight of fatal shooting.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-fort-hood-speech-president-tells-victims-23262754","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}