Obama Gets a Win, No Mandate: Analysis

ABC News' Rick Klein on what President Obama has to do next to win bipartisan support.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Obama Gets a Win, No Mandate: Analysis
Exciting add emotional day -- a -- they all -- that since this facility at some analysis from our senior Washington editor Rick Klein is here reckoning a lot of people wanna now. Can big -- -- get anything done in Washington now pretty much everything stays the same that you hear this bipartisan town he. The president -- saint he's gonna invite Romney to have a discussion does to talk about my ideas that. Voters did not give President Obama a mandate but -- he can do now is create that mandate. I think if he begins to govern like -- the promise of Barack Obama back in 2008 back in 2004 at the Democratic Convention. If he begins to bring that -- America together this was a broad coalition. They voted today yes -- divided country. But this is a new America that was speaking out pretty loud voice in saying this is the leadership they wanted and what they're craving right now is -- leadership moment and that's where the president has an -- And and that he didn't allow talk about that bipartisanship headline tonight is about the president now with how well he did and how it defied all expectations and pundits no one expected. The -- -- -- to be as wise it was how did people at all was it that the turnaround game or was it -- what exactly led to such a convincing victory. It's a perfect combination of demographics and tactics on the demographic -- took advantage. Of this surge in younger voters and minority voters he was able to. Bring home Hispanics and in record numbers there -- never before we -- double digit Hispanic turnout converted 10% of the whole electorate Hispanics. And then -- on top of that tactics because what delivered for -- the upper midwest work the old reliable white working class voters he did that. By destroying the other side and deploying his resources to try to define the other guy before -- a chance they had him. And fascinating -- here the president -- tonight with the least support of white men and any other president ever in the history of the country. What does the election and look at the marijuana issue look at the gay marriage issue -- -- the Latino issue. We -- at a very distinct point culturally politically and socially and demographically in this country. That's right and I and I think he saw sort of revenge of the middle here in a lot of ways on on the social and cultural issues you have a lot of voters coming out saying that's not the party that we wanted this wasn't the extremes of the party who were dictating it. President Obama accused of being a liberal all that that this was I think though the vast middle of the country. Coming together and and ultimately rejecting where the Republican party's been going on the last couple years. You think out of this the Republican Party has to look at themselves and -- take a really hard look this good because you look at that exactly who the president gotten great support from 38 points with with a single women. Strong Latino population and -- like you send the lowest up -- of the lowest -- from. From the white mail -- -- -- in presidential history. There's serious soul searching -- happen in the Republican Party and the problem for them is that the path forward. Is even more pessimistic because none of the demographics that they appealed to in this election are growing demographics -- they -- -- eke out one last election isn't the only formula. Didn't work this to be back on board. So imagine -- sixteen you'll have to see a different kind of Republican if there's any chance for the GOP to. Become relevant again. That's right did the by the end of the week we're gonna start hearing the noise about who that person is and in what the direction is being debated today. And -- really have Chris Christie's that's right exactly how what you think the bipartisanship what happened particularly with the fiscal cliff at the end of the year that's issue number one this is this time bomb that's ready to detonate but I do think the president has a chance here if he comes forward quickly and says this is my solution get the public behind him. Begin to use the presidency in -- he didn't over the last four years. -- you've got a chance that to try to break something otherwise it we have the same congress this team president. Not a lot of people obviously there's -- change. He -- the man that the legend Rick Klein Karen Washington senior editor thank you for joining.

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{"id":17662993,"title":"Obama Gets a Win, No Mandate: Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein on what President Obama has to do next to win bipartisan support.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-gets-win-but-no-mandate-election-analysis-17662993","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}