'Encouraging' the Right Decision From North Korea

President, South Korean leader on international community's involvement in pressuring North Korea.
35:59 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for 'Encouraging' the Right Decision From North Korea
Let me begin by saying it is a great pleasure to welcome president -- and our friends from the Republic of Korea. Madam president we are greatly -- That you've chosen the United States is your first foreign visit. This of course reflects the deep friendship between our peoples and the great alliance between our nations which is marking another milestone. I'm told that in Korea six your birthday is a special celebration of life. And longevity. One got. Well this year we're marking the sixtieth anniversary of the defense treaty between our nations. Yesterday the president -- visit Arlington national cemetery on memorial. To -- Korean war veterans. Tonight she's hosting a -- to pay tribute to the generation. American veterans who have served in the defense of South Korea. And tomorrow -- Address a joint session of congress. An honor that is reserved for our closest of friends. And in this sense this visit also reflects -- is extraordinary progress. Over the six decades. From the ashes of war to one of the world's largest economies. Former recipient of foreign -- to a donor that now helps other nations develop. And of course around the world people are being swept up by. Korean culture the Korean wave. And as I've mentioned to president -- my daughters. Have taught me pretty good -- style. For -- popular first months in office South Korea's face threats and provocations. That would test any nation. You you've displayed calm and steady resolve. That is defined your life. Like people around the world those with the united states -- also been inspired prior examples the first female president of South Korea. And today I've come to appreciate the leadership qualities for which you are known to focus and discipline and straightforward -- and -- very much thank you for the progress. That we've already made together. Today we agreed to continue the implementation of our historic. Trade agreement which is already yielding benefits for both our countries. On our side we're selling more exports to Korea more manufactured goods more services more agricultural products. Even as we have a long way to go our automobile exports are up nearly. 50%. And our Big Three. Four Chrysler and GM are selling more cars in Korea. And as president clock and I agreed to make sure that we. Continue to fully implement this agreement. We believe that it's gonna make -- com has more competitive. -- boost US exports by some ten billion dollars and sport of tens of thousands of American jobs and obviously will be creating jobs in Korea. As they are able to. Continue to do extraordinary work in expanding their economy. And moving it further for Europe the the value chain. We agreed to continue the clean energy partnerships that help us to enhance our energy security and address climate change. Given the importance of a peaceful. Nuclear energy industry to South Korea we recently agreed to extend the existing civilian nuclear agreement between our two countries. But we also emphasized in our discussions. The need to continue to work diligently towards a new agreement. As I told president I believe that we can find a way to support South Korea's energy and commercial needs. Even as we uphold our mutual commitments to prevent nuclear proliferation. We agreed to continuing modernizing our security alliance. Guided by our joint vision we're investing in the -- capabilities and technologies and missile defenses -- -- our forces to operate and succeed together. We are on track for South Korea to assume operational control for the alliance in 2015 and were determined to be. Fully prepared for any challenge or threat -- -- security. And obviously that includes the threat. From North Korea. If Pyongyang's thought its recent threats would drive a wedge between South Korea in the United States -- somehow garner of the north. International respect. Today's further evidence that North Korea has failed. Up again. Present pocket and South Koreans have stood firm with confidence and resolve. Of the United States and the Republic of Korea are as united as ever. And -- -- new international sanctions North Korea is more isolated than ever. In short. The days when North Korea could create a crisis and elicit concessions. Those days are -- Our two nations are prepared to engage with North Korea diplomatically and over time build trust but as always and -- present -- has made clear. The burden is -- Pyongyang's to take meaningful steps to abide by its commitments and obligations. Particularly the denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. And we discussed that Pyongyang should take notice events in. Countries like -- Which as it reforms. Is seeing more trade and investment and diplomatic ties with the world including the United States and South Korea. For our part will continue to coordinate closely with South Korea and with Japan. And I want to make clear the United States is fully prepared and capable of defending ourselves and our allies -- the full range of capabilities available. Including the deterrence provided -- our conventional. And nuclear forces. As I said in -- last year the commitment of the United States to the security. The Republic of Korea will never -- More broadly we agreed to continue expanding our cooperation. Global it. In Afghanistan -- troops served together and where South Korea's a major donor of development assistance. We're on track to. Complete the transition -- Afghan led operations by the end of next year. We discussed Syria where both our nations are working to strengthen the opposition and plan for a Syria without Bashir Assad. And I'm pleased that our two nations and our peace force have agreed to expand our efforts to promote development around the world. Finally we're expanding -- has strong ties between our young people. As an engineer by training president fox knows the importance of education. -- madame president you said I'm quoting you we live in an age where a single individual can raise the value of an entire nation. I could not agree more so I'm pleased there were renewing exchange programs that bring our students together and as we. Pursue common sense immigration reform here in the United States we want to make it easier. Four for not Norris and for graduate students from countries like Korea. To stay -- contribute to our country just -- so many Korean Americans already do so. Again thank you present -- for making the United States -- first foreign trip. In your inaugural address who celebrated -- can do spirit of the Korean people that is the spirit that we share and after army today I'm confident that. If our two nations continue to stand together there's nothing we cannot do together so madam president welcome to the United States. Let me start by thanking President Obama for his invitation to -- -- gracious hospitality. During my meeting with the president today I was able to have a heart to heart talk with them. On a wide range of common interests who told him. On the -- two of us. Have a broad common view about EU vision and goals. Exit -- victory US alliance as it moves forward. And I was like it's somewhat. Happy -- first of -- the president. And I answered if you it from a -- US alliance has been -- them role as a smaller but -- since the I don't know if I'm Angela -- active -- Stanley again. Games ahead of -- alliance continued reserves and and the port users -- -- -- on the Korean Peninsula Indonesia he funny it's been Hamid. In this -- anything significant that it's going declaration. -- sixtieth anniversary of our alliance we've gotten on me to. Sells out the direction comprehensive strategic alliance economy it'll -- to a town next to it and that are present tonight reaffirmed that -- He finally doesn't tolerate North Korean threats to an -- provocations and. -- -- what he's done an escalated earlier. Such actions wouldn't -- deepen north frequently plummeted from. The president and I noted meet that it is and he noted that he continued -- -- and our deterrence against a little weird actually conventional weapons I mean that if answered agenda in this strategy. The transition -- unreal and control of the adults who as you know way -- And strengthens -- -- by his defense capabilities and its relations with them -- while Obama -- -- -- -- He on the we -- assured you that legalizing present and the common functions and and their -- to -- -- started -- grand peninsula. You and he stated today he would continue to drop in the North Korea. In -- Concert with other members of the security costs with the international community to be didn't get my license national opportunities and resources under the September 19 statement from and the relevant Security Council resident -- again. -- -- this unit Peter Pan. Not to include open political career and the US -- worked jointly to how many -- north creating the right choices case. After multifaceted efforts including the implementation of the Korean Peninsula -- process -- Parents about. Take this opportunity to once -- in the clear message. North Korea will not -- survived. The only -- to developing its nuclear weapons tone is expensive it's on the heels and person concurrently pursuing nuclear arsenals and the economic development Griffin can by no -- -- -- this is the shared the other members of the six party talks. And and national and community -- is -- it. Taking extraordinary -- the path to becoming a responsible member community of nations and you'll keep -- willing to provide assistance to consider it with the international -- He's -- we also -- meaningful discussions on the economy. And we don't engage in substantive cooperation with -- the president and I won't -- a fact he thanked. -- you create US -- agreement he'll actually went into effect one year ago. Is contributing to our shared prosperity if he hit -- analysis we will make an effort to enable our political -- better deal that benefits. -- 300 agreement for that moment he keeps up quickly hopefully it. Chewing -- I highlighted the importance of security ice -- US audiences -- citizens honeybees and ask or executive friends and Oracle. Tickets and hospital is see to it that are relevant to us legislation he's passed in the US congress -- -- earlier to me. Huntingdon -- mean you're right -- interview that Korea US civilian nuclear energy cooperation agreement. Should be revised to an advanced them and mutually beneficial successor -- time. Italy's that we would do our best to conclude -- actions as soon as possible currently the president and I the end and it seems -- -- also hacked and discussions on ways to enhance global partnership blacks first. We noted that their very -- bag north -- have you legitimately young -- can't pageants ended and opening new era of peace and cooperation. I've yet taking them to and that there was anything -- -- synergies between from Obama's policy of redundancy in Asia. Commissioners for peace and cooperation in northeast Asia with -- -- we pursue peace and development and their -- We share your view about playing the role of -- architects to flesh out its vision -- me. Comfort and more from what we -- -- that -- Korea US alliance ill and then Clinton not just with challenges related to the peninsula and northeast Asia and the atomic confronting the broader international problem I'm very delighted that I was able to build it it personal trust your President Obama and progress on a limited today do you have we have -- for -- -- Thank you. Questions from each each side so we'll start with the student Carlson. It. Thank you mr. present. Does the United States have a cool national security interest. In stopping the slaughter in Syria or merely the -- -- moral desire to see the violence and and at what point does the cost. Of not intervening in a more direct way. -- you have done so to follow some outweigh the cost of doing so it. -- -- -- -- -- President Obama's critics of war -- the fighting tacked on perceived violations of US red lines in Syria. Could. -- US enemies elsewhere including North Korea. Are you convinced that. Kim Jong. Has taken the US and South Korean warnings seriously. And do you see the withdrawal of -- missiles from a test site as a sign that he's willing to DS -- -- situation. Well. Soon -- I think -- we have. Both a moral obligation and a national security interest in. A -- the slaughter in Syria but B also. -- -- that we've got. A stable -- Is representative of all the Syrian people. And is not creating chaos for. Its neighbors. And that's why for the last two years we have been active in trying to. Ensure -- pressure aside. Exits. The stage and that we can begin a political transition process. That's the reason wired we've invested so much and humanitarian -- that's the reason why we are. So invested in helping the opposition and -- we've mobilized the international community. To isolate. Syria. That's why we are now providing nonlethal assistance to the opposition and that's why we're gonna continue. To do the work. That we need to do. And in terms of the cost us and the benefits. Having there be severe cost in doing nothing. That's why we're not doing that. That's why are we are actively invest. In the process. If what you're asking is. Are there. Continuing reevaluate issues about. What we do what actions we take in conjunction with -- other national partners. To optimize the day when. -- Hasten the day when we can see. Better situations -- we've been doing -- -- -- and will continue to do that. I think that understandably. There's a desire for easy answers. That's not the situation there. And it's. My job is to constantly measure. Are very real and legitimate. Humanitarian and national security interest in Syria. But measuring those against. My bottom line which is. What's in the best interests of America securities. And making sure that -- making. Decisions not based on a hope and a prayer. But on hearted analysis in terms of what will actually make us safer. And stabilize Richard. I would know not to answer the question that you lobbed over two president part bad -- suggested. Even in your question they perceived crossing of a red line. The operative word there -- -- -- -- perceive. And what I've said is that we have evidence. That there has been. The use of chemical weapons -- -- -- Syria but. I don't make decisions based on perceived and I can't organize international. Coalitions around proceed. We tried that in the past by the way and have -- worked out well so we want to make sure that. -- we have the best analysis possible. We want to make sure that we are acting deliberately. But. I would just point out that. The -- several instances during the course of my presidency where I said I was from do something. And -- ended up getting -- And there were times when. There were folks on the sidelines. Wondering why hasn't it happened what's going on widened to go on tomorrow. But. In the end. Whether it's bin Laden org about the if we say it. We're taking a position. I would think at this point -- international community as pretty good sense that we. Typically follow through on our commitments. With regard to actions toward Syria. -- kind of message with that communicate to North Korea that was the question. And recently North Korea seems to -- escalating its threats and provocations. What seems to be behind that USD's two questions in fact North Korea. These isolated at the moment. So it's hard to find anyone that could really accurately fat in the situation in North Korea. Its actions are also very unpredictable. -- Where there the Syrian situation would have an impact. It's hard to say. For sure it's packed with Hawaii's North Korea appeared to -- escalate its threats. And publications. There's no knowing for sure but what is clear. And what I -- for sure is that the international community. With regard to north respect behavior its provocations. Must speak with one voice a firm message. And consistently send a firm message. -- that they will not stand to. And that north -- actions. And breach of international norms will be met with so -- so sanctions and measures by the international community. At the same time if it goes along the right way there'll be so and so reward. So if we consistently send that message to North Korea high fuel that North Korea will be -- left with no choice but to change. And instead of just hoping to see North -- change the international community must also consistently send that message with one voice. To tell them and communicated and that they have no choice but to change. He. And to shape an environment where they are left with no choice but to make the strategic decision to change. And I think that's the effective and important way. My question goes to president park -- you just mentioned that. North Korea. In order to reduce North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons but what is most important is he. Concerted actions -- the international community with regard to this politics well during your meeting with President Obama today I would like to ask that. What was said and that -- that you shared. But both -- and it all and with regard to this a -- -- you. What Russia and China. The role that they're playing in terms of reducing north -- abandon its nuclear weapons how do you feel about that -- questions to present Obama. Don't regarding the young leader of North Korea can -- and that is -- I would appreciate your views about the leader of North Korea and if you were to send a message to him today -- kind of message which -- sent to him. With regard to the North Korea issue. Korea and the United States. As well as the international community. -- the ultimate objective that all -- question -- adopting its -- North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. And to. Induce it to become a responsible member of the international community. This serves the interest says -- some cream peninsula and the world and it also serves the interest of North Korea's own development as well that is my view. And so. -- -- So in order to encourage North Korea to walk that -- and change its perceptions. We have to work in concert and in this regard China's -- Chinese influence. Can be extensive so if so China taking part in these endeavors is important and we shared views on that. With regard to China and Russia's stance -- I believe that China and Russia. Not to mention the international community of course there. We share the real need for eighteen -- Korean Peninsula. -- and are cooperating closely to induce North Korea to. Take direct paths in the case of China with regard to north -- missile fire and nuclear testing China has take an active part in adopting. US Security Council resolutions and -- faithfully implementing those resolutions. And with regard to Russia Russia is also firmly committed to -- -- to -- irritation of the Korean Peninsula. And -- with regard to the adoption of UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea. It has been very active in supporting them. And they've also sent to very. And -- also worked very hard to include a stern message to North Korea and the joint statement to the G-8 foreign ministers meeting differently. But -- such constructive efforts on the part of China and Russia. Are. Vital to sending game. Unified message to North Korea and that there -- -- nuclear weapons when that's bad and encouraging. And urging North Korea to make the right decision. Obviously I don't know. Consumer and personal with. Having had a conversation with a -- -- your view and opinion about. It is personal characteristics. What we do know is. The actions respect. That have been provocative. And seem to pursue. A -- that. And I want to emphasize. Present -- myself. Very much -- the -- That we are -- -- maintain a strong deterrent capability. That we're not gonna reward. Provocative behavior. But we remain open to the prospect North Korea taking. A -- peaceful path. Denuclearization. Abiding by international commitments. Rejoining the international community. And seen. A gradual. A progression in which. Both security and prosperity for the people of North Korea can be achieved. -- If if what North Korea has been doing has not resulted. And a strong prosperous nation. Then now's a good time for. Can -- -- two evaluate that history and take a different path and I think that should he choose to take a different path. Not only president -- myself would welcome -- by the international community as a whole football. And I think that China. And Russia and Japan and other key players that have been participants in six party talks have made that clear. But there's gonna have to be changes in behavior. You know we have an expression -- and English. Don't don't don't worry about. When I say. Watch what I do. And world so far at least we haven't seen actions on the part of the north Koreans that would indicate. They're prepared to to move in a different direction. Christi Parsons. Thank you Mr. President. The Pentagon said today that there may be as many as seventy sexual assaults. A day in the military up by 35%. During your term in office. And also that many sexual assaults may not be reported in fact. Given what we know about an air force officer in charge of preventing sexual assault recently being charged with sexual assault. And also the recent cases of a couple of air force generals have set aside convictions. Instances of sexual assault. Can you speak to the culture in the US military that may be at play here and talk about. Your response to that and what you can do going forward to improve things. And a fine man a president park I would ask you yesterday you said that -- from North Korea does not change its behavior we will make -- -- I wondered if you could elaborate on that common -- -- -- it. Let's start with the principle that. Sexual assault is an outrage. It is a crime. That's true for society at large and if it's happening. Inside our military men whoever carries about is betraying. The uniform of -- work. May may consider themselves patriots but. When you engage in this kind of behavior. That's not patriotic. It's a -- And we have to do everything we can to room this up. Now this is not a new Phnom. -- one of things -- we've been trying to do was created structure in which we're starting to get accurate reporting. And up and down the chain. We are seeing. A process a system. Of accountability. And transparency so that we can root this out. Up completely. And this discussion I had -- -- secretary Panetta he had begun the process of moving this forward. But I have directly spoken to secretary -- already today. And indicating to him that. We're gonna have to. You know not just step up our game we have to exponentially. Step up -- game to go at this thing hard. And for those who are in uniform. -- experienced sexual assault I want them to hear directly from their commander in chief that I've got their backs. I will support them and we're not gonna tolerate -- stuff -- there will be accountability. The people of engagements -- they should be prosecuted. And anybody in the military who has knowledge of this stuff should understand this is not. Who we are this is not what the US military is about. And -- dishonor us. The vast. Majority of men and women in uniform -- carry out. Their responsibilities and obligations. Live honor and dignity. An incredible courage. Every single -- so bottom line is I have no tolerance for this. I have communicated -- -- sector defense. We're gonna communicate. This. Again. To folks up and down the chain. In. In areas of authority. And I expect consequences so so I don't want just more speeches. Or. Awareness programs. Or. Training. Buy it ultimately. Folks look -- other way. We find out -- -- using the stuff. You're going to be -- count. Prosecutor. Stripped. Their positions. -- -- -- Dishonorably discharge. Period. It's not acceptable. Regarding North Korea's publications and -- behavior. We -- make -- -- Convert to that for instance what I meant was that he engaged in military provocations. And I arm hits -- -- people. See -- are -- in the next -- continental. Who pool with humans and take it to him to -- president rupiah. But Tom regular on the Internet safety of our people need is something that we can agency could -- as passover cleaning. Cuddy and whose mother had been so then North Korean decent publications sentence until -- the sheep are hopeful we need -- Trust the judgment of our military cannot kind of -- from Campbell if our military has -- makes a judgment for two tickets which stipulates that right K. He shouldn't that he should act accordingly in this distract -- pakistanis I had been person. And the benefit from North Korea and we did ask him price it has been much to number one his humble and then when it comes not only with regard to publications -- all. He's liberal generational. -- and after a complex -- where it. Who order based on it and agreements between the two sides it's gonna -- -- them it. -- -- companies -- will be on the agreement that was you know you can actually went winless in onions and political conflicts. There's an 870. Completely designers and disregarded this agreement -- -- -- -- -- again. Overnight now. Anna -- -- -- -- let them of denying to various medical supplies and food so nice to get a period Simpson's left in -- -- -- -- complex to not that the refusing to feminism and accept our and it kind of a request to allow in the supplies which is what prompted us to withdraw all of our citizens. From the department of konduz that you want to keep this situation unfolded did becoming rookie Q&A full view of the international TV -- the -- -- -- so Nuba. Total kid who would -- -- is vast and was not and I. Different companies but also companies -- other countries to invest in North Korea with it. In a place that shows -- that should crack ready disregard for -- to agreements. He's from and how could came under those circumstances actually pull off an economic sentiment -- me. -- English so I think in this regard they're actually paying the price for their own misdeeds. As soon Susan hormones and that I'm always so -- -- -- -- My question goes to President Obama. Among those with -- -- president. Park has been talking about the Korean Peninsula trust building process. As -- way to promote peace and confidence follow them. I wonder what you feel about this trust building process on the Korean Peninsula. -- before. -- box approaches very compatible we're. My approach and approach that we have been taking together. For several years. And as -- bail understand it. -- The key is that we will be prepared for deterrence. That -- -- will. Respond. To aggression. That we will. Not reward provocative actions. But that we will maintain an openness to. A an engagement process. When we see North Korea taking. Steps that would indicate that it is. Following a different path. And and that's. Exactly the right approach. All of us would benefit. From. A North Korea that. Transformed itself. Certainly the people of north -- would benefit. South Korea would be even stronger. In a less. -- Environment on the peninsula. All -- running neighbors. Would welcome. Such. Such transitions such a transformation. But. I don't think either. Present -- or higher are naive about the difficulties of that taking place and we've got to. See. Before. Leo we we can have confidence that. That in fact is is the path that. North Korea intends to take. But the one thing I want to emphasize just based on. Excellent meetings and consultation we have today as well as watching. Present -- over the last several months dealing with the be. Provocative escalation sort of been taking place. In North Korea. What I'm very confident about is. The president pockets talked. Pictures -- very clear realistic view. The situation. But she also has the wisdom to believe that. Conflict. Is not inevitable. And -- not before. And that's true on the Korean Peninsula that's true around the world and we very much appreciate her visit and look forward to. Excellent cooperation not only on this issue but on the more positive issues of economic. And and commercial. Ties between our two countries -- educational exchanges. Work on energy. Climate change. Helping other countries develop. That I've had a wonderful time every time I visited the Republic of Korea and what is clear is that the republic of career as one of the great. Success stories of our lifetime. And you know republic of Korea's leadership. Around the globe. -- will be increasingly important. And what underpins that. In part. -- has been the extraordinary history of the alliance between the United States. And the Republic of Korea and we want to make sure that that remains a strong foundation for progress in the future. Thank you so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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