President Obama Presents Vietnam Veteran With Medal of Honor

Maj. Charles Kettles rescued dozens of U.S. soldiers during an emergency extraction near Duc Pho, Republic of Vietnam.
4:06 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama Presents Vietnam Veteran With Medal of Honor
The president of the United States of America. Authorized by act of congress march 3 1863. Has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to. Major Charles S kettles united states army. These Charles S kettles is distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry in inch pity. While serving as flight commander when 176. Aviation company air mobile life. Fourteenth combat aviation battalion America I'll division near duke Republic of Vietnam. On fifteen may 1967. Major kettles upon learning that an airborne infantry unit had suffered casualties during intense firefight with the enemy. Immediately volunteered to lead a flight at six. UH one delta helicopters to carry reinforcements treated battle force and to evacuate wounded personnel. Enemy small arms automatic weapons and mortar fire rake the landing zone inflicting heavy damage to the helicopters. However major kettles refused to depart until all help helicopters were loaded to capacity. He then to return to the battlefield. With full knowledge of the intense enemy fire awaiting his arrival. To wring more reinforcements. Landing in the midst of enemy mortar and automatic weapons fire that seriously wounded his Gunner. It's really damaged his aircraft. Upon departing major kettles was advised or another helicopter crew that he would fuel streaming out of his aircraft. Despite the risks posed by the leaking fuel hinders the damage aircraft back to base. Later that day. The of achieve Italian commander requested immediate emergency extraction of the remaining forty troops. Including four members of major kennels unit who were stranded when their helicopter was destroyed by enemy fire. With only one finally UH one helicopter remaining. Major kills volunteered to return to the deadly landing zone for a third time. Leading a flight at six evacuation helicopters. Five of which were from a 161 aviation company. During the extraction. Major kettles and foreign but the last helicopter and all personnel were on board and departed landings and accordingly. Army gunship supporting the evacuation also departed the area. Once airborne major kennels would advise that the troops have been unable to reach evacuation helicopters do these intense enemy fire. With complete disregard for his own safety major catalyst pass that lead to another helicopter in return at landing zone to rescue remaining troops. Without gunship artillery for tactical air support. In any concentrated all firepower on his lone aircraft. Which was immediately damaged by a mortar round shattered both front windshields and chin bubble was further raked by small arms machine gun fire. Despite intense enemy fire. Major kettles maintain control the aircraft that situation. Allowing time for the remaining eight soldiers aboard the aircraft. Despite a severe damage to his helicopter. Major kennels once more skillfully Garrett is heavily damaged aircraft safety. Without his courageous actions and superior flying skills the last few soldiers and his crew would never have meted out the path. Major cattle selfless act of repeated valor and determination and keeping with the highest traditions of military service. And reflect great credit upon himself. And united states army.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Maj. Charles Kettles rescued dozens of U.S. soldiers during an emergency extraction near Duc Pho, Republic of Vietnam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40667029","title":"President Obama Presents Vietnam Veteran With Medal of Honor","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-presents-vietnam-veteran-medal-honor-40667029"}