President Obama: Speaker Boehner's Lawsuit a 'Stunt'

The president told George Stephanopoulos that he will "not apologize for trying to do something while they're doing nothing."
5:50 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for President Obama: Speaker Boehner's Lawsuit a 'Stunt'
I want to work would -- -- but Madonna -- this company that got it wrong. -- deliver thump and. They don't do what -- That's not want -- President Obama hitting hard again this morning in his familiar refrain -- -- over the DC gridlocked. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York I'm joined now by ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff felony Jeff. Let's first take a listen to what the president said on GMA today about Republican House leader John Boehner -- of a lawsuit. Over the use of his executive authority. I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something. While there doing nothing they can get sued. You know that the -- -- -- -- But what -- told speaker -- directly is if you're really concerned about being taken to many executive actions. Why don't you tried getting something done through congress. -- Jeff the president calls Boehner -- stunt and I understand Boehner didn't take that lightly what was his spokespersons response today. For -- right Michelle speaker Boehner. It's. So the fact that the president is calling this stunts. It's it's -- specifically why voters across America are frustrated with Washington -- general he says it's not a -- He says it's -- frankly. You know. But what the House of Representatives -- to do because they believe the administration is overreaching but. Look the fact of the matter is this lawsuit is unlikely to go anywhere in the next couple years. Or certainly in the next a year so it is something of an election year if not a stunt it's something of an election year. Moments to fire up the conservative base there's no question you talk to Republicans in the house not even all of them are -- Are fully behind this in because they believe that it even if V judge for the court here in the it. The S Circuit Court of Appeals -- would -- -- the House of Representatives has standing to sue the president it's still a long road that this would go through so. It is a bit of an exercise let's college if not a -- And the president of course heating up. His rhetoric as well as John Boehner that's giving an idea -- all started Boehner on Wednesday. No other constitution. Makes it clear the president's job as a faithfully execute the laws. And in my view the president has not faithfully executables. -- we have vote. A system of government. Outlined in our constitution. With the executive branch the legislative branch and judicial branch. Congress has its job to do so as the president. -- dog and one though there's conflicts like this between the legislative branch and administrative branch. It's. In my view are responsible to stand up for this institution and which we sort. This is is not about impeachment this is about his his faithfully executing of the laws of our country. So Jeff what do you think of Boehner coming out insane that -- do we know any specifics about what that lawsuit might include. -- -- that is the exact question I was at that news conference with speaker -- and we asked him you know what specific executive actions will use site. In a lawsuit what specific. Instances will you bring Japanese that we haven't decided yet. You can expect a couple of them will be immigration for example the administration has put in a couple executive orders. On the DREAM Act and other things on immigration that I'm certainly has riled Republicans and some conservatives but. At the end of the day I mean this is not a news fight it's not. A brand new thing we're hearing between you know be -- Republican House of Representatives and a democratic White House the real problem here is that the congress is divided. There's a democratic. A controlled senate. Republican controlled house -- in the middle of an election year and frankly nothing is getting done so. The idea of a lawsuit going forward I talked to -- constitutional scholars and some -- -- lawyers suggested. And they said that -- even some Republicans face -- it's very unlikely that this. But that's a lawsuit that would produce anything at all and in fact would likely be thrown out it is very difficult to -- the president of the United States. And meanwhile the White House did take a hit from the Supreme Court saying the president did violate the constitution by making some recess appointments back in 2012. Our GOP leaders hoping to gain some sort of snowball effect on this especially in an election year in the public relations arena. -- -- -- -- -- win for for us senator Mitch McConnell. And Republicans in the senate who have long had tried to block these recess appointments and again this is not just as something that is going to affect this president. This is something that's going to affect their future presidents the presidents have often used recess appointments as a time two put someone in who is. I'm -- objected to or someone that the senate. Perhaps is dragging their feet on so this is a very significant ruling for this president as well as other presidents are going forward. Jeff felony thank you very much for joining us Michelle thank you. -- keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring the story. For those exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen a New York.

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{"id":24336359,"title":"President Obama: Speaker Boehner's Lawsuit a 'Stunt'","duration":"5:50","description":"The president told George Stephanopoulos that he will \"not apologize for trying to do something while they're doing nothing.\"","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-speaker-boehners-lawsuit-stunt-24336359","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}