President Obama Upholds Easter Egg Roll Tradition

Thousands of children gather to celebrate the annual event at the White House.
10:47 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for President Obama Upholds Easter Egg Roll Tradition
This is a special room. To live when I'm down -- and new York and today is Easter egg roll at the White House when taken out of Washington DC where they match at the has -- to -- Before the procedures get under way. And I think it's. It's. -- -- -- -- -- does so yeah. Needs mean. Me. Bad up and McCain will. Movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well hello everybody the. -- -- that's the biggest event that we the all along. And it is almost on -- -- Because we have a chance to -- families from all across the country coming through here. My main and only job other then officiating over the role at some point. Is that lenders. Alongside Easter Bunny. The person who makes this all possible. We love her dearly and my wife. The First Lady Michelle Obama. Every. He's all day -- exciting. It is so wonderful that have so many of you here today we are celebrating the 136. Easter -- all. The theme of this year's roll is hot and -- health. So we shake yes I love it. And it's going to be a great day we have beautiful weather because Easter egg roll is blessed. And we're gonna have fun stuff going on we got the egg all we got -- story tell playing we got entertainment we've got wonderful athletes and performers like and and so many others we got. Obstacle courses and yoga and face -- and egg hunts it's just going to be terrific as Barack said. We love this -- -- this is the largest a -- that we do here. On the south on we're gonna have more than 30000 people on the bond today and we're just thrilled that this -- is focusing on one issue that is near and dear to my heart. And it's making sure that our young people are active. And healthy. So while you're here parents. Look around you gotta learn how to make healthy snacks and the kids actually eat I'm gonna be over there on the -- stage doing some demonstrations. And I want to make sure kids know that healthy eating and being active can be fun because what today is about is having a whole lot of fun. And I hope you all do that because we want our kids to be -- -- and the strong as they can be so they can. Do well in school in live up to all of their god given potential isn't that right. Parent that's what we what are you all. And we want to thank you Easter Bunny is always for being here and I would be remiss if I I didn't thank the hundreds of volunteers. Who made today possible. Thank you are volunteers who've been out here is setting up the itself longer gonna make sure you -- get through these activities and have a great time. So you all just enjoy that's all you have to do from this point on is half -- And will be down the chances participate in the egg roll president's Donna Reed I'm gonna read a little bit so we'll -- you down on the south on okay. -- -- have a great time. But I. President -- Easter Bunny along with the dogs sunny and go up there -- coats out on. Kicking off he won -- 36 annual Easter egg roll on this at the White House. -- -- -- not taking anything for rent it for this -- -- here is a promotional clip from the first lady's let's move campaign. Not cut corners that it -- eighty's throwback popularity winner Mario Lopez actually got cut. At one that produced by the proceed let's -- campaign the event obviously can go along a star power -- -- -- -- -- increasing awareness for the cause and to raise awareness of what's going on at the White House there ABC news political director replies -- -- join us and Rick. It's a 136 years in the making more than 30000 people expected -- today -- aside from egg roll -- -- of these folks going to be dealing. Well -- got to see the president and the Easter Bunny and the First Lady on the balcony which is kind of worth it. By itself what was interesting about this I think is the twist that the obamas have added to this tradition they have made this about act of living we've made it about helping living. You're that the First Lady that reference yoga on the White House lawn that's not something that was in the -- the 136 years ago quite obviously. And I think the way that this is being incorporated now in into a different kind of message is just the single -- the White House views this as an opportunity to get the message out there about the first ladies. Let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity treated to encourage activity. Among children and to get parents engaged in this is well in a fun way. Now putting these outside efforts aside from the first lady's let's move campaign that's -- even winning -- at least one very high profile office rights. I'm sorry -- did the less the let's move campaign you have to it's -- it's getting very close to home right in the White House. That's right and what's interesting is that indeed the whole staff of the White House has it adopted some of the strategies that the the First Lady talks about some friendly competitions between say the first ladies -- team the vice president's team the president's team. There is they've taken -- -- -- next Thursday that used to be at the White House mess a lot healthier. Food options. On the menu are you remember previous president's Bill Clinton with his penchant for. McDonald's and -- big -- and George H. W. Bush saying I don't like broccoli and he preferred pork -- this is a president that is taking healthy living. To a different level and try to occurred in the workplace as well and and live that gazing at a values the first lady's going around the country talking. You know one of the things the White House been very adept at doing is pulling -- certain generation of celebrities. To bring it to some of his more controversial policies the president sit down with Zach Galifianakis that comes to mine I was talking about. Healthcare dot gov is that got to say that they -- seeing today with some of the folks that were invited -- the South Lawn as celebrations. No doubt and I think one thing you see continually with that with this White House is that they try to engage in pop culture and a different way a number of of sports stars a number of -- characters from a children's stories and children's books in addition to that. The celebrities that you see at the White House today they -- -- they try to run the gamut and this is a White House that -- had. Particular success in attracting Hollywood and is almost no one who won't return their phone calls and they use that the maximum effect on days like this 30000 people out there. I'm quite a few SARS as well. And it -- tell -- with a few litigated by today Jim Carey we saw Miss America cookie -- going to be there. Figure skater Michelle -- NFL quarterback Robert Griffin the third. I mean it really does take that kind of star power to get these kinds of -- excitement by but -- -- a crowd of 30000 people there. This has been -- tradition that's been going on very long very strong. That's right is a lottery every year it is they like them to make a lot of the fact that -- -- people from all fifty states. Or part of that the festivities -- -- for a strong preference obviously for children. The number of local children I know. Just -- some of mice in my four year old son's friends are very excited about attending this he -- direct role as well so I think for for all of them it's an opportunity to engage in a different side of the White House I think that the president the First Lady. Are genuine when they say this is their favorite events of the year it is obviously the biggest event with a number of people there. And it's not just because of the celebrities -- that can see see the president. Working its way through the crowd right now and he's meeting with people. Who are they are not for politics but for a a proud American tradition and that tradition it's changed a little bit during the Obama years I gotta say it's got to be a bit of -- logistical nightmare after half thousand people on the South Lawn of the White House is -- yeah and there's still a lot of security arrangements even though we're not seeing as part of this they need to get clearance for. A lot of folks who who are tough to run background checks on including four year -- and six girls -- -- satellite. Yes it is -- it is a logistical mess a lot of hours outside for the kids but I think the time all around. Well Rick -- we appreciate that fact that you -- you've -- -- forlorn look on your face for the fact that you're not on the South Lawn this morning. -- an -- with what beautiful then it is a beautiful day with its about time did you guys deserved -- having an awful winter -- -- that the rest of us Vietnamese coast. Rick thanks so much appreciate your time today thanks and of course you can keep up with the festivities at the White House there on -- ABC news digital live stream. And you keep up with the story by downloading ABC news -- stories or keeping up with updates in real time for now that I'm Dan Butler in New York.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"Thousands of children gather to celebrate the annual event at the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23415002","title":"President Obama Upholds Easter Egg Roll Tradition","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-upholds-easter-egg-roll-tradition-23415002"}