President Trump appears to empathize with Kim Jong-un?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment about the North Korean leader's rise to power.
2:31 | 04/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump appears to empathize with Kim Jong-un?
OK but he has learned some empathy I must say it not for the millions who could lose health care now and the middle class will get screwed by his tax plan. He feels bad for North Korean dictator. Kim Chung line. Yes he says that horn. Was just 27 years old when his father died and he had to take over the regime which is anything at that age. This guy hasn't met a dictator he doesn't like I know. I now get. Yeah. Had kind words about Saddam Hussein he complimented him by saying you know what he did well he killed terrorists he did that so good he loves and yet the whole bottom up. Not a nice work to be sent not and I. It now flu and we will appoint and a meaning actually yeah I think about allied. There's like an odd sense of respect he has war. Blake ought to crowd scene of the interpret says strain but with his allies he's so dismissive. And solace like like Homer Simpson kind of slander staying like TVs on the telephone with like Putin needs these. We'll talk reboot it's I don't. I'm good good script and hang out and bubbled up. And it's just like guys we have Justin Trudeau here with the project make him way. That I hey. Before we don't have friends to throw away right now on you know and now the unit continue next opponent in Canada is really the loyalists put it just about John Sununu who of course took over current pop there if he says he's crazy he's a mad man. That too could be inflaming tensions and you have to look. You know let last week they conducted a missile test he has said that he's gonna conduct a nuclear test is this what his way does not. Provoking him to anger and to wrap they want not Palin did not but they also want to open up maybe some good as the bear I don't like hey I'm Steve as a realist he's at but I what was interesting read recently that Tillerson. Our secretary of state. Basically sit you know Kim Jong alone is not. A maniac he's not crazy and that would be terrible miscalculate tell us that things Donald's creates no. I'm sorry that the North Korea was an accident I don't think that anybody deliberately will shoot up from nuclear missiles what I didn't even at Intercontinental ally I think that it doesn't take him coming out saying oh he's a crazy mad and but it's like when you don't have something nice to say though some see anything at all if you're gonna go up and lift up a dictator death they have just filthy thing all.

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{"id":47086857,"title":"President Trump appears to empathize with Kim Jong-un?","duration":"2:31","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment about the North Korean leader's rise to power.","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-appears-empathize-kim-jong-47086857","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}