President Trump to block McGahn testimony

The showdown with Congress continues to escalate as Attorney General William Barr faces possible contempt citation.
2:51 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for President Trump to block McGahn testimony
In the White House and congress clashing over this Muller report does investigations I want to bring in that Mona costar add the up the White House. Among that tinged tensions are definitely rising after this hearing with attorney general Barr what do you make of all of this. Kimberly tensions are boiling over right now between the White House and congressional Democrats just to give you an idea of how much things escalated this week. This week alone we saw senate Democrats grilled the attorney general over his handling of the Muller reports. Also that newly released a letter. That Mueller sent the attorney general back in March where he explained his frustrations about how the attorney general for treating his report. Then we saw the House Judiciary Committee breakage was sparring match in front of an anti chair after the attorney general refused to show up to us hearing. Over a dispute from over the questioning format. Then we saw the house Judiciary Chairman say that he's going to get. The attorney general one more chance to turn over the full un redacted Muller reports comply with the subpoena that he issued. Or he threat and to hold him in contempt. Of congress and now president trump just yesterday told Fox News that. He. Is telling Don again not to testify and he has vowed to ignore all congressional subpoenas. So just to give you an idea just this week alone all of that has happened but it seems that Democrats are not willing to let ago they want to see that full Muller reports. And also hear from Mueller himself. Yeah absolutely and let's talk about Nancy Pelosi she's now accusing bar of committing a crime and lying. That's right and she's not referring to the senate hearing that happened this week she's actually referring to a testimony that bar gave. Back in April where he was asked if Mueller or his team were frustrated or expressed any frustrations about how he portrayed the Muller reports. Obviously with the revelation of that letter this week. Democrats really pushing the attorney general saying that. When he said he didn't know of any frustrations. That is what Nancy Pelosi referring to a neat when she says that the attorney general lied to congress. By not explaining then that Mueller didn't Faxon him a letter dated may 22 Tuesday march 27. Which was a few weeks before he testified before congress explaining that he was in fact frustrate us. Yet you mentioned Mohler do you think that he will be in fact testifying then. Right now we're hearing that the House Judiciary Committee is in conversation. With the Mahler team to have him testify. Last week the house Judiciary Chairman and the house Intel chairman bill sent official letters to request for Muller's testimony. As of right now I think it date that there are looking at is may fifteenth in that letter they said they wanted to hear from Mueller himself no later. Then may 23 upper right now nothing in the books of course Kimberly go we will keep you updated. I write Mona thank you so much for all of the updates and information.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The showdown with Congress continues to escalate as Attorney General William Barr faces possible contempt citation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62807050","title":"President Trump to block McGahn testimony","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-block-mcgahn-testimony-62807050"}