President Trump calls caravan migrants 'dangerous'

In an exclusive interview with ABC News Trump sounded off on border build-up and the midterms.
4:51 | 11/01/18

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Transcript for President Trump calls caravan migrants 'dangerous'
Welcome to the debrief we begin with that exclusive interview with president trump just five days. To go until those mid term elections a president is surprising even the Pentagon calling for more troops. To go to the Mexican border our own Jonathan Karl sat down with the president. Here's some of the things he had to say. Okay you're talking about 101000 maybe 151000. Active duty US military to the border. More than we have fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan more than we have fighting crisis in Syria he really. He really anything that's very important we have to have a wall of people very highly trained people. To retreat dedicated patriots this what they. You have caravans coming up that look a lot larger than its report and actually I mean I'm pretty good it. Estimating crowd size and I will tell you they look a lot bigger than people would think what we see is deeply. Impoverished people fleeing violence many of them women and children get a cent. 151000. Active duty US military mostly men and it's actually mostly young man and a lot of rust people a lot of rough people giant that pushing the women right up into the front not good that pushing that you. Kids right up to the front but they're not in a hundred miles away the the active duty military you know a lot I mean you're the president that they they can't arrest. People crossing the border at Penn State and national emergency ever zoo. National emergency covers a lot of Terry the candidate they invade a country you look at that always looks like an invasion into it doesn't look like an invasion care centers and an Asian. Oh I think so I think when you look at some of them. When you look at some of the people within the caravan yeah I think it could be considered an invasion of our country we can't have some of the poorest people in the world come. This is dangerous people these are some of people. We knew look at MS thirteen they come from that area this is a very rough group of people coming up. Not at all cases but this is a very rough group of people look what they did to the Mexican army. At the border look at the skirmish they just at that was a very bad thing for the Mexican army that was not easy and finally I remember you river well in the campaign. You made a promise he so I will never lied to you. So can tell me now honestly have you. Kept that promise at all times that you always what I try Amanda do try I think you try to you say things about me that are not. Necessarily correct I do try and I always want to tell the truth when I can I tell the truth and sometimes it turns out to be where something happens it's different or does it change but. I always like to be truthful. And I laundry Karen Travers now is that the White House that Karen big until a lot of different topics during his inner view what we're some of the big takeaways. I think just again how the president Diane continues to make immigration the critical focus of his. Final push to the mid term elections this is his rally cry right now for Republican voters and he's talking about that caravan of migrants as an invasion of the United States he's using language like that. To justify why he is sending US service members down to the border town Carl pushing him on that about why that is necessary in the president says. It's because this is a rough group of people he says they're criminals. But he not providing evidence of that and certainly by all accounts from the reporting down there is made up well a lot of families too there have been some skirmishes that for the most part. This is several hundred people now may be couple thousand who have been walking miles and miles from 900 miles away from the US border the day the president calling it a national emergency one that requires the military certainly a lot of criticism that this is to scare tactics. To drive up support next week and get Republicans out to the polls. And it is a big campaign issue for the president for the Republicans in general. I know the president was saying all this at a Florida rally last night or while he was doing a Florida rather last night where is he headed today and what other point today expected to focus on. Look for immigration to again be a central part of the president's message tonight heading to Missouri though. This is day two of will be a six today eat stayed eleven rallied campaign blitz it takes the president right up to Tuesday's mid term elections. Yesterday there was a moment Diane at that rally where he was asking the really fired up Brock is crowd how many of you here in Florida have already voted. Early learning is very critical in Florida and in the boat when all the people in the crowd started cheering. He said well what am I doing here that sounds like you've all already gotten to the polls do that's what he's trying to do out on the trail is to get people out to get them to vote. Lock them in. Think it's also notable in that interview with Jon Karl the president sounded very bullish about the republicans' chances of holding control of the senate after next Tuesday. Less so about the house. Diane the president is going to states and have very critical senate races Missouri West Virginia Tennessee Indiana Montana. Not focusing as much in this critical congressional district. Where the control of the house will be won or lost next week I'm Karen Travers from the White House we appreciate it Karen thanks.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News Trump sounded off on border build-up and the midterms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58901060","title":"President Trump calls caravan migrants 'dangerous'","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-calls-caravan-migrants-dangerous-58901060"}