President Trump calls controversy around Kavanaugh confirmation 'a disgrace'

Brett Kavanaugh gets sworn in as a Supreme Court justice; Trump says that how Democrats dealt with nomination process was "atrocious" and "a disgrace."
6:16 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for President Trump calls controversy around Kavanaugh confirmation 'a disgrace'
And now let's go to Washington Brett Cavanaugh has officially been sworn in as the new Supreme Court justice and Terry Moran is at the Supreme Court we also just heard. The president speak about this not too long ago Terry said he's gonna play that clip and they get your reaction. I thought the way they've been. That Morton got him. You're watching up Blumenthal would they brought Darryl what they came to Vietnam and what he did was. I thought that's the way they conducted themselves the way they dealt dealt where they hide. Going to be a great got. What did him. I thought it was the fifth grade and I thought that I thought it was one of them all it did great ball performances I've met Thursday. The Terry that would the president on the White House line sort of offering his summary of what happened with Brett Cavanaugh that finally ended in this confirmation. What do you make of the president's take on us. Well he's riding high in need to enemy is he is feeling. That the thrill of victory this triumph is realtor who justices on the Supreme Court including one through this. Goblet of fire up controversy and allegations credible allegations of sexual assault that he made it through he is now justice Brett Cavanaugh the other thing it's as is that. Donald Trump knows his base he is his own best political strategist and advisor he can feel the fire. That Kavanagh is responses bitter partisan responsive to the Judiciary Committee ignited in. The truck baze and he knows that the best way to get people to the polls because what a lot of people did see is certainly on Trump's side of the equation. Was that this whatever the truth or falsehood or or what ever happened between. Brett Cavanaugh and his accusers there was something behind that violated fair play in the way it withheld for. 45 days by Democrats without. You know letting the FBI see it because. Crist in Bosnia board wanted confidentiality but there might have been other ways of confronting judge capital and a private meeting. The Dianne Feinstein had. That sense of fair play that pretty much Americans have I think was violated for trump Republicans for sure and he wants to get them to the polls that's what he's doing. Ed sounds like even at a confirmation process is over we're probably getting here allow more about it on the campaign trail until those elections. That's right and it seems to have had. Already. Lightning a fact out there you see race after race where the Republicans were either down. Or just barely ahead in the polls and they jumped do you see that. Generic enthusiasm. Level for democratic voters going into the mid terms which was considerable chunk ahead of Republicans in public now. Caught up somewhat like both sides right now are jazz for the mid terms all wave usually happens when one side is. Excited to get enthusiastic grabbed on the other side is not. It may have bad that the Brett Cavanaugh nomination. Is the key events in these minutes are much at this it's. Five weeks he's gonna have a hard time president trump will stoking that fire. For the next several weeks. And it carry Brett cabin is announced Warren and if so what is ahead for him now. Well he gets to be a justice of the US district court for the rest in his life. Is it's one thing but it more substantively he sits. Right there on the bench you know he has some informal duties as the junior justice. When I knock comes out the door when they're in conference he's the guy best to get up and answer get them coffee or or ask for copies to be made needs there errand boys and that's always falls to the junior justice. More save more substantively there are some important cases coming out of a lot this term quieter term. But he'll get right at it right away with a gun rights case and a somewhat technical gun rights issue an immigration case similarly there are perhaps. Big cases coming down the pipeline this term one on cannot crossed that has been on a public park in Florida. 475. Years. Does that have to be taken down now than has been challenged by people who don't like you who feel offended that that crosses there on public land. And one on a pardon power. Is also very significant so what you have going forward our sum my hot button issues but really. Justice Kavanagh settling in. And carry having covered this whole saga from the beginning covered lots of Supreme Court confirmation of what's your take away from this by now that it's over. You know I'm on the court itself I think this is a huge challenge for the court which has as we talked about the only authority the court really hasn't it has no power to enforce its decision. Except the respect and confidence that it has. In the minds and hearts of Americans and I think. For. All kinds of reasons judge Kavanagh become justice Kavanagh brings out of the Supreme Court. This terrible political polarization that we have in our country. And it is up to the court now to insulate itself as best it hand and not become just another. Pawn in the political game and that is going to be up to Chief Justice John Roberts more broadly. Well I think this is just crushing moment for millions and millions of women and and men in people who were on one side said you know. Credible allegation of sexual assault it's to be properly investigated. And taken a look at and respected and I think so many women have the experts have. Frankly being snuffed out of their voice being not heard on those issues that this is a signal moment in that. Long struggle for true equality. And yet at the end it was a woman Susan Collins who and a methodical way outline why she as an independent person. Didn't think the evidence rose to a disqualifying level for Brett cap but I think that it it would leave a scar. For a lot of people for a long time now right Terry Moran there from the DC bureau Terri thanks.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Brett Kavanaugh gets sworn in as a Supreme Court justice; Trump says that how Democrats dealt with nomination process was \"atrocious\" and \"a disgrace.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58362109","title":"President Trump calls controversy around Kavanaugh confirmation 'a disgrace'","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-calls-controversy-kavanaugh-confirmation-disgrace-58362109"}