President Trump decertifies Iran deal

The deal's future is now in lawmakers' hands.
14:57 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for President Trump decertifies Iran deal
Everyone on an about here with continuing coverage. President Trump's announcement that he will decertified. The Iranian nuclear dear deal laying the ground work there for additional sanctions to be carried out against. Iran's revolutionary guard as well joining me down in Washington my colleague. Mary Alice parks is keeping an eye on the president's remarks and over in London let's start there my colleague Jennifer tackle stent. Weighing in now with some of the repercussions of this huge decision. Jennifer we know the president ran on ripping up the deal he stopped short of that but he second round is not living up to this theory of the deal. That's not what the rest of the world has been saying. Absolutely as Terry. Pointed out jam during the network coverage that all of this dignitaries of the deal. Apart from the United States believed that they are living up to their commitments and it is putting at odds now. Quite distinctly. Washington and the rest of those signatories but it's also significant. In a part of the world where this is directly affecting relations in the Middle East. And the region of the gulf states and also in Iran and I'm sure we'll see. A variety of reactions coming from that area but I think it's a a good bet that we will see a positive reaction welcoming. The stepping up of the pressure on Iran from two of America's strongest allies traditional allies in the region. A Saudi Arabia and Israel. Also traditional photos of the air Rhine. Who believe that the couple laying the and the certification with the missile program with its support Iran's support of terrorism. And it's meddling in internal affairs in the region represents the true state of affairs in the Middle East. Let's go to Capitol Hill and our colleague senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce marry you said just a little while ago. This now adds to congress is growing to do list they've got a number of other things on their plate how are they likely. To move forward on this if at all given the incredible international implications and any change on this deal. Yet it in you had been on the head there were just that it's entirely possible they actually don't do much or anything here look and the president did mention that there are these various proposals floating around to trying him and the deal fix it. At some Republicans have been calling for but none of those measures what it would blow up this dealer and the deal even though. Republicans originally opposed to this deal when it was initially passed. Now they're talking about various ways to try and strengthen enforcement possibly stringent. Strengthen inspections. But there is no interest on Capitol Hill to go ahead and reimposed these nuclear sanctions and blow up the deal entirely now as you mention when you look at the calendar it is jam packed the president. And the White House says they would like congress to act on his in the next ninety days you look at what else is on the list in the next ninety days it includes an eight ticket agenda items like tax reform. Passing protections for dreamers funding the government now possibly addressing health care reforms a good on and on and on. And it's really unclear how they're going to be able to do all of that and way or. Reaction or some kind of action on Iran deal follows then that pecking order. But indeed you're the president they're say it and threatened that if if congress can't reach a deal here. Can't do something on the Iran agreement that he will move forward and terminate it. Primary groups live for us on Capitol Hill thanks Mary Mary Alice parks is also down in Washington DC. Has been keeping an eye on it from there Mary -- heard the president there. Speak quite clearly to say he believes that Iran has not been in compliance despite what our international allies say. Have we heard from any other people down there about what evidence is being presented about this. How this means the US to move forward in relationships and the rest of the world when they said they are in compliance. You know Boren often than not hurt people disagree with the president that's only part time at some against other Republicans even some members. Of Trump's own cabernet and secretary of defense. Madison's on the senate was in a senate hearing there Capitol Hill just last week. Saying that at last there was. Proof that they were not living up to their part of the deal suggesting that he did not himself have proof yet that they were not living up. They're part of the deal that he would advise the president to stay index C hasn't topic advisors have. For an ally even some Republicans say that a rod is following up on there and that the bargain expansion when it comes to some of the very. Specific technical language but you know the president was the very careful at his language he talked about this year of the lot not just the letter of a lot of spirit. Of this deal. And really some of the things that were outside the scope of the original agreement whether Iraq had. Renee dots on its its promises outside of the nuclear development but with how it. Interacted with terrorist organization how interacted with its foreign conflicts. Really the president painting a very grim picture of that stake. And over in London carrier ran her chief of foreign affairs correspondent at carry it warehouse for supper really good point there the deal was never intended to address all of those other problems that remain. Very real problems in Iran its human rights record its proxy warfare its funding of terrorism this is a very specific deal to fix this specific problem. A specific and acute problem on that at that time that this deal was what is happening. The sanctions on Iran what were falling apart though European allies were about to do major deals with Iran and it was within. A few weeks with the estimate of US intelligence agencies. A building a nuclear weapon nuclear breakout was down to a few weeks it was an acute and dangerous problem in the world. And so what President Obama decided. And it may or not been a good idea but this is what the deal does let's address this problem this acute problem. And we'll deal with the ballistic missile problems in the sponsoring terrorism problems elsewhere but let's stop. Another. Middle Eastern war from breaking out. Because. Israel had already gotten basing agreements with Azerbaijan an agreement with Saudi Arabia. To refuel over their territory as they planned a massive air strike which would have triggered yet another giant Middle Eastern war and so. What pres Obama decided do was address merely the nuclear issue get that off the table for ten years and more. And and try to address the others issues the president trump spoke so. Also only about in other venues that that what a lot of people who support president trump in this act in this action say is that. This now gets. Both the United States congress. And the allies serious about those other problems. Iran has basically taken over Iraq. And is about to make war on Curtis stand with them. It's metal than Syria propped up the atrocious regime of Bashar Al Assad. It's medals in Yemen and Lebanon does sponsor terrorism. And what this it is hoped will do is light a fire under the international community again after those issues. We'll see we're hope. Think indeed Jennifer echo filling me get your take on this though it Terry mentions. If this works in refocusing that energy on some of those very real problems that exist in that region. In that will take time and in the meantime there are US troops in the region there are other US interests. Foreign policy interest in places where there's overlap specifically in Syria out right now. What would the implication of just today's announcement and the time that will pass before something happens. Mean for though it's. I think the issue here is. There was not a lot of faith. Among the Sunni. Arab leaders in the Middle East. That. Iran would live up to its intentions. And there was not. An agreement towards this idea of trust and verify and the reason why that is so important as Terry mentioned is the involvements. Of American force is within the broader Middle East it's important to recognize that we have. Forces now in Iraq. And a certain number it in Syria. Those forces there fighting in the war against crisis and that coming in to close proximity. With Iranian forces they air and when you amp up the pressure. On Iran and allies and its military. And it is a potential flashpoint. Between those forces there of course you know there's an enormous military presence. Ing in the Middle East and Bok crane. So whenever you have flash points in react whenever you have these war of words. Symbols are similar to what we're seeing me on the Korean Peninsula there's always a threat that it can be brought down. On to the micro level. Where these forces are actually interacting but nobody knows if that'll actually happened when that'll actually. Happening and the truck you Lance. And with what Terry was mentioning with Iran support. For Bosch shall aside the proxy war they're fighting with Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The issues with Hezbollah. In in Levin not an of course. The issue with Iraq where the United States fought for many years and lost so many troops. This is something we're going to see play out for years to come. And Terry Moran Owen and ask you this because the president mentioned a little bit of the history lesson at the top there it's worth. Time standing it even earlier perhaps because he mentioned the Ronnie and people. And how this would hopefully serve them in the long run in greater access to freedom and democracy in selling the heat started in nineteen semi nine. With the revolution I'm assuming a US involvement in the region goes wave before that the US was in there helping the military to overthrow a nationalist leader earlier in the fifties. And put into place a pro west leader so it's not as if the Iranian people viewed the US with anything less than. Kind of vague suspicion right now. It did deeply complex relationship and antagonistic. Not just that the level of the Ayatollah is but at the level of the people as well on and off. That assassination CIA assassination. Of the Ronnie and prime minister must the deck back in 1954 that is still they've branded. Crime against Iran for the people of Iraq they haven't forgotten that that's said. When this deal went down. There were US flags. Being waved in the streets of Tehran. This deal arguably. Opened it. Door just a crack for some kind perhaps of of rapprochement. One of the gambles of this deal that the President Obama decided to take. Was that in a country where people couldn't use credit cards because that the sanction it couldn't download most apps because of the sanctions. The opening the lifting of those sanctions in return for. Iran giving up 988%. Of its enriched uranium that that what you make nuclear weapons with pouring concrete into its most dangerous reactors. And subjecting itself. But not not to on light regime of inspections which is what president trump suggested there but to them 21 century technology most aggressive weapons inspections in history. That in return they get those benefits of the 21 century. Apps and credit cards and such and that that would open the door to some kind of reform of that. Regime and that that is now out of a window there's there's there's no question that is not going to happen because by heart go bankrupt Donald Trump is gonna care this agreement part. Mary Alice parks let's talk a little bit about that because you mentioned earlier there's Odyssey then descend lead in the administration. For taking these kinds of steps secretary of defense Mattison said that he we believe. Iran is in compliance the deal should stay in place right now there is a former Iraq War commander an hour retired major general came out today to say this puts us. On the path towards war with Iran is that concern prevalent in Washington what the discussion their. Absolutely because we're dealing with not chest. How to make this deal better but but the real alternative that this deal or are no deal. I mean Iran's foreign minister today said that they leave all options open including going back on and he commitments. Mitterrand could take this press conference and say that's at war Al so the president here wanting more inspections of Republicans on capitol self saying that they will. Try it tweak this deal so to change sunset provision but all of that IP for not it for Ron just blocks away. They that is a real reality that people hear Washington art to 88. And frankly people are debating around the world I think there's also. A real the year among lifelong career diplomats here in Washington that this changes how they do their work their ability to do business abroad. Will foreign governments view last likely to trust but the US government sat. Because now we are opening ourselves up to being susceptible to political winds. It's every four years with the US gonna go back on a treaty of this magnitude. To. Terry I'm giving the final word here right now we're in a position where the buck seems to stop. At least for the moment when congress who have not exactly does not to inspire confidence that they can get things done. Where does it go from here what happens next. Well that that is up to congress and it does look as if the US security and foreign policy establishment including most conservative Republicans including the president's own. Cabinet members secretary of state Tillerson tech defense matters. Don't want to terra this deal so it's likely that congress won't do that but around the world adds wanna follow would merit would Rouse was saying. This date confirm something that people have been coming to understand. The United States. Under president trump is different and therefore the world is a different place. There as as mass said. You can't count on NATO commitments on commitments to the UN or the Paris climate accords or. The are running a nuclear deal. As. Solid anymore the United States word isn't. Any good anymore. In making these kinds of deals around the world that makes the world. Probably a less secure and more dangerous place because for seventy years presidents of both parties took. An internationalist. Dirty word today global list perspective on the US role in the world that we would sponsor agreement that built NATO the UN the financial structure the trade regime. And security arrangements like here on a nuclear deal and stick to them. Today as he has on many days of his presidency Donald Trump undermines that seventy year legacy. Incredible step taken there today Carrie Miranda Jennifer apple stand Mary Alice parks thanks for being with us as. You thanks to all of you for watching as well our member you can head over to Anytime for continuing coverage. Or download ABC news acting all the breaking his right to your phone for now I'm on an Abbas. They'll see vacuous and.

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