President Trump defends Labor Secretary amid Epstein controversy

The President said he feels "badly" for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and will look into the controversial plea deal with registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago.
3:12 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for President Trump defends Labor Secretary amid Epstein controversy
New calls from top Democrats. For the resignation of labor secretary Alexander a cost. This is over his role in the controversial. Plea deal with a registered sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein a decade it doesn't take a listen to what they had to say. I am calling on secretary of cost up to resign. It is now impossible. For anyone to have confidence in secretary it cost his ability to lead the Department of Labor. If he refuses to resign. President trump should fire it here. But secretary can't pay you believe should resign his head. Rain we also see that Nancy Pelosi weighed in with a tweet come about him stepping down as well and as we know Epstein was arrested over the weekend on charges of sex trafficking of minors I want to bring in Karen Travers. At the White House because Caron Alexander Acosta is a member of presidents president trumps cabinet so what did the president have to say about all of this. Well the president for now is signaling that he supports them for the work he's done as the labor secretary. President was asked about this yesterday in the Oval Office and says and then a really great job as labor secretary. Phillies seem to be making in this things in between his current position in the cabinet. And is swirling controversy over summing it cost the did a decade ago the president Kimberly did leave some wiggle room left the door open a little bit. For him to reconsider this saying we're gonna take close look at this what the look at it very carefully. Kimberly the president also says he believe that there were other people involved in the decision on that secret plea deal from a decade ago. And you can't lull of the president's own relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Well there's a clue what that is now getting a lot of attention where the president in an interview in 2002. Called adds dean a terrific guy and we should note though that that interview was done before the accusations against ads being were revealed. The president yesterday though said that he hasn't talked to him in about fifteen years. He then he wasn't a fan of his and in fact Kimberly. The president said they had a falling out there were a lot of questions yesterday to the president after he made that comment about what that falling out was related to. He did not answer. And so just going back to our costs are really quick what would happen if he does resign what happens from there. Well the day he would then be filled with another acting secretary we've certainly seen that in other agencies and departments in the trump administration that's been. A big criticism from some Democrats about how the president had significant turnover at the cabinet level. And at other senior positions we're expecting to hear from the labor secretary later this afternoon with his best be taking questions here in Washington. Perhaps trying to announced a full court press to get out there and defend himself yesterday issued a series of tweets saying that he is pleased to see that New York prosecutors were moving forward with this case based on what he said was. New evidence. Lot of criticism of that yesterday saying that the evidence that he's citing is actually thing that he had available to him ten years ago. Right Karen Travers right there at the White House thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The President said he feels \"badly\" for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and will look into the controversial plea deal with registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64244783","title":"President Trump defends Labor Secretary amid Epstein controversy","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-defends-labor-secretary-amid-epstein-controversy-64244783"}