Trump speaks at Arab Islamic American Summit

The president in the speech called on Muslim leaders to unite with other countries in fighting terrorism.
3:00 | 05/21/17

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Transcript for Trump speaks at Arab Islamic American Summit
Thank you. I would like to thank. King Saul. Where is extraordinary words. And the magnificent kingdom. Saudi Arabia for hosting. Today's summit. I am honored. To be received. By such. Gracious hosts. I have always heard about the splendor of your country. And the kindness of your citizens. But words. Do not do justice. To the Grainger. Of this remarkable place. And the incredible hospital. You have shown us. From the moment. We arrived. You also hosted me. In the treasured home. Of king Abdul Aziz. The founder. Of the kingdom. Who you know how did your great people. Working along side of another beloved leader. American president. Franklin Rosen. King Abdul Aziz began. The enduring partnership. Between our. Two countries. King Solomon. Your father. Would be very. Very proud. To see that you are continuing his legacy. And just as he. Opened. The first chapter. Our partnership. Today we begin a new chapter. That will bring lasting benefits. To all. Of our citizens. Let me now also extend my deep and heartfelt. Gratitude. He each and every one. Of the distinguished heads of state. Who made this journey. Here today. You greatly honor us with your presents. An ice and the warmest regards. From my country. Skiers thank you. I know that our time again there will bring many blessings. To both your people. And to mind. I stand before you as a represent. Of the American people. To deliver a message. Of friendship. And hope Angela. That is why I chose to me. My first foreign visit. A trip. To the heart of the Muslim world. That the nation that senators as custodians. Of the two holiest sites. In the Islamic Friday. In my inaugural address. To the American people. I pledge to strengthen America's oldest friendships. And to build new partnerships. In pursuit of peace. I also promise that America. Will not seek to impose our way of life on others. But to out stretch our. Aliens in this spirit. Of cooperation. And trusts. Our vision is one of peace. Security. And press. In this region. And all. Throughout the world. Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism. And providing our children. A hopeful future. That does honor. To guide. And so this historic and unprecedented gathering of leaders. Unique in the history of nations. Is a symbol to the world. Of our shared reason. Military. That will protect the state he over people's. And enhance the security. Of Al or wonderful friends and many of whom are here today. Ron's different security. Culture. And commerce. For Americans. This is a very exciting time. A new spirit of optimism. Is sweeping our country. In just a few moments we have created almost a million new jobs. Handed over three trillion dollars in new values. Lifted the burdens. On American industry. And made record investments. In our military. That will protect the safety of our people. And enhance the security. Of our wonderful friends and allies. Many of whom are here today. Now. There is even more. Blessed news. And I am pleased to share with you. My meetings with king sol. The crown presence and the deputy program parents have been filled with great warmed. Goodwill. And tremendous cooperation. Yesterday we side historic agreements. With the kingdom. That will invest almost 400 billion dollars. In our two countries and create many hundreds of thousands of jobs. In American. And Saudi Arabia. This landmark agreement includes the announcement of a 110. Billion dollars Saudi funded defense Berkshire's. And we will be sure to help our Saudi friends to get a good deal. From our great American. Defense companies the greatest anywhere in the world. This agreement. Will help the Saudi military. To take a far greater. Role in security. And operations. Having to do with sick Cary. We have also started discussions with many of the country's present today on strengthening partnerships. And forming new ones to advance security. And stability across the Middle East. And far via. Later today we will make history again with the opening of the new global sent. For combating extremist ideology. Located right here. In this central part. Of the Islamic. World. This ground breaking news sent to represents a clear declaration. That Muslim majority countries. Must take the lead in combating. Radicalization. And I want to express our gratitude. To king's cell. For his strong demonstration. And his absolutely incredible. And powerful. Leadership. I have had the pleasure of welcoming. Several of the leaders present today to the White House. And I look forward to working with all opinion. America is a sovereign nation. And our first priority is always the safety and security. Of our cities. We are not here. To lecture. We are not here. To tell other people how to live. What to do who to be or how to worship. Instead we are here to offer partnership. They stored shared interest and values. To pursue a better if you eat a Saturday in a most about an a for the liquid in. Here at this stuff what are fees that the U Melissa my cellphone if not crucial others must on the Huntington theatre nuts us and above all. We must be united in pursuing the one goal that transcends every other consideration. That goal is to meet history's great test to conquer extremists. And bank. The four shoots that terrorism brings with it every single time. Young Muslim boys and girls should be able to grow up free from fear. Safe from violence. And innocent. Of hatred. When young Muslim men and women. Should have the chance to build a new era of prosperity for themselves. It has to be done. We have to let them do. With God's help this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror. And spread its pile created. At the same time we pray this special. May someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Middle East. And maybe even all over the world. But this future can only be achieved. Through defeating terrorism. And the ideology. That drives. Few nations. Have been spared. Violent reach of terrorists. America has suffered repeated. Barbaric attacks. From the atrocities of September 11. And the devastation of the Boston bombings. To the horrible killings in San Bernard you know. An Orlando. The nations of Europe. Have also endured unspeakable horror. So who have the nations of African. And South America. India Russia China. And Australia. Have all been victims. But in sheer numbers. The deadliest coal has been exacted. On the innocent people. The Arab. Muslim and Middle Eastern. Nations. They have borne the brunt of the killings and the worst of the destruction. In this wave. Of fanatical. Violence. Some estimates hold that more than 95%. Of the victims of terrorism. Are themselves. Muslim. We now face humanitarian. And security disaster in this region that is spreading across the planet. It is a tragedy. Of epic proportions. No description of the suffering. And depravity. And begin to capture. Its full. Measure. It can crow of crisis. If you look at what's happened. Al-Qaeda. Hezbollah. Hamas. And so many others. Must be counted. Not only in the number of dead. It also must be counted. In generations. And vanish. Dreams. The Middle East is rich with natural beauty. Vibrant cultures and massive amounts of historic treasures. It should increasingly become. One of the great global centers of commerce. An opportunity. This region should not be a place from which refugees flee but to which. Newcomers block. Saudi Arabia is home. In the holiest sites. In one of the world's. Great faiths. Each year millions of Muslims come from around the world to Saudi Arabia. To take part in the high. In addition to ancient wonders. This country is also home. The moderate ones. Including soaring achievements and architecture. Egypt. As a thriving center of learning and achievement thousands of years before. Other parts of the world. The what isn't. Is Lux. And Alexandria. Are proud monuments. To that ancient Howard. All over the world people dream of walking through the ruins. Of picture into it. Iraq. Was the cradle of civilization. And is a land of natural. Beauty. And the United. Arab Emirates has reached incredible heights with glass and steel and turned earth that water. It is spectacular. Works of art. The entire region. Is at the center. Of the key shipping lanes. Of the Suez Canal the Red Sea. And the straits of hormones. The potential of this region has never ever. In greater. 65%. Of its population. Is under the age of like all young men and women they seek great future used to denote. Great national projects to June and a place for their families. To call home. But this untapped potential. Is tremendous cause of optimism. Is held it day by bloodshed. And terror. There can be no co existence. With this violence. There can be no tolerating. No accepting. No excusing it and no ignoring. Everytime a terrorist murders in this in Paris and falsely invokes the name of god. It should be in itself to every person of faith. Terrorists do not worship god. They worship death. It would give it an act against this organized and then we know. What will happen. And what will be the end result. Errors news devastation of life. Will continue to spread. Peaceful societies will become engulfed. By violence. And the futures. Of many generations. Will be seen at least squandered. We do not stand in uniform. Condemnation. Of this killing. I'm not only will we be judged by our people. Not only will we be judged by history. What we will be judged by god. This is not a battle between different things. Different sects. Or different civilizations. This is a battle. Between barbaric criminals. Who seek to obliterate human alive and decent people all. In the name. Of religion. People. At one to protect life and want to protect. Their religion. This is a battle between good. And evil. When we see this scenes of destruction. In the wake of ten wish you no signs. That those records were Jewish or Christian. Shia. With Sunni. When we look upon the strains of innocent blood soaked into the ancient Graham. We cannot see the fate worse. Or try of the victims we see only that they were children of. Whose demands aren't itself. To all. That is whole. But we can totally overcome this evil. If the forces of good are united and strong and if everyone in this room does their fair share and fulfills their part. Of the bird. Terrorism has spread all across the world but the path to peace begins right here on this ancient soil. In this sacred land. America is prepared to stand with you in pursuit of shared interest. And comments here. But the nations of the Middle East cannot wait for American power to crush this enemy for them. The nations of the Middle East will have to decide. What kind of future they want for themselves. For their country. And frankly. For their families. For their children. It's a choice between two futures. At that is de Chile's American. Cannot make for you. A better future is only possible. If your nation's drive out the terrorists. And drive out the extreme. Drive them. Who. Drive them out. Of your places of bush drive them out. The view community drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this area. For our part. America is committed to adjusting our strategies. To meet evolving threats and new facts. We will discard those strategies. That have not worked and will apply new approach is informed. By experience. Talent. And judge. We are adopting any principles. Realism. Rooted in common values. Shared interests and common cents. Our friends will never questioners support and our enemies will never doubt. Our determination. Our partnerships will advance security. And stability. Not through radical. Disruption. We will make decisions based doing real world outcomes. Not inflexible. Ideology. We will be guided by the lessons of experience. Not that confines. Of rigid thinking. And wherever pops. We will seek gradual reforms. Not sudden intervention. We might seek. Heart. Not perfection. And to make allies of all. Who share our goals. Above all America seeks peace not war. Was little nations. Must be willing to take on the bird. If we are going to defeat terrorism and think it's wicked idea. Into oblivion. The first pants in this joint F. Is figure nations to deny all territory. In the foot soldiers and people. Every country in the region as an absolute duty to would shoot. At terrorists find no sanctuary. When there's hula. Many are already making significant contributions. To regional sick here. You data in pilots. Are crucial partners. Against crisis in Syria. And Iraq. Saudi Arabia. And they regional coalition. Have taken strong action. Against militants. And yen. The Lebanese army. Is hunting ices operatives. Who try to infiltrate. Their Terry. In moretti. Troops. Supporting. Our Afghan. Heart. And supporting. Them strong. In Mosul. American troops are supporting Kurds. Sunnis and she is fighting together. For their homeland. Cutter. Which hosts the US Central Command. Is a crucial. Strategic. Our longstanding partnership with Kuwait. And Bahrain. Continued to enhance security. In the region. Our courageous Afghan soldiers are making tremendous sacrifices in the fight against the Taliban. And others in the fight for their country. As we did now. Terrorist organization control. Of territory and populations. We must also stripped them. Of their access. To funds. We must cut off the financial channels. That let ice to sell oil. Let extremist pay their fighters. And help terrorists smuggle. Their reinforcements. I am proud to announce that the nation's here today will be signing an agreement. To prevent the financing of terrorists. Called the terrorist. Financing. Targeting center. Chaired by the United States. And Saudi Arabia and joined by every member. Of the gulf. Cooperation. Accounts. It is another historic step in a day that will be long remembered. I also Laura. The gulf cooperation. Council for blocking funders. For music in their countries as a financial base that there. And for. Designating. Hezbollah. As a terrorist organization. Which they certainly in our last year. Saudi Arabia also joined us this week and placing sanctions. 11 of the most senior leaders. Of Hezbro. Of course there is still much work. To be done. That means honestly confronting the prices. Of Islamic extremists. And the islamists. And Islamic terror of all kinds. We must stop. What they're doing to inspire. Because they do nothing to inspire. But hill. And we are having a very profound. Effect. If you look at what's happened. Recently. And it means standing together against the murder of innocent Muslims. The oppression of women. The persecution of drew Jews. And the slaughter of Christians. Religious leaders must make this absolutely clear barbarism. Will deliver you know glory. Piety. Is evil. We'll bring you know. Dignity. If you accuse Japan of Karen. Your life will be empty. Your life will be raised. And years soul. Will be fully. Condemn. And political leaders must speak out to affirm the same idea heroes. Don't kill innocents. They saved. Many nations here today have taken important steps to raised up that message. Saudi Arabia's vision for 2030. Is an important and encouraging statement of tolerance respect. Empowering women. And economic development. The United Arab Emirates. Has also engaged in the battle for the hearts and souls. And with the United States launched a center to counter. The on line spread of hate. Bahrain who is working to undermine recruitment. And radicalism. I also applaud Jordan Turkey and Lebanon for their role. In hosting refugees. This surge of migrants and refugees living and Jews living so poorly. That they are forced to leave. The Middle East. Completes the human capital needed to build stable societies. And economies. Instead of depriving this region of so much human potential. Middle Eastern countries can give young people hope for a brighter future in their home nations. And region. That means promoting. The aspirations. And dreams of all citizens who seek a better life including women children. And the followers. Of wolf that. Numerous Arab and Islamic scholars. Have eloquently. That protecting equality. Strengthens Arab. And Muslim. Communities. Well many centuries the Middle East has been home to Christians. Muslims. And Jews living side by Sen. We must practice tolerance and respect for each other once again. And make this region a place. Where every man and woman. No matter their faith. Or this is easy. Can enjoy a life of dignity. And hope. In that spirit. After concluding. Myers. In. A fabulous place. That where. At today Rea. Have gotten to know so well in social order time. I will travel. To Jerusalem and Bethlehem. And then to the Vatican. Visiting many of the holiest places. In the three. Abraham make things. We of these three phase can join together in cooperation. Then peace in this world is possible including peace between. Israelis. And Palestinians. I will be meeting with both. Israeli prime minister Benjamin. Net you know. And Palestinian. President. Abbas. Starving terrorists. Of their territory. Of their funding and the false allure. Of the cravin ideology. Will be the basis. For easily defeating. But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government. That gives terrorists all three safe harbor. Financial back in. And the social standing needed the recruit. It is a regime that is responsible. For so much instability in that region. I am speaking of course. Of Iran. From Lebanon. To Iraq. To Yemen. A ran funds arms. And trains terrorists. Militias. And other extremist groups. That spread destruction and Candice. Across the region. For decades around his field the fires. Of sectarian conflict and terror. Is a government that speaks openly of mass murder. Vowing that destruction of his two. Death to America. And ruined for many leaders. And nations. In this very room. Among Moran's most tragic. And destabilizing. Interventions. You've seen it. In Syria. Olson by Iran. The sun is committed unspeakable crimes. And the United States it is taken firm action or response. To the use of banned chemical laps. By the aside. Regime. Launching 59. Missiles. At the Syrian witness from where that matters attack. Rich and responsible nations must work together and the humanitarian crisis and son. Erratic in crisis and restore stability. At the region. As quickly as pos. The Iranian regime's long suffering victims. Are its own people. Iran has a rich history and culture. But the people a program have endured hearts and despair. Of their leaders write this pursuit. Of conflict and there. Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner. All nations. Must worked again to isolate. Deny. Funding for terrorism. And that do. And pray for the day when the Iranian people have is just and righteous government. They so richly does. The decision between bank. Will affect. Countless lives. Zalman. And thank you for the creation. Of this great moment. In history. And for your massive investments. In America. And its industries. And its jobs. We also thank you for investing in the future of this part of the world. The fertile region. And it is so far. As coal. The angry. Extraordinary success. A rich history and culture. A young and vibrant people. Eight rising. Spirit event. But you can totally unlocked his future if the citizens of the Middle East are freed from extremist. Terra. And violence. We in this rule. On the leaders. Are people. They look to us for answers. And for act. And when we look back at their faces. Behind every parent lines. Is the sole. Yearns for justice. And yearns for tease. Today billions faces. Are now office. Waiting for us to act. When the great question. Of our time. Will we be indifferent. In the presence. Of evil. Will we protect our citizens. From its violent ideology. Will we let it then it was spread. Through our society's. Wheel we let it destroy the most holy sites. Warner. If we do not confront this deadly terror. We know what the future will bring. More suffering. More death. And more despair. But if we act. If we leave this magnificent. Room unified and determined. To do what it takes. To destroy the terror. That threatens the world. Then there is no limit. To the great future. Our citizens. Will have. The birthplace of civilization. Is waiting. To begin. A new revenues. Just imagine what tomorrow could burning. Glorious wonders. Of science. Art. Medicine and commerce to inspire. Men. Great cities. Built on the ruins. I've shattered parents. Good jobs and industries. That will lift up millions and millions of people. Parents who no longer worry for their children and their families. And who no longer more for their loved ones. And the faithful. Who finally worship. Without fear. These are the blessings. Of prosperity and please. These are the desire is that burn. With a righteous for. In every single human heart. And these are the just demands. Of our beloved people. I ask you to join me. To join together. To work again. And to fight again because united. We will not fail we can that fail nobody. Absolutely. Nobody. Can be yes. Thank you. God bless you. God bless your country's. And god bless the United States. Of America thank you very.

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