President Trump: 'The FBI director is wrong'

The president revealed in an ABC News exclusive interview he would possibly take information from foreign powers during the 2020 presidential campaign.
7:08 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for President Trump: 'The FBI director is wrong'
We begin with an ABC news exclusive hour George Stephanopoulos. Think thirty hours over two days with president trump in the clear headline so far his comments on foreign governments. Interfering in our elections to take a listen. OK let's put yourself in a position you're a congressman somebody comes up and says hey I have information on your opponent you call the other night. I don't think coming from doing you do I've seen a lot of things although I like I don't think in my whole life of cervical the FBI. In my whole life. You don't call the FB Jake Alexis who had an director says that's what should happen the FBI director is wrong because frankly doesn't happen like that let. Your campaign this time around foreigners if Russia if China someone else offers information upon should they accept leadership because the FBI. I think maybe give us I think you might want to listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody call. From a country Norway. We have information on your home. I think that want to hear if you want that kind of interference in our elections under the definitive information I think that take it. Arizona bringing Karen Travers at the White House and we'll have Terri in Iran and our DC bureau. But Karen starting with you I mean after all of the fallout. From the election in in 2016 with Russia we have the president saying he would not alert the FBI about foreign interference what do you make of that. A Kimberly the backlash started the minute that that clip aired last night on ABC news Democrats saying that yes absolutely this is interference it is not political. Political opposition research. And that's not just the way things are done here in Washington. The president and now the questions will be what lessons he's taken from the last three and a half years. Going back to that trump tower meeting a door in the heat at the can't hold and the investigation. That Robert Lawler conducted over nearly two years and the conclusions from that report. George questionnaire was specifically about Russia and China and I think one thing that we keep hearing in this town is that. This is not a one off thing by rush that the intelligence agencies believe that Russia tried to do to get in the mid terms and will continue to try in interfere in presidential elections in US elections. And the president right there his critics say it giving them a green light to continue doing that even signaling any information they get out of that interference. He be willing to entertain and says he'd take a look at it. And Harry I am. Ers want your opinion on this what are the implications of a president. Who believes taking information from a foreign government is okay. Well I mean it's depressing as it dead then. Trump loyalists will ties to pressing on both sides and aren't necessarily wrong the Democrats did hire an investigator. Who went to the Kremlin. He had sources in the Kremlin for information on Donald Trump and it's all kind of dirty. There is a lot of dirt in politics but I think. Do Karen is actually right this is going to happen more and more in the digital age there are more ways for enemies adversaries of the United States. To try to attack our elections to undermine our confidence in our elections to try to. Shape our elections with this information. In the digital age it's much much easier and you want the president and you want the candidates in both parties to defend the country against that. You don't want it to to be inviting. That kind of attack. You want to be drawn absolute bright black line. I stay out. And here the president has faced you I take a look for sure that maybe Ed call the FBI and that that is not really defending the country and as I say. You know there have been instances in this like this before. Richard Nixon. Had somebody go to Vietnam and and whose secretly tell the south Vietnamese government don't reach a peace deal. Because it'll help my opponent. Keep fighting keep the people dying so that. So that it my so that I can win a presidential election in 1982 Senator Ted Kennedy went to Moscow. So don't reach a nuclear deal with Reagan you get a better one when a Democrats and office. This kind of skull dumber has gone on a generally considered shameful. It's generally been considered just. Wrong you know if not treasonous in in the letter of the law treasonous in the spirit of it and so we like our elections to be. Trustworthy and our own not manipulated by our adversaries and you'd like to hear that articulated in the Oval Office. Absolutely and Caron have to ask you about what the response was from Democrats and what inch from say about the buzz going on about his comments from that. Yet Democrats of course jumped on us and said that this is unacceptable that the president is encouraging interference like Terry was just saying and that this could certainly spark more people who've been on the fence. On the impeachment question to perhaps jump off that fence Wednesday. That Democrats do need to go start going down that path thing and start some potential proceeding. The president this morning Kimberly on Twitter was broadening out this issue and he said. And that all of the criticism about that answer about taking information from foreign governments. He isn't brighten an out to say so I might not supposed to talk to foreign leaders the president referenced his trip last week where he met with the queen of England the leaders of the UK Ireland France. Here at the White House this week the president a pole and and the president said he talked with those leaders about everything was he supposed to call the FBI afterwards now Cortland apples and oranges here that is part of diplomatic work that's part of what presidents do in gauging with world leaders nobody saying he's stopped doing that. The question though that George asked him was about two very powerful adversaries of the US Russia and China offering dirt on the political opponent and that it's very death. And Terry before going down where do we go from here I mean he is made this comment what happens next from this. Well I think there's a lot of pressure on Republicans who are traditionally. Hawkish when it comes to foreign interference in our elections but are also. Almost craven really loyal to president trumps a hot and they walk that line. With they're with their base so strongly behind Donald Trump. And something that I think most professional politicians would think this this is one we have to draw a line we have to say. That it is wrong to invite and am an enemy and adversary to attack the United States by dishing dirt into our. Into our yeah election campaigns which could be disinformation. And as I said that the Democrats were fishing in the Kremlin and they didn't think that the Kremlin might have. Pedal disinformation about Donald Trump the there were born yesterday. This is a should be a bright bipartisan line right. Don't invite attacks on our democracy. Unfortunately. It's now. All right Terry Murray. NRDC bureau and Karen Travers at the White House. Thank you both for joining us and guide the full interview would Georgian president trump airs. Next week here on ABC so make sure you don't miss it.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"The president revealed in an ABC News exclusive interview he would possibly take information from foreign powers during the 2020 presidential campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63691054","title":"President Trump: 'The FBI director is wrong'","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-fbi-director-wrong-63691054"}