Can President Trump hold onto 2016 supporters in Pennsylvania?

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports from Pennsylvania, speaking with voters who supported Donald Trump in 2016 about whether they’re staying with him in 2020.
6:40 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Can President Trump hold onto 2016 supporters in Pennsylvania?
I now for more on the race of the White House president trump helps three campaign rallies in Pennsylvania today. A clear sign of the importance of the state that he won by less than 1%. Back in 2016. The biting campaign of course is not taking Pennsylvania for granted making a hard push to win the state where Joseph Biden was born. So we head into the final week of the election are Martha Raddatz was on the ground in Pennsylvania. Temperature of those who voted for trump back in 2016. On whether they're sticking with him this time around. Driving through Pennsylvania. It's easy to see the intensity. Of election fever. From the cities to the suburbs stretching to the rural areas campaign signs compete with the fall foliage for top billing. I'm gonna say everything all his policies I agree with a 100%. I agree that he has spoken for the people the silent majority which I'm proud to be one could. About ten miles west of Philadelphia. Sixty year old ten years so let's state is the kind of enthusiastic supporter of the trump campaign. Hopes will prevail when this must wins state. Anything over the last four years that has given you Potts about. I would say no at this point because when I'm researching what he does sag. There's facts backing up my C social medium very active in social media. So I do my research things had he brings up. Are exactly let me and my friends talk about in our kitchen when we're sitting around having drinks and talking about politics and garment. He's exactly spot on. Do you believe he ever lines. I think no luck at some point I got. But he's not the politician who life like for 47 years but either political official policy you couldn't cope with. I put healer perfectly what else could he have done we are man's don't Wear admit it has been so much confusion and so much back and forth. We're lucky we're even okay at this point. In 26 dean and results from the keystone state what one of the big shocker. Trump winning the long time democratic stronghold by a slim 44000. Votes added nearly six million cast. Could you vote for it to any sixteen. Trump Donald Trump. Who are you voting for in twenty to any. Biden Joseph Biden there are worrisome signs for trial. Some who voted for him four years ago have soured on the president. 430 somethings Morgan and Katie Harris parents to two children it has all been just too much. I decided that character mean something that I can't separate the tail. And it just every time I watched him on the news. It was just this hit my stomach. Like oh my goodness like this is our reality and I just I can do four more years of it. It's the Donald Trump shown were along for the ride. It's been a bumpy arrived. You know I think ultimately. The role a president is bigger than yourself. Was there a moment here was said something that just gradually you decided you couldn't vote for Donald. Trump I think it's it's the noise of everything I kind of feel like my voice some days has lost in just the noise is enough. The polarization. With does the race relations with George Floyd's death. With. Co did he have many opportunities again to come together and say it let let's let's figure this out together. Let's be a unifier and yeah I mean time and time again he's given these opportunities. To act presidential. And he got them. I'm just hoping that a bad joke and maybe tone the noise down if nothing else and maybe just at least bring some professionalism. Back some com. Don't tweets. Just the basics. Judy you where you're registered Republicans are up Obama. Trumped. And now. Now Joseph Biden's. Retiree Judy your total ad says it was the pandemic. That changed her mind Pennsylvania was one of the states to get hit hard early. Almost 9000. Have died right here. When the virus initially hit. Neighbors friends here my community. We made over a thousand masks for the hospitals nursing homes friends. And it was a lot of work. And then he had the disrespect and underwear amassed. And it could've saved thousands. Of lives and I believe. Judy is a member of us. Highly coveted demographic suburban women who voted for trump in 2016. But who switch to support Democrats in twenty AT. Her Taliban's. Campaign signs which she thinks helps keep the temperature down. Are your friends with. Trump supporters it's the next and it really very few people talk about it. Unless you're in close quarters give a sense that others feel the same way you do who may have voted for true. I know it down. This which is what bothers me. I don't know how you can support him anymore and even if you're not present that you just don't treat people relationship quit. Ten days left. There may come down to Pennsylvania. Miguel Rivera who doesn't like what he hears from the Democrat so you will be surprised that is a lot of people or a voting and Philadelphia. Voted for that report from product dubbed also mean necessarily dubbed dear Republican. But. Dubbed a candidate that is there is a wonderful amusing what brighter future for them to us hustle. Born in Puerto Rico Rivera has it in Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. Anything sits trump who promises that brighter future. What do you think Donald Trump can do for at the spinning. You don't know not bullets from. He is one of the precedent a ton more. Hispanic. Pam black community's intense of creating employment. So he'll become a second tower and trump voter on Election Day. Early voting here has been as wildly popular as across the rest of the country. With nearly a million and a half ballots returned by mail already in Pennsylvania. They don't start counting them until Election Day. Which pretty much guarantees that nation's focus will remain intense. For days. For ABC news lines when Martha Raddatz in Pennsylvania.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports from Pennsylvania, speaking with voters who supported Donald Trump in 2016 about whether they’re staying with him in 2020. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73846185","title":"Can President Trump hold onto 2016 supporters in Pennsylvania?","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-hold-2016-supporters-pennsylvania-73846185"}