President Trump meets with Pelosi, Schumer

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meet with the president before a crucial government funding deadline.
3:49 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for President Trump meets with Pelosi, Schumer
So trump is meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer today it's his first sit down since the mid terms. And this is all about the funding for the border walls I wanna go out to Karen Travers who's in the DC. Bureau right now Karen based on his tweak the where do you think Trump's head is going into this meeting. Well can the president has been asking for five billion dollars to fund the wall he wants to build on the US Mexico border and Democrats have not budged over the last few weeks. As the numbers have been tossed around that there was a bipartisan agreement in the senate for one point six billion but we're told by democratic officials. That the number that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer bringing to the White House today is one point three billion dollars. For border security measures that doesn't mean the physical construction of a wall. That's things like send seeing and drones in greater security down at the border. The question is will the president agreed to this and it's for all an occasion the president has said he is willing to shut down the government to get the funding he once. Like him there is just no appetite among his fellow Republicans here in Washington to how to government shutdown that would begin on December 22 rate before the holiday season. Republicans say this isn't to the president to strike a deal with Democrats they cannot pass a spending bill unless Democrats get on board so they're saying this is all to the president today is meeting could be very consequential. And we might know this afternoon in what things will be looking like for the next week and a half. Yes and speaking. Senators there are some other senators that are expressing a lot of concern for the chaos in the White House specifically the 44 ex senators who wrote a Washington Post. Opt then to the current senators what do we make of this. Yeah this is interesting last night's a group of bipartisan senators more Democrats than Republicans or independents urging their colleagues if you well in the senate current members. To stand for democracy is saying whatever united or divided us we did not veer when we were an office from our unwavering. And shared commitment to placing our country democracy and national interest above all else so. And a pretty in prince if you will force senators to stick to those guiding principles of course you can say that these former lawmakers just not liking what they're seeing out of Washington recently. He and of course in the midst of this we're still have this scrambled for the new chief of staff so. In an also you know people are talking about this by Jerry commissioner even made a rare appearance on TV last night discussing and is well. What's the latest on on that contenders. Yet dared commissioner is on Fox News last night talking about the criminal justice reform bill that he has been pushing very strongly here from the White House. Urging senate Republicans to take this up and get this on the floor this is a passion project for him if you will something is really. Been backing here in stunning he commends the president to get behind in that interview he was also asked about the palace intrigue in the drama taking place here. About who'll replace John Kelly as the next chief of staff. Here's a Jared Kushner had to say. The president make the right choice for chief of staff when he's ready and hopefully he'll chew somebody's got great chemistry with Crea really ship went through. We'll help them navigate the next couple years to all of the had a good opportunities that emerge to keep pushing forward. So no hints there from here commissioner as to who the president is leaning toward who'd a top contender is no surprise he says he hopes of somebody at the president can work well with which seems like a pretty basic standard for the president to take when looking for this very critical position here in the White House. And the president tweeted that there are many people that are interested in this and why wouldn't they be because it's such a great position. Irate Karen thank you so much and just reminder to everyone whoever replaces John Kelly this'll be and a third person. To fill this role in the first two years of the trump presidency.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meet with the president before a crucial government funding deadline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59751596","title":"President Trump meets with Pelosi, Schumer","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-meets-pelosi-schumer-59751596"}