President Trump has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

President Trump says he has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein; FiveThirtyEight forecast reveals which party has the best chance of controlling Congress after midterms.
19:11 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for President Trump has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein
And. And welcome to the breaking your mind ABC's Devin Dwyer and ABC news Washington great to have you with us on this Monday we're joined by Alley Rogen are sent a producer a busy weekend on Capitol Hill. With the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice after quite a battle. As you all have been following of course we'll talk a little bit about that wasn't talk about the president's big meeting with a deputy attorney general rob Rosen signed that just happened on Air Force One. More on that and a second that the president is in Florida. Addressing this meeting with a deputy attorney general he just had of course. It's the first time the both of them met face to face after that bombshell New York Times report. Just about a month or so ago take a listen on what the president had to say about rod grosans. But I've got it all that I got. Thank you as well to our deputy attorney general arrived Rosen Stein for being here and flew down together. The press went so what did you talk about. We had a very good talk I Wilson's. I became a very big story actually vote. We had a good talk. In fact a huge story the New York Times reporting you may or call that Rosen Stein had suggested at one point. Wiretapping. Secretly wiretapping recording the president and recruiting. Members of the cabinet to invoke the 25 amendment to remove president trump from office presence nine denies actually. Acting on any of that but this is the first time that he came face to face with the president we understand they met for about 45 minutes. And route to Florida that you see a picture of them are coming down the steps there. Just have a few hours ago let's bring in a White House reporter Catherine fathers has been tracking this Catherine. In Britain to help us understand the significance of this moment and where the president stands right now whether or not he might fire progress in stock. There's been intense speculation after that report. That you mentioned parents who whether he would fire Robertson sign or not in fact after that report prisons and was summoned here to the White House. For a meeting with John Kelly and he expected it to be fired that day but look he seems like he's. Bought himself some time here on the White House north blocked South Lawn. A during an act departure. The president said that they have a good relationship I asked about the loyalty he wouldn't answer that directly but said look they're gonna have a conversation and they're going to talk things out but Rosen sign he's the president speaking earlier wasn't signed has been the target. Of the presidents anger and frustration. I as it relates that Russia probe for some time so the White House said that after a 45 minute conversation where they discussed various matters which they say included general DOJ business. That Werth and still on his job so there's obviously still intense speculation. Over here DeVon house of the future. But he seems to have bought himself some time. That's right Kathy you did ask him just to underline that you asked him whether he feels that Rosen Stein has been loyal to him. He didn't answer affirmatively that was very telling. Yeah I thought it was absolutely telling to you know loyalties. Important to this president he said he didn't know him at first but he's gotten to known very around their relationship is very good. I think the writing is on the wall Alley that the president. Has signaled this much that there will be a shake up at the Justice Department Rosen Stein likely out of course attorney general Jeff Sessions likely out after the mid term elections. But Rosen Stein is such a central figure here because he's the man that oversees the Russian investigation. It's sort of been viewed by many Democrats certainly some Republicans in capital the third rail and untouchable rail. It seems like he got the warning that firing Rosen signed would be a potentially perilous it certain. Leasing LE and you wonder what conversations have been happening in private because it certainly something we're hearing a lot on Capitol Hill even from Republicans saying that. Pioneering Rosen Stein without. Good cause would certainly be a bridge too far even the folks who are recently tribe allies like Lindsey Graham are saying it's much that if you're going to do this. You need to be able to back up firing Bob Mueller spots and right now nobody seems you have a justification for him doing. Aren't the Mueller probe a bit of that long right now and campaign season but expect big fireworks right after the election certainly going to shake things up into the holiday season meanwhile we have in the Supreme Court justice in fact. However Cabot not will spend his first day at the Supreme Court tomorrow when they're back in session out your up on the hill. All week and you watch this vote the closest vote in a 137. Years. For Supreme Court justice. And just can't give us your take away from from the mood in the halls of congress. You've been covering it for quite some time if you ever seen anything this bitterly divided. I've never seen anything this bitterly divided nor have people who. Not to and date myself but who have been up there for a lot longer than I have. But the mood frankly DeVon felt deflated as if we have crossed this moment at this point of no return where. Justices are going to be coming purely partisan. Phenomenon I mean you saw little bit of that when leader McConnell blocked. The confirmation of Merrick Garland it continued into the confirmation of course itch but certainly this is the ugly it's we have seen so far. The protests. Certainly I think you're only going to see them grow in aggressiveness if there are additional Supreme Court justices to nominee because. This truly seems like something that is going to be the norm with. With coming. And as you know Democrats vowing if they take control of the house and or the senate. Val and perhaps to impeach but certainly to investigate per cabin are reopened. The inquiry that we've been litigating already. Over at the court over the weekend we did see him in the liberal justices tried it to help out this partisan divide paper over some of the differences with Peter Ginsberg was among those attending the swearing in. Which was certainly striking. A but the president shows no signs of backing down he is using this as political leverage take a listen to just what he said about this just a few moments ago in Orlando. It was very very unfair what happened to him. False charges. False accusations. Horrible statements that we're totally untrue that he knew nothing about. Friendly terms that he probably never heard in his life he was this he was that everything her heard of these times was a disgraceful situation. Brought about by people that are evil. Any tough to them. He talked it out indeed of course the president. Are planning to take this on the campaign trail all week he's going to be out their cap for folders as bring you into the conversation again. It would bring us the latest about the victory lap the president is preparing tonight Kavanagh has already been sworn in but we understand they're gonna swear man again. The ascent tonight at 7 o'clock he will be sworn in. Again by the president and what we call this ceremonial. Swearing in here in the eastern of the White House so. Taking a victory lap here he uses roundly over the weekend just hours after Cavanaugh was sworn in. To take his first victory lap so we'll hear from him again. Here at the white house with Kavanagh but look he. He is said earlier today leaving the White House did he says Democrats are going to pay a high price for. Opposing Kavanagh of confirmation to the Supreme Court and in you mention the impeachment. Idea earlier if Democrats weren't it take the house the president it called adding insult. The two the American public he says I think you're going to see a lot of things happen on November 6. That would not. Have happened before he's predicting that Democrats are actually going to vote Republican because of the Kavanagh back last so we will hear a lot. More about that from this president leading up to the mid term elections and we'll see another victory laps and. And tonight will also have the chance to hear from Brett Cavanaugh for the first time since all this controversy erupted in his. Fiery testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee he's expected to make some remarks as well. Are trusting political director Rick Klein has swooped in to join us for this conversation Rick very timely. The politics of this are fascinating you've been looking at the numbers out and what a marked difference in senate races across the country just in the past couple weeks in the midst of this Kavanagh per. We've seen a shift and it does appear to be tied to it to capitol and you can see in the president's rhetoric the way he is. Put his family has its foot on the pedal here he senses a powerful political moment he seemed Republican candidates in the draft behind him. You're seeing them go on the attack more and more over disease who have wrecked capital and you see it particularly in red states where president trump he's going to be active this week as he is just about every week from now until the election to try to make the case. Brett Cavanaugh as they're got you're hearing these Kavanagh chance. Break out almost rallies almost as much as as locker off it's become a thing and yours you're I think Republican candidates sense that momentum as well. Basin they see an opportunity here to attempt to try to to marginalized Emma. Rats in these states I can think of an issue that has united Republicans establish certain Republicans and Steve Dan and Republicans as much as this issue I mean even Mitch McConnell. Is getting praise from. The front the likes of Buchanan wing of the party. Have you ran that out but first let's listen to Mitch McConnell he was speaking out just this morning on what he's called now has perhaps as. Biggest political victory on his years in politics. What I think this should Don for us. Is provide the kind of adrenaline. Shot that we have not been able to have figure out how to achieve in any other way. So he shot a political adrenaline and that is what Mitch McConnell has been saying since frankly since this fight. Began because he knew that this is going to be something that galvanize Republican voters he would. He was thinking what he called the quote mobs of people who were out there protesting against this confirmation out there every day. Until the confirmation vote. Took place so this is certainly something that Republicans are hoping can match. The energy on the democratic side in terms of the anger that was responding to the trump administration this is the counterpoint to that. There's been a lot of concern among Republicans that not only hasn't been a general lack of enthusiasm but with the president out there saying he sees a red wave. There's actually been some concern that he's he's sort of suppressed some of that voter turn hours going to be so key in just a few weeks. When I'm watching now is how much does the president help the case for this hurt the case because we know he goes off message right this is yet another month it's a long time three Kavanagh it up three weeks that otherwise would have been talking about all these matter of other issues. As a campaign was on plots at Brighton mass is. You don't go back to where you were before just because so you don't get the replay those three weeks and now the president's going to be out there a lot in the coming in the coming days and weeks this whole period really wasn't about him it was about this from all over cabin on the accusers in the and the senators now the president's back. And immediately he likes that the baby takes the Republicans and a lot of different direction. And Ezra trends certainly having an impact on the race for control of the senate let's put back up their forecasts from our friends at 538. As Rick was talking about you see now the latest forecast. Just a two in nine chance that Democrats win control that's actually slid. I get eight against them just in the past you know a couple of weeks as this is harmful that so certainly something to keep an eye on just a few weeks ago there. Let's shift gears a little big guys and in talk about a bomb show report that came out today it's topic that we don't give enough attention. In this town and that is the issue of climate change United Nations this week. Just unveiled a landmark 728. Page report is as a report on climate change that drew lines. The expertise scientists all over the world it was. Commissioned by deep terrorist climate accord in 2015 which forced the United States is pulled out of but some pretty striking developments in their warnings. About what is ahead for for the for the globe really in under the current state of affairs and like to bring in. A special guest right now Christiane a fig whereas joining us from London. Christiane is the former UN climate chief she also led. The efforts to put together that Paris accord in 2015. Mystery where is thank you so much for joining us. Oh I. So what did you skip church top line take away about this report we've heard is certainly here in the United States for years. About the dire warnings about climate change. It seems like they've come every year around the same time we hear that something urgently needs to be done. But what's different about this report compared to what we've heard over the past few years. That are different about this report first report at. The plant. You get more and more certainty operas this is it they eat most certainly report. So why don't usually ever. 08. Temperatures it. That is quite an. In front range and my. Plea world. They. Which wait. Our Christiane for whereas we're having to some audio issues with you but when thank you so much for joining us and we'll circle back. To you if we can't bring it that fixed. Thanks again and if you haven't checked it out we do have full reporting on the UN. International. Government don't climate change report just out today summary of it on You see just a little bit of the warning here in that report talking about just one point five degrees change. And the impacts from that can have justice in this point thirty Rick. Before we move on the politics of this is have always been so tough particularly in this country and are to see you really mean changing. Only in this country most countries really isn't a partisan issue like it has been here but you have a president who has called global warming a hoax that perpetrated by China he hasn't. Budget he certainly hasn't stopped an administration that would acknowledge the realities of climate change and reports like this are not quite get a lot of traction inside this administration. He is issued on Washington in mid terms guys because we're seeing a surge in voter registration among younger voters in particular they'll tell pollsters that this is one of the issues that's important to them so. Where's he gonna make a difference we're seeing it play a little bit in the Michigan race malware and water quality was a big issue we're seeing it in Florida. Where that red tide algae bloom was a big issue was so it's possible that you could see some some elections impacted by climate change but short of that I don't see this getting any any kind of political meaning it political difference maker. And in in terms of all politics being local is a seeming on the hill that I don't know of an issue that is. Of a more urgent sense on the international stage and less of a focus. In terms of Capitol Hill except for those offices at district was mentioning are dealing with this in their backyards are. Certainly the trump administration has obliterated it. Literally in some cases from the discourse. And certainly on government web sites to this of reporters here before. But again much more on Before you what you got today a couple of good news political headlines that happen over the over the weekend and this morning. In the political community if you will Barbara Bush the daughter of George W. Bush had a surprise wedding over the weekend guys these guys are pretty incredible pictures from Kennebunkport Maine that the bush and we put out an announcement this morning. There you see her father walking Barbara Bush down the aisle you see the elder bush George HW bush there in the wheelchair looking like a very proud grandfather. At the bush camp at the compound to Barbara Bush married a as screenwriter Craig calling so congratulations to them some and the pictures there. And some good news to report about our colleague Megan McCain on the heels of her father's death last month. Now she's back on the view this morning and had some emotional things to say about her experience. With the funeral and that pretty searing eulogy that should delivered here in Washington tackles. They really want to think all of America for being so kinds my family. Yeah on the second day at my father passed. And immediately after he passed the median new. And I had to get in a car motorcade behind her stride in from critical to Phoenix and from the very well when I left there are people in the country. All race say is all ages all creates. Out there with American flags waving saluting praying every once you wade. Have a who'll love it. Veterans are talking like the poorest areas of Phoenix to presidents advocate regional everyone can mountain celebrated him with love. And it need niece hollow inspired that the ideals. That my father is passed through his career are the ideals. Of America. And they think there was a lot of talk about what diet with hand. And I am here today to tell you it did eight yeah. And it's great to have make it back on view him with our political family here at ABC news and Rick. She says she she. Her father's legacy didn't die with him obviously I was struck by how much we heard McCain's name dropped in this fight over church cap and I just over the past few days. And interesting ways alleyways covering up their army you had. Senators who were on the opposite side of it at times and Lindsey Graham and Jeff flake old talking about you John McCain and lots of addressing what would McCain do try to say the McCain would have been the guy standing up for process that would be different than the on the we saw play out that. I think if John McCain had. Lived through these last few weeks of the Kavanagh. Nomination you have had plenty to say about half I think we would've had a and the different debate. And be very interest indeed not forgotten anytime soon John McCain. Thank you so much for joining us here today in a briefing room we've got a special show debuting tomorrow it's our political show what's called the big votes. The countdown to the twenty team in terms and more we've got into the big issues big profiles the big races the latest analysis from our very own Rick Klein will be joining us. Hope you can join us to mark that's at 4:30 eastern on ABC news digital platforms on the ABC news app and I FaceBook. For Alley brick on Devin Dwyer and Washington we'll see you next time.

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