President Trump praises US troops and allies, speaks on fight against ISIS

One day after his State of the Union address, President Trump spoke at the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS meeting to discuss his sudden decision to pull troops from Syria.
27:27 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for President Trump praises US troops and allies, speaks on fight against ISIS
And yeah. Everybody welcome to the brief him on ABC's Devin Dwyer Washington enjoyment meraz parts or deputy political director political director Rick Klein richt again he had the guys here for our state of the union hangover shelf. It was a late night for everybody in there was a lot of news today digest we're gonna get to some of that just a second that the president just making a little bit and news. Traveling across town here to the State Department to attend a conference on defeating basis even though he already declared that crisis has been defeated. I he did assemble with global ministers were fighting. As part of that global network to defeat prices we have a lot of it is sound the president just took a victory lap on the significant push back devices also defended his plan to withdraw US troops from Syria. Here's a little bit of what he had to say. Everyone must do their part and contribute. Their fair share. We must also recognize. That immigration. Security. Is national security. And that barn fires must not gain access into nations. That's gonna Connor traffic and he's our State Department reporter who's over there for the event today Connor. I guess is a sort of an acknowledgment by president from that while the. Big military campaign against crisis it has been. You know and wound down this fight against sort of the read the rebel style fighters will continue for some time. Yeah that's right DeVon president trump talking about the remnants of crisis were meaningful in Syria and Iraq. You know he addresses global global coalition to defeat the terror group just two months after and that's in the US would withdraw from Syria. But today saying that the known. The US hadn't fully defeated them at that we were not at a 100%. Saying that he expected that announcement to come perhaps as early as next week. But it's those remnants that he talks about that has all of these ministers here concerned you know there was that terror attack in mandated in Syria. That killed four Americans. Last month it's those sleeper cells. That will continue to be a problem for both Iraq and Syria for for the folks live on the ground there. And as we've heard time and again and you've heard Connor from officials the need for his vigilance and need to keep that pressure on it's certainly important thanks for that reporting Conner we'll keep an eye. I'm those developments but the big story political story in town. That is sort of we can put our arms around his what's going on over Virginia it is messy Rick. Did you first we were here in but the governor of well over the weekend and world than this racial controversy. Then it was lieutenant governor got in some hot water and today it's the attorney general all three Democrats in line of succession and Virginia are not water. There's a technical political science or former witnessing it's been that. 88 is beyond the pale of anything we've ever seen you've got three individuals 123 in the line of secession the current governor of the two people that might succeed him as you say all Democrats number four runways Republican. All in hot water for different things from their pasts of different potential severity and different cross pressures in in two cases in the cases of the governor and the attorney general. We have an admission of dressing in black face at some point in the past and some degree of apology for it and in owning up to the actions. And the man in the middle the lieutenant governor who take over the governor is forced out as many Democrats wanted to be. Who now has it a credible accuser who is now come out publicly Ernie was doctor Vanessa Tyson. And she is an academic someone that is have written books on black representation for the presents herself as a Democrat and she is were counting publicly now a story about. An alleged sexual assault from the 2004 DNC convention fifteen years ago. The lieutenant governor has denied it vehemently in doubt questioned her motives in this. But she now stands out there and this is a lot going on in Virginia a crisis now of leadership. A meltdown in this state government and editions that I think a lot of pressure on democratic presidential candidates and on anyone involved in politics at tick tick figure out how you would deal with. This crisis in morale and scrambled the political calculus for Democrats in the state because everyone was so quick to condemn Ralph north them but now they're having sort of second thoughts about whether they need to condemn. Mark Carey. Well he's a mile and three very different. Scenarios you know an attorney general. The third and secession and he'd he'd admitted he does some gotcha moment with him. Basically read the tea leaves seeing that he could actually be. Governor of this state in just a few days away the chips fall he came forward with something that he felt was important to come forward and that's important distinctions to drop. But I invent bill paying or all of this. Is this where you are in a country rich you know we're tying about Richmond and Virginia a state with really complicated past with a tough history with race. A state where route north and talks a lie it when he was governor and during his campaign. About the slave history there and just a few years ago we had. The protest there in Charlottesville I mean this is hanging over all of it race and identity and relationship between the African American community and a Democrat. Let's bring in someone from Virginia's African American community you know kofia non he's the president of the NAACP chapter Fairfax county Virginia joins us now. I buy striped Kofi it's great to see you and have you with us today. How are you making sense of all of this it an unbelievable series of bomb shells. Yeah transparently. Yeah this is really a really tough time for our presses our organization Al as a Arab American community general. Because SE restarted rapper our heads around one controversy in and arrow at the governor than air comes to mortgages within a matter of days. So what we're released the charter get to the bottom up things in trying to figure out exactly. Roasted issue with with the attorney general. Let that I would regard salute the governor north. We have made our position clear that this is clearly. A clear violation of trust and we don't think this anyway. That we can now come back from this is the clout. Those images are standing next to Laura wearing a hookah and wrote there's just no way a week it. Well we couldn't we know Chris see ourselves. Quote working with him. Going forward because it. It is just quite different from. What the attorney general admitted to sedate even though we do appreciate income coming out I'm and then radar is that it's clear that haven't decided that. Currently we do let's stick to the fact that the governor nor their. Does need to resign because he's our leader trust that we aren't necessarily walk away. Are you comfortable and Mario. Mr. Annan with seeing lieutenant governor just in Fairfax. Take over that position given the allegations that are on the table right now what needs to be done to investigate that and would you be okay with him becoming governor this afternoon. Well we think that leads the the era. The accuser does need to be heard now we we don't necessarily. It ignore the fact that you know these allegations are out there. We do know what to do anything that would MP gas she's she deserves to cover her with beer. Let the same time we don't distract away from the fact. That we have called for other note on north and to resign and he should resign. Sugar resigned that day that these pictures went public art that is still continued to go on several days later and and and in is is really a slap in the face. Salutes our intelligence that fact that he EU RO went back and try to attract a statement. None of that makes and he says that one Nolan. And believes that anything they settled at second base credible. Outward we don't necessarily feels that this is sincere apology capture. Basically lying wouldn't you know obviously seems likely he was lying about that it is gonna come right back and an insane at the next Aso. He needs to go that is to be step one. And Avant and it and it. Deep into the woman dead and alleged the distance. Went Justin Kirk back. We'll she needs are days ago but it in interim Iraqi instance and congress governor. What what's the potential distinction in your mind as to be clear about what the attorney general is saying verses. What the governor is saying I understand the context of the photo he says he's not in the photo he is admitting to. Having put shoe polish is he says on his face on this part of part of a dance contest to impersonate. Michael Jackson in the case of mark Herring he's also talking about about dressing up as a rapper has as a Lee teenagers a ninety year old. Is it just the existence of the photo and the way the governor handled it initially on Friday and Saturday. Or is there something just Paul quantitatively qualitatively different about. The circumstances. That are being described between the attorney general of the governor. Well in order to believe everything that was on Saturday would have believed that the governor saw the images and an entity that in this yearbook photo. I've didn't. Didn't ever read has never looked at as your photo out lifted and Wendy and Karen Friday. Took some time. Admitted it was his apology eight at it was him apologize for Rory and then 24 hours later that. All of that back and that's is not very credible to us so we do believe that its first admission. It is is the ever gonna stick to. And it ended opulent just taking it back marriage. Ended as far as comparing it to what attorney general Arrington. I'm not an excuse that I think it was broad thinking he was right for apologizing for. There's. I guess that the difference would be one is clearly. And it's down to. Either you don't you're mocking after America's. Bill addressing of the black face and you're standing next of the Klan member which this clearly. A terrorist organization organization has killed thousands of Americans. And and arrest after American community and so it's period a picture with the Klansmen Boortz and possibly even be the person in the Klansmen who wrote. That's clearly racist. And that's clearly. In something that that. This different from dressing up and they're performing in a context. Not that either is okay but one is clearly meant to intimidate and harass after Americans. And and other one is potentially. It's highly insensitive. Think game group Kofi Annan before we let you go is they're sort of a big picture. Lesson in this moment for us is a country as you see it you know bid setting aside the politics of Virginia and indeed the extraordinary drama. Of this this this scandal if you will. You know what what's your take away from the discussion of black face the discussion. The things you were just talking about the fact that. So many white men in leadership in Virginia. I have been caught up in this. Is there something we can take away from all that. That and we need higher standards. We need higher standards from our from all of our politicians on both cars are out. You know we we at that you know Democrats have been criticizing our president from persona is there are character flaws and and and it sounded and it has d.s and things that he's been caught doing and saying over purposes since he's been running for office. But you know we did that Democrats have if they unseen to claim are higher ground they also Neeson. Two matched there near their words when it comes to the the members of their own party and and it accept the consequences that go along with our. Kofia and the president of the NAACP chapter Fairfax county Virginia thanks so much for coming on served for sharing your views. Would love to have you back another story certainly has legs it's gonna be. Quite a talker and we should say Graham north them as we were I have been talking about here in the show. Is a one term governor so he doesn't have really any incentive you know there's no political pressure on him in terms a reelection campaign to change tune. And that's just the rule in Virginia for your term limited out I keep wondering if there's some. A stream. Version of events here could could them let's say generic in Virginia say let's just have a total Rita M. The start over with it but officials now is it a part of this is a lack of accountability to voters what they were all the elected just the you're so they have three more years on their term and I'll tell you talking as on the campaigns the idea out of having campaigned in the state of Virginia a battleground state minutes 120 person 120 can't dancing around that that that you get that with the with the sitting governor or me. Maybe lieutenant governor as as elevated if the allegations prove credible or now the attorney general. This is a bad situation in in a critical state as asthma or else pointed out a state that's got history. I and a president that still grappling with this is the state of Charlottesville stated that there was the capital of the of the confederacy in Richmond so there's a lot of real history that's that's being lived out there and and I'm reckoning for a whole Lotta people involved shifting. Here's a little bit now high up on Capitol Hill today they after the state of the union. A lot of attention on a topic the president did not mention last night the topic of gun violence school safety school shootings in this country something that has marked. His first two years of his term something he claims to have done a lot about didn't mention it last night Mary Alice but a very significant moment today. As the democratic led house now convened its first hearings in eight years. On gun violence. Well the house convened the first hearing. On gun violence in eight years because Democrats took control of the house and made that a priority. And it did really highlight a huge distinction between the Republican Party at a Democratic Party. Thank you said the president not missing this topic last night and and then Democrats making it a priority and I remembered issues like that. Climate change was another one prescription drugs some of things on health care. It was this amazing turn to watch the list and into look at that list of hearings just this week that Democrats work. We're going to falter on on Capitol Hill and compare that side by side with what the pres December his priorities is to give a realities. It was an emotional morning of testimony on capitol I was up there are talked to some of the students who were testifying both. From the march for a live skits the Parkland students that school shooting coming up on its one year anniversary. A little bit later this month and also met a woman named just Savannah Lundqvist she's from. Virginia she was in school she was raped when she was in college she said she wished she had her gun she would not have been raped a different perspective she says she's not a member of the entering not a Republican. Caught up with her as well here's a little bit of our conversation with the students. Our young people showed up bright and early got here the second the doors opened and just filled the room we had over a 150. Two injured something people show and I mean that's just it's magical when you're able to be president and show that this is important to us the first hearing in eight years. Should shock everyone that we haven't been talking about this this entire time what what's kind of the first order of business as Democrats are to draft legislation US and put on the table. The first order business is to talk about the actual reality of gun violence be is what we're having in there. Was a conversation about the reality gun violence and a bunch of non argument. Universal background checks it Terry is the first step forward but it's only step and we need. To talk about legislation that is necessary and actually saving lives in the first step is to actually address the reality of gun violence are. You felt you feel pretty confident that thank you had your weapon at you. Perhaps broken the law in that state with the law had such a cap gun that you would not agree. But I absolutely believe that yes I mean you can never say with a 100% certainty that anything. I'm confident enough in my name abilities of the firearm that I am not saying. I want to be able to go to campus and not have to worry about being sexually assaulted I want aliens apartments a driver that's here. To be able to go turn her high school and not worry about getting shot we all want to save around. Aren't great to hear from us that a Lundqvist they're also from Matt die each and Charlie immerse you with the march for our lives group and and our thoughts are with that community as they marked the when your anniversary next week of traverse fourteenth. Images seen roll political stronghold there moms coming out in. In force this last election I was surprised how many people at political events in campaign rallies on the democratic side particularly. Seated they're willing to vote on this issue and this issue alone. It's becoming more a political force that politicians have to reckon. And hearing today was a first step and that movement we know they come council likely be a topic the democratic primaries well for 22 money. The core fields we keep saying like a broken record getting more crowded. And potentially getting even more crowded very soon with better or work the Texas congressman. Rick dipping his toe win sort of yesterday with Oprah quite an interview. Yeah I'll throw almost begging him to Rhine and and do you kind of interview that you know everyone wishes he could do it's only just keep asking and asking asking. But back to work didn't lean back from this he seemed to lean in and put himself for the first time on a timeline saying by the end of February. You guilders faster than than all reporting and indicated before. And confirming that he's very seriously considering this and Oprah all but confirming that there's a very powerful person and a willing to offer some support and here's Robert an editor her poetry. Another Eddie giving yourself a deadline. I'm series and he may suffer. It in and the serious answer is releasing. Is students is releasing before the end of this month. Someone's asking for right now. This is before the end of the month but this yearning it's. After this. And girls if he gets in the race where will he fit in this field was you can sort of that the young phenom left when he eighteen. But if he jumps in he'd be up against a much more experienced crowd of democratic candidates. Also ideologically where exactly does he men in Texas he was serve Cheryl and a Democratic Party is being as huge bold progressive. But a per resident taxes and exactly progressive in California or in New York so where he lines up on some of those key policy issues the Democratic Party. Will be interesting. But he proved himself as a mega fund raiser that was able to bring in just unbelievable cashed. And also some of that really energized and inspired young people. Across the country me I was a lot of states cleaning up to November and we get asked about that race in Texas no matter where I last. And we know that Amy Klobuchar the senator from my home state Minnesota democratic senator says she plans to make some sort of an announcement. On Sunday in Minnesota in the snow of all places we'll see which she has disabled acting in terminal yeah that's it oh per share. But if we do have to touch on one of the candidates who is already declared another senator Elizabeth Warren Rick if this is a stunner she's been battling. Now the controversy around her claims of native American Heritage for some time but now overnight the Washington Post. Uncovered quite a document. Ya and this document is the first reported incidents that we've seen emerge publicly where she affirmative vote affirmatively states her race or ethnicity and writes in the box for race. American Indians is her hammer in her own heroin handwriting in block letters from 1986 this was her. Registration for the State Bar of Texas now her campaign folks are saying look this is not. A document that would be publicly available under most circumstances you'd have to foyer at and somewhere different information act requests or otherwise release that Saddam Hussein doesn't prove in any way that she was using this to get ahead. But that affirmative declaration is different than what she is said before which is basically that she didn't. Correct which he now uses misperceptions around her ethnicity and we've seen her struggle with this question. From the frankly before the president started with his his his nickname is very racist nickname. Four or he's been trying she's been trying to explain us we saw DNA test fire shortly before the election. I she's apologized to the Cherokee Nation she's now apologized a second time for this and Alice Ivan. Talking all they about the difficulty this presents for her candidacy as she as she tries to get out of the way of her own words and her own description. What's the primary when. We're really gets drawn no I mean our other Democrats mostly think an attack her on this or I. I don't know what I I don't I don't see at any time soon this is tricky identity is complicated and messy. And I think we're seeing that play out in this one campaign. You know she has tried says. Sort of we've this bounds as saying this is my family's stories something that she carries with her in her heart that she feels like was a part of the traditions of her family. But understanding that that's that's an entirely different conversation that thinks any minority status or or how that relates to affirmative action at an Ivy League school. And so it is a complicated. Question complicated for a Democratic Party that is grappling with questions of race and identity politics. And has been chanting this idea of representational politics and the importance of having a diverse field. It's hard to see how she can sort of we've all that. I don't have the answer for it there's just been and continue to be growing skepticism about her campaign. There is still hold what you campaign ahead so we will see there's a lot of time for her to try to her right the ship if you will for to see Rick Mary Alice I know. We're in mid show here for you guys have a lot to use you're gonna duck out we're gonna bring in now Rachel Scott she's our governor White House reporters come on every. Pretty accurate do overdue the swap of the bikes goes on yeah. It really does yeah oh yeah so you are it's taken a close look last night. Well we were on with these guys were checking the facts of the state of the union. Let's start with an eye out and got the you who heat you've got an attic and gets you anti. Thank you Rick thank you Mary Alice. Bob that's twisted way is there is the first to fact check of the day from this. This student union and asked him taxes it's tax season probably turning to do your taxes we haven't tax law. Instead he's took a look at one in the president's big claims on taxes yadda I think we may have the clips roll for everyone's making your current us. Past eight massive tax cut. For working families. And doubled the child tax credit. To. So true false message just flaking and begging for a little bit more context here we know the GOP tax plan. Initially plans to reduce taxes for everyone across all income including a middle class Americans and this isn't good news right as we look ahead to taxis and the Tax Policy Center said that most Americans eight out of ten are actually gonna see their taxes reduced this year so most people on the bottom line you have the accountants coming up now April 15 is the headline of course we'll see a reduction in the tax is good news that's really get news about 16100 dollars -- sank on so that's going to be some really good news but that's just the immediate effect you look at the long term rate a lot of studies show that the people at the top and corporations are gonna benefit notes. No longer term benefit and that's a large part is you know because the corporate taxes were made tax cuts were made permanent. The individual tax cuts were set to expire in a few years so long term they looted of washed. Also interest in you looked at Stacey Abrams for a democratic candidate for governor in Georgia also talking taxes last night in her response. She had an interest in claim on that as well let's take a listen to her. The Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people. Rather than bringing back jobs plants are closing. Layoffs are looming and wages struggle to keep pace with the actual cost of living. Our itself. Interest in claims they're said the layoffs are looming tax cuts not as good as we were told job losses and had sounded much more ominous than some of the numbers were. Where do we shake on that. Yeah I get begging for a little more contacts with us when again so. 800 points and there's no evidence that says this Republican tax bill is leading to these looming layoffs in these plant closures which we know are happening but there is no direct correlation no evidence. Thank you talk about the wages here because this is something that's really interest and we know that unemployment rate had been low during the top administration but. The real average wage which accounts for inflation has not budged in decades the pew research came out with a study that said the real average raise hasn't seen purchasing power as it did. Forty years ago despite the cost of living increasing of the since the. Are anything let it be nice to see average monthly wages going up a little bit according to Labor Department Q took a look more holistic Lian said when you balance out purchased power. She's actually right that it didn't hurt purchased power is not is not what used to be interesting stuff Sobel on both counts their lacking a little bit of context let's wrap up today. With another claim the president made about the border he's headed to we know on Monday now to El Paso, Texas for his first. Campaign rally of 2019 it's also the epicenter of this fight on immigration here's what he had to say about the safety and security about pass the table. The border city of El Paso, Texas. Used to have extremely high rates of violent crime. One of the highest. In the entire country. And considered. One of our nation's. Most dangerous cities. Arts and almost the most dangerous cities in America are false the following is just false and it's. Be not the best way to start his first I'm having a campaign rally in El Paso because we're seeing a lot of elect officials and even some police officer republic and the town against this and Republicans come out against this is just. Simply not true I'd been pouring through the data and this with an initially first reported by the El Paso Times that fact check that speck. Actually increased 17%. OK and we're looking at the years 2006 in 2011. Between those years that timeframe is really important because it accounts work before that fence was built in the two years following it and so again we saw a 17%. Increase in violent crimes absorbing drama BI was. Shelter on El Paso there didn't seem to be a sharp production at the time and right now paso is one of the safest countries. In the United States and it was before exactly and that's exactly what a lot of elect officials including sheriffs are pointing to now we talked to the sheriff's office today when the Leach shares in Richard wild gave us a statement and said. That the president just went into narrative all things right to encourage his fight for a border while he's at that El Paso has all he's been an embassy is communities and we've seen that to be true we look before that fans would go from 2005 to 2007. First city of its size. By I would crime rates were actually some of the lowest that we saw in the country into. He stopped as the president heads don't pass on Monday and I have been following that Rachel we have the full fat check from our fact check team. On I think something over over a dozen fact checks from statements on both sides of the aisle last nights ago there and check it out great to have Rachel Scott with us today and doing the briefing room great to have you join us today for the conversational to be back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time. I'm Devin Dwyer Washington with CNN. Yeah.

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