President Trump reacts to Comey's hearing in real time on Twitter

"The View" co-hosts discuss where the wiretapping investigation could lead.
6:33 | 03/21/17

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Transcript for President Trump reacts to Comey's hearing in real time on Twitter
Yesterday. I FBI director James Kang told the House Intelligence Committee. There is no. Information. About President Obama why aren't happens to our. Why I'm to happen chops car why it happened. Why can't that he has not done his Michael that he hadn't done any thing to drop it. And they are investigating however Russian involvement in the election. He even answered one and you know lose tweets in real it's not look at this. Thanks to the modern. Technology that's in front of me right here I've got a tweet from the president than an hour ago saying the NSA and FBI tell congress that Russia did not influence the electoral process let's not quite accurate that we. And so I've I've been following anybody on Twitter Robinson here I can read it to you it says the NSA and FBI told congress that Russia did not influence electoral. The electoral process who. It's hard. Eatery activities tell you what we understand that the state of what we've said is. We've offered no opinion have no view have no information. On potential impact because it's never something that we looked. I know you. I. I I you said that they have to be saying why didn't SNL skit and there but I'm. This is in this even here is because I was watching the hearings while watching everything unfold and I'm looking at Donald Trump's. Litter and I'm saying. It's. Me and you asked me to. Make any opinion and often only a question if. It's he just mean slick and sort of sly and trying to manipulate what's coming out thinking people aren't watching the hearings or does he just delusion I think he's pissed off that he's not yeah. He wants to be leaving it to defend himself but if you but if you were actually there he wouldn't have it is it doesn't know what. And I actually how I think. I think your your Q about. Being manipulative I think the onions from he used Twitter as his means of getting around the mainstream media that's so he views it is that's my way so you know what he's banking on people not wanting hearings. And they're not paying attention and his version of the story is what's actually happening to the fact is here aren't tuned in though because they're concerned about Russia intercepting a democratic I think yes it's time so I am I do because I would see on conservative media I was on the other and they were saying. That's not what's happening and they were defending because. There are not it was learned a lot they weren't defending call me and saying no pay attention we are concerned about attendees us from voters these are tropical and I know from a lot of trombonist at a company and sat. I like some of what he's doing policy wise I'm very concerned about potential collusion what I would split intercept his eye on it out of frozen lured others have approval rating but yet say I think he's. Banking on the fact that they're not listening closely enough because. His tweets are just enough off that they mean different things. They said there was there is an investigation of Russian. You know meddling in the election they're having they're not com they're not saying is that they don't know how it would have affected the outcome. Right and they've only setback but the thing is I think he's trying to manipulate it to to put him together tasty. It wasn't that what eighty. The bottom line is yeah nobody. Wiretapped. URL. So maybe he. Sean spots I know you don't get this but perhaps an apology. To the former commander and cheese. For accusing. But they witnessed the main problem above found and that the problem for me is. What do you know. Your wrong one FBI CIA KFC elementary. This didn't happen. And you doubled down on the lot. Yeah yeah that means an apology he's gonna go down with the yeah he got never popular. The big take away from for me was. Is that the trump administration is under criminal FBI. Occupation I mean that is so significant and him what's interesting if I started looking ahead and revisiting all those times the top serie gets that you can't elect someone under FBI investigation ever that was big and Hillary out Marco Rubio said. Kim this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI. Think of the trauma that would do to this kind him. Now what is Michael BOC. Sonics I know. Yeah. Probably me about this whole thing is that I don't trust combing. You do now he said yesterday that he was investigating the Russian connections in July. He'd never said that publicly but he did say they were investigating Hillary's emails and he turns the election around I don't like that about him yeah that a backlash for that well he should I ice guy and time. Good kid who's on the investigation a team along with this guy Adam -- the Democrat vs Republican. He said you know he doesn't know Roger stone age now I think he's lying I think his ally. Because Roger Stone was a consultant to the top administration. Roger Stone is little box as we say and in my neighborhood hot rod does start I. Tattoo of Nixon on his back. Box little box crazy. Back seat of a black eye and ask Z yeah I know the Elway I I think. Empathy and putting a little bit that fox is probably a Sicilian dialect they must be a real worded to tout in Florida has would you can't sing it live want to. Let's go back to the bottom. If these people are. Should be investigating this I think they need didn't eight special prosecutor outside had to act then al-Qaeda but I'm a good I don't daddy is home I'm happy when I'm 'cause I he's proved them so hubs would be better than I. Well I just I know that I didn't like what he did would Hillary. Now what now to me I see it that he's not dealing with. What he likes you or not he's dealing with the law was it was heated exchange and that's what I see I didn't like what he did but it. Will forty pounds he was acting what that is what the rest is Bob I don't know what they're housed on.

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{"id":46284685,"title":"President Trump reacts to Comey's hearing in real time on Twitter","duration":"6:33","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss where the wiretapping investigation could lead.","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-reacts-comeys-hearing-real-time-twitter-46284685","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}